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Man I really want to be your beta tester!!!! Pls I really love your games and one more thing...can you pls tell the locations of legendary Pokemons in your game since I only found Darkrai and Zekrom....PLS
Link thread:

My team at the moment

Main scripter, mapper: me
SteeLax: pokemon data fixer, tester
GreenSkyro: grammar fixer
TheHanseman: mapper, tester
Delta231: grammar fixer
Aniketdev09: tester
Gohan: mapper
And some beta tester listed below.

1. Opening

I need help in my hack, through it's nearly impossible to be a mapper, a scripter, a spriter, and all...
So I need help. If you have time and willing to help, please submit below

2. What I need

Spriter: Some one can draw 64x64 sprite -16 colors standard, Icon, overworld
Mapper: Making Map from tileset I used in game
Grammar fixer: I'm not English XD
Tester: Test my game, feeling, improve,...
Sripter: I need some one to finish "Racing Minigame" in Dino Island, the same like the script in Flora Sky and Pokemon Glazed
Pokemon Data Fixer: I screwed up the Pokemon Database so I need someone to fix it. I think it's quick because PGE have the import - function


- One Spriter 64 64
- One Overworld spriter
- One Titlescreen Maker and Inserter

Mapper: About 2
- Making Sea route (sea+sand beach+maybe island)
- Making Cave ...
- Making New City in an Island using Lilicove tileset

Grammar Fixer: Some, maybe 3?
- When I write code, I'll send you first, the fix it, then send back to me
- Fix my old grammar mistake. I'll send you the map list, you can open it in XSE and send me the fixed text

Sripter: 2
Just fix my Racing Minigame Code

If you can code asm, please make me one code like this: "evolve Pokemon number #401 to #402 when the asm running", thank you very much XD

Tester: As many as possible

Pokemon Data Fixer: 1


- Name:
- Email:
- Position:
- Something prove your potential: (doesn't need for tester, Pokemon Data Fixer)

Thank you very much. Uhmm...I'll place your name in my hack, hope that cheer you up