Seen April 20th, 2018
Posted August 16th, 2017
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Glitches that I found
*Wing Attack(or maybe all banana type moves) are shown as dark type in battle.
*Alm doesn't give you parfait after sencond rival battle
*Phangum has a black line above its sprite
*You can't exit Choco Mine after you enter
*You can go through Pumpkin woods right after second rival battle, which leaves you to fight a level 30 pokemon(but i overleveled and got a strawizard so i didn't fail at that part)
*You can get to places when you are not supposed to be there because of the glitch above this
*Deviking,Wineboar, and Swamptart battle sprites are slightly cut off
*An item inside Choco cave freezes your game, erasing 2 hours of gameplay :'(
*You can do the same glitch I posted yesterday about in Choco cave
*Does Mega Strawizard have bananas on its back? And if it does, is it a banana type?
*How do the Mega Fruits work? Does each mega in this game have a different fruit or something like that?
*Can you eventually go on to Gen 4 games in the 3rd game in the series, so you can implement more pokesweets?

P.S. New legends Look sick 17/10