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Posted July 7th, 2018
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So there is a small bug, which I've seen mentioned before, where the Lustrous orb isn't there next to the Adamant orb on Mt. Coronet. I have found a workaround however for those who want to catch Palkia at some point. Get a pokemon save editor (I used Pikaedit, I don't know if there are any others) and simply create a pokemon for the sole purpose of giving you the item. If you're using Pikaedit, make sure to set it to 'Hack Mode' in the options or else the program will attempt to remedy anything which it sees as illegitimate, like the new moves some pokemon can learn in this hack. Afterwards just take the item off the pokemon you made and release it. I've checked, and the game only cares if you have the Lustrous orb in your inventory, or being held by one of your pokemon, when it decides to have Palkia's portal appear. (You'll also have to either catch or defeat dialga first)
Hey I'm about to play this. Do you need the patch or is the current version up to date to play right away?