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First of all, I wrote the original version of this story when I was 10. It was meant to be a Creepypasta, but it got deleted from the Creepypasta Wiki later on, probably because it sucked. I rehauled it just today because I'm a better writer at age 16. If you want to see the original story, head on over to lavendertown.net and be prepared to cringe.
Anyway, enjoy.

It happened December 16, 1997. I was in Tokyo, watching Pokemon on television, because I was a hot damn big name fan. The newest episode was called “Electric Soldier Porygon”, or “Denno Senshi Porygon”. It was about a malfunction the Matcha City Pokemon Center's Pokeball Transporter had. When Nurse Joy sent a Pokemon to a Center, it came out as another Pokemon.

Immediately, I was enthralled. The idea of a Pokemon turning out as another intrigued me, and I wanted to know who or what caused it. Not knowing Porygon in the title meant internal affairs beforehand, my mind began to wander, but it became apparent a virus was causing the chaos as the episode progressed. However, this was NOT the case, as Ash, Brock and Misty had to go inside the system via Dr. Akhibara’s teleporter machine with a Porygon and battle Team Rocket. Nurse Joy remained uninformed and still thought it was a virus, so she inserted vaccine missiles into the system, which mistook the humans for viruses and targeted them.

Then, it happened. Pikachu used Thunderbolt blew up the vaccine missiles. Normally, when Pikachu used Thunderbolt, a white flash of light or explosion occured. But in this episode, in order to make it appear "cybernetic," a red, white, blue and purple explosion flashed at a dangerous speed. My eyes and my 7 year old mind couldn’t handle the intensity and I eventually got a seizure. So did 699 other kids, some probably just faking it to skip school the next day though, but I was unaware of this. Even the clips played on the news of the scene gave people seizures. But let's just focus on my experience.

When I came to in the hospital, I was with one of the producers of the Pokemon anime.
"Konbanwa," she said.
"Huh? Dare desu ka?" I said.
"Watakushi no namae wa Nakamura Naoko."
"Atai no na wa Matsuda Keiko."
We shook hands. Naoko told me I got a seizure from the paka-paka strobe light effect they used in the episode, which was too fast. Then she told me, roughly translated, "This isn't the original cut of the episode."
"What do you mean?" I said.
"This episode had a completely different plot at first," Naoko said. She went on to tell me that the intended plot featured a virus as the cause of the transporter problems, rather than Team Rocket, which explains why Nurse Joy sent the vaccine missile into the machine. But the virus scared so many of the children at the test screening, the entire episode wasn’t shown and they had to rework it.
"All the scenes with Joy-san and the technician at the computer were left over from the original version. That's why Joy-san refers to a virus multiple times. We rewrote it so she thought there was a virus."
I was eager to know exactly about this virus. My family's computer had gotten a virus this past summer, so I was kinda obsessed with computer viruses. Heavens help me when I discovered the TV show ReBoot and its antagonist Megabyte, as well as the fairly obscure yet recent PC shooter Virus: The Game where you were inside a computer destroying viruses that spoke.
"He looked like a fiery demon with glowing yellow eyes. He had a deep, distorted voice and a distinct evil laugh," Naoko said. "Ash and friends would have had to join forces with Team Rocket to stop the virus, with the help of Porygon and a few vaccine missiles. When the virus was defeated, the missiles would have turned on them, and Pikachu would blow them up, so the seizures would happen anyway."
The deal was sealed for me. Deep, ominous voice and an evil laugh? That's EXACTLY what computer viruses in my mind were like. I HAD to see who was already becoming my new favorite Pokemon character. "Can I see the original version of the episode?" I asked Naoko.
She shook her head and said, "We destroyed all the copies of both the original and the revised episode."
My heart was crushed. How could they destroy a sapient computer virus with a 'distinct evil laugh'? What was like, my favorite TV show had an episode featuring the character I literally drew all the time, and they BURNED it into ASHES! Thankfully, the next words Naoko said turned the entire situation around.
"But I do have a picture of the virus."
"Show me!" I yelled excitedly.
With my heart beating at mach 1, Naoko reached into her satchel and withdrew a cel which showed the virus, just as she descibed, standing menacingly in front of the Pokeball blockade. His hands were on his hips and his head seemed to be looking down, as if he was literally and figuratively looking down on Ash and his friends.
“That’s all you’ll ever see of him,” she said, before putting the cel away and leaving the room.
“Wow… a Pokemon character who's a computer virus… and I haven't seen him yet... interesting…” Feeling ill again, I dozed off to sleep.

I woke up outside the Pokemon Center in Matcha City. As soon as I realized where I was, a big grin came on my face.
“I’m in Pokemon?” I shouted in delight. “OH MY GOD!” My dreams had come true! Well, one of them. But then I realized I had no Pokemon to fight with. So I decided to go into the Pokemon Center, which looked how it did in the episode I just watched, to ask Nurse Joy for one.
When I entered the parachute-canopied building, I found Nurse Joy, looking visibly shocked. She was in a panic, answering one phone call after another.
"What? Your Pokemon didn't arrive on time?" "It's a Magikarp?" "You didn't get anything?"
Dozens of Nurse Chanseys were scattered all over the place, frantically running and wheeling sick or injured Pokemon on stretchers. A few Chanseys ran past each other.
Fed up with the constant phone calls and angry complaints coming at her like a tidal wave, Nurse Joy finally exclaimed loudly, "Oh dear! What a catastrophe! Our center is in chaos!” That's when she noticed me.
"Hello?" she asked.
"Hi, I'm Keiko," I said, "and I've come here to get a Pokemon."
"Now's not the time for that," she told me.
"I guess so... you look troubled. What's wrong?"
“Something’s terribly wrong with the Pokeball Transporter System. When we send a Pokemon to a center, it comes out as another Pokemon. My cousin in Virdian City got a Magikarp instead of a Ninetales! I think a virus is causing all this. Could you be a dear and fix the system for me?”
Knowing what was going to happen, and unwilling to damage my psyche any further, I replied "No." I plopped down on a comfy couch near the exit. "I'll just sit on the couches and someone else can do something. No sweat..."
Nurse Joy wasn't going to take no for an answer. She continued, “Our Computer Teleporter, donated to us by Dr. Akhibara, can send you inside the system in order to battle the virus. Please, help us!”
I didn’t want to say no to somebody as kind as Nurse Joy, neither did I want to miss out seeing a sentient computer virus at work, but I had to, or else I would’ve gotten another seizure. How Nurse Joy knew about Akihabara-hakase's Human Transporter was a whole other story irrelevant to the situation at hand. I had to get myself out of the fire.
"No way, Jose. I don't want to go inside the system," I said. Suddenly, Ash and friends came into the Center. Hoping they could risk their lives to save Nurse Joy's business, I began to rest, when Misty looked in my direction.
“Misty?” I asked. Misty was my favorite character since Pokemon's debut, so it was shocking to see her eyes on me.
"Keiko?" she said.
HOW DID MISTY KNOW MY NAME? “What’s going on?” I cried.
"Go inside the system for me, please?"
Okay, that's it. If Misty wanted me to do it, I had to. Misty was like God to me. Plus, I got to interact with a computer virus.
I tried mentally preparing myself, but Misty took me by the hand and led me to the Human Transporter, which had mysteriously appeared in the Pokemon Center for some reason. Didn't it get destroyed at the end of the episode?
I slowly approached the machine, knowing this would be fatal to my health, when Misty shoved me in and said, "C'mon!"
Suddenly, the lights of the teleporter glowed sapphire blue and began digitizing me from the feet up. I wanted to freak out like Misty had done during this. What's going on? Why am I doing this? I'm a 7 year old prone to epileptic seizures! The machine didn't stop until all of myself had been digitized. Soon enough, the process was complete, and I got sucked into cyberspace.
“Holy he-“ I was cut off by the high velocity of the turquoise neon-lit portal I was falling through. It reminded me of Cyborg, my favorite comic book character, and his Boom Tube portal he used to dimensionally travel. But now wasn't the time for random musing! I decided to scream like a maniac until I landed inside the computer.

Finally, the portal dumped me into the cyber world and closed up. This was the Network Highway from the episode. I wondered if Team Rocket was going to be here, blocking all the Pokeballs. My thoughts were interrupted by an evil cackle echoing behind me.
I turned around to see a fiery demon with glowing yellow eyes. I instantly remembered who he was – he was the virus Naoko Nakamura had told me about!
“Hey! Naoko-san told me about you!" I said, running up to the virus. I clutched his left leg and looked up at his face, which had a vent for a mouth. "I love you! I love computer viruses!" For some reason, his vibe reminded me of a group I liked called Moloko. Their album had a similar sense of strangeness to them.
The virus just laughed evilly. “Oh yeah?” he said. “I don’t think so!" His vented mouth lit up to the words he spoke. "I’ll drown you in a sea of blocked Pokeballs if you aren’t quick enough!” He shot an orange projectile at me, which erupted into flames. I ducked and thus dodged the attack. The virus let out a mocking laugh, and grabbed me by the throat.
“How’s that for you? Are you sure you’re not scared of me? I am unstoppable!” he boasted.
Unaware he probably wanted to kill me, I continued my long-winded rant about computer viruses being so fascinating to me.
"What's your name? What do you do besides ruining computers?" I had so many questions. For example, was he the virus that infected my family's computer back in the summer?
"My name?" the virus asked. He couldn't help laughing. "That's for me to know and you to find out!"
"Alright then, I'll just call you 'virus' like Joy-san and the technician did," I said, oblivious to the virus' homicidal nature. "What's your favorite kind of music?"

All of a sudden, I heard an alarm. The main Pokemon Center had sent a technician to Nurse Joy, and he had told her to insert the anti-virus disc into the Pokeball Transporter system. Of course, this had adverse affects on the digital world. A digital ambulance drove in, only to transform into a needle with wings.
"A vaccine missile!" I said. "Oh, no! Better get out of the way or you're toast!" Just then, bug holes circled me and the virus, which meant something had gone wrong.
"SYSTEM ERROR," a red, flashing message on the computer at the Pokemon Center said.
"You mean it caused a system error?" Nurse Joy said. "Correct this mistake or I'm going bankrupt!"
"I'm trying!" said the technician.
Looks like the mistake got fixed pretty quickly, as the vaccine missile resumed its movement throughout the system. The virus dropped me and got out of the way, with me following him, being the obsessed fan I was. The missile crashed into a wall and exploded. The virus laughed and watched the bug holes disappear. I turned to the virus, who was looking down on me just like he had done to Ash and friends in the cel Naoko Nakamura showed me.

"Anyway, where do you come from?" I asked, restarting my long string of questions that weren't going to stop as long I was with the virus.
"Why do you want to know?" the virus said.
"Because a virus ruined my family's computer this summer! Was it you?"
"I'm not telling you."
"What can you tell me? Why do you ruin computers?"
"For fun!"
"...Why is ruining computers fun to you?"
Suddenly, I heard a Chansey cry out. I looked to see where the cry was coming from, only for a Nurse Chansey to pop up from my randoseru backpack. She was a refugee from the Pokemon Center! Had Misty put her in my backpack for me? She probably did!
“Chanchan!” she cried.
"This is my friend, Chansey," I said, lifting up Chansey in my arms to show the virus. Chansey squealed and danced around.
"Pathetic," spat the virus.

Back at the Pokemon Center, Nurse Joy was fretting. “I don’t think the missile got it!” she said. Misty inserted another disc into the computer.
My happiness was short-lived, though, for another siren blared throughout the highway.
"Look out!" I cried, as another ambulance came rip-roaring down the network, turning into a vaccine with wings, intent on crushing the virus. However, the virus had a plan up his sleeve; he created a blazing forcefield that sent the missile flying up into the air, likely to never come down.
Wasn't my intention to get rid of this virus? Why was I emotionally attached to him? And I knew little to nothing about him... Blame my interest in computer viruses for this.
"How did you do that?" I asked the virus.
“It's part of my unbelievable power,” he told me, before cackling arrogantly.

I saw something coming down from the corner of my eye. The vaccine missile! It came soaring back down and landed directly on the virus, vaporizing him.
"Noooooo...!" he shouted before disappearing.
I was devastated. I had gotten to see a computer virus do its thing, but he died before I even got to know him. But now wasn’t the time to be sad. The vaccine missile was chasing me.
“Chansey! Use Sing!” I urgently hollered. Chansey sang a four-note, drowsiness-inducing tune. I was sure the attack was going to hit the missle. This was to avenge my friend.
...The attack missed. But it was enough to make the missile blow up. A fast, flashing explosion filled the area around me as my eyes tried to comprehend what was going on. They couldn’t, and I got another seizure.

They found me spazzing on the floor back in the Pokemon Center. The transporter had blown up as the result of the missile’s destruction. But nobody seemed to mind.
"The machine's fixed!" Nurse Joy cried. She obviously didn’t care she was standing directly in front of a seizure victim. Yet I snapped out of it and became aware of my surroundings, albeit extremely tired. Me and Nurse Chansey were safe and sound. I sighed, and began to tell Nurse Joy, Ash, Brock, and Misty about my exploits inside the transporter. Sadly, I never got to tell anyone as I noticed the kids were all gone. I decided to leave too, but stopped in my tracks when I heard something. A familiar deep, distorted voice.
"Missed me?" it said. I looked out the window to see the virus, in a threatening pose, looking at me. Immediately, I ran outside and was about to throw my arms around him when...

I woke up at the hospital. Everything had been a dream. The virus was only in my imagination as he was cut from the actual episode. Well, I forgot about it and I got to go home the next day, eventually forgetting about computer viruses and helping Pokemon return to television in April 1998, but a video of the part where the gang got sucked into cyberspace that I taped on my camera and stored on a USB cable in my closet made me remember my dream. It was an experience.

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