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Loved the original and loving this! Have 6 out of 8 badges. The last to being in the north section.

I've noticed three bugs.

East of the town (which name slips me atm, but I'll find it), there's a camper looking out at swimmers, if you interact with the berry tree near the camper, you get a "found ????????????????" and re transported to a black null area where you can't move and must restart.

In the city with the leader that has Blaine's sprite, a random glitch can occur where the left side of the town leading to the ship wreck becomes glitched titles preventing you from going back that way.

Lastly in that same town, interacting with the leader before beating the pirates away, causes the camera to move over to the pirate leader and preventing you from going back with you just controlling the camera. Requiring a reset.

Overall it's super fun so far! Looking forward to the rest! Victrebell's and Galvantula's pokesweet form are so good, hope people enjoy finding them.
How many Mega Sweets are there? and also, how do the stone/trade evolutions work?
Trade and stone evolutions appear to be level up based. I haad victrenut in my team and got it at 36.