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    Well, I should explain first: In this fic, there will be five main characters in Hoenn who will deal with events independently, sometimes with each other, sometimes without each other, until they eventually all come together. I suggest you keep an eye out for certain things, as they are clues for future events in the plot :D

    And without further ado, the chapter from my dear Solana's POV.


    “Please hang on, Tropius!” I cried as I clung to its neck tightly. Tropius responded with a low wail as it barrel rolled through the air, evading the flying Skarmory as they shot at us with a dangerous peck attack. The last thing we needed was to be struck out of the sky.

    My name is Solana. I was born in Mossdeep, Hoenn, which was not far from where I am currently. I’m an expert healer and had been in Sinnoh in order to deal with a small crisis concerning some Skuntank poison. I was now headed to Lavaridge, due to some ‘issues’ regarding the soot spewing from a volcano, which was dubbed ‘Mt. Chimney’ for obvious reasons.

    I wore a small white windbreaker that would bare most of my skin beneath my rib cage and had a red shirt underneath that to hide the mentioned skin exposed. I wore yellow shorts, knee socks, and sneakers. I never worried too much about my clothes, honestly. Anything clean would do. I was often accused of being pretty without trying, but I was sure people we just being nice. But I could understand it when they complimented my white bonnet that I wore over my head. It was a cute accessory I’d gotten in the Goldenrod department store a while ago, and I was obsessed with it. It matched my pale skin and looked great over my dark raven colored hair (which was tied into two ponytails that laid on either of my shoulders across my chest), albeit a bit old-fashioned, but I didn’t mind that.

    One thing to know about me, though, is that I’m a pacifist. I preferred to do things without anyone or anything getting hurt. I had been flying to Hoenn over my Tropius, and since my Tropius is so durable, I figured the trip wouldn’t be too difficult. But as we approached the Hoenn boundaries, we had quickly run into a storm cloud and were forced to fly above it. Normally, that would be no problem. But I had failed to notice that the storm cloud was moving in the same direction we were going. Even worse, we were supposed to land in Evergrande City to rest before continuing our flight. I was pretty sure that we had missed our stop by a long shot.

    To top of my already fabulous day, these Skarmory didn’t seem pleased to see me and my Tropius here, gliding above the storm clouds. Though we had done nothing to provoke them, they began attacking us violently. Even if I were willing to fight them, I wouldn’t try. Tropius was way too tired to fend them off and keep flying at the same time. So our only choice was to move quicker and flee.

    What surprised me, however, was the tower that I saw looming ahead of us. I had never heard of any building with such a massive structure before. I mean, it pierced right through the clouds and towered high above us even at this elevation! Just what was this thing? It seemed ominous and dangerous--like it was taken right out of a story book and placed in reality.

    I screeched as I gripped Tropius tighter as we did another barrel roll in order to evade a Skarmory as it dropped down on us. This one came so close that it scratched my arm with one of its talons. Tropius was beginning to tire, and at this rate we'd be swarmed by the Skarmory in no time.


    “Eeek!” I gasped as a stream of flames past Tropius by an inch, colliding with the attacking Skarmory. It yelled as it dropped into the clouds, disappearing below. The other Skarmory didn’t seem to be deterred by this. In fact, they seemed angrier now.

    “Be careful!” I shouted at the attacker. A Charizard was floating in the air directly in front of us now with a man standing on its back. He had wavy blonde hair and a beige jacket on, but from the looks of things, the high elevation didn’t bother his breathing. I was able to manage because I’d practiced to hold my breath for long periods of time while under water and in dangerous gases for several purposes. I supposed that this guy had gone through some sort of training like me to make this height seem like nothing.

    “Relax, missy.” The man smiled at me eagerly. “It will be over in a flash. Flamethrower!”

    “Tropius, quickly!”

    Tropius dove downwards as the Charizard spewed another stream of flames and swung its head around, making a wide arc that slammed into most of the Skarmory with searing force, knocking them out of the sky. Skarmory were steel types, making them weak to a fire attack like this. I had to be a little impressed, though I didn’t like the violence.

    “Oh!” I gasped once more as Tropius’ flight seemed unsteady to me. He dipped in his flight slightly and almost threw me off in the process. He was really tired. Well, since we had stopped anyways, we may as well take advantage of it and try to add a little more stamina. “Use sunny day, then synthesis.”

    Tropius directed its head to the sky above, where the bright sun blazed bright, and a golden glow enveloped its body as its wounds healed. Its fatigue still remained, but at least its body wouldn’t give in to it. Loud screeching then filled the air, like nails on a chalk board. I realized that some of the Skarmory were using the attack, metal sound, to weaken our special defense as the others swung their wings, sending sharp currents of air in our direction with an air cutter attack. I prepared to take evasive action,but the main acted first.

    “Air slash!”

    Charzard swung one of its clawed hands and a slash of air cut through the air cutter attacks and struck the Skarmory as well, scattering them with a flinching effect.

    “One more time, Charizard.” The man ordered. “Full power flamethrower!”

    The flame on the Charizard’s tail burned large and bright as it took a deep breath and spewed more flames at the Skarmory, knocking the rest from the sky. I didn’t pain myself by watching any longer. I directed my Tropius to head toward the high tower before us and enter one of the large holes in the side of the building that must have been a window. I was slightly taken aback to see it was dilapidated and falling apart on the inside. This place had clearly been around for a long time. Very strange.

    I paid it little mind, though. I clutched Tropius’ head in my hands gently as I allowedmy energy to flow from my palms and into Tropius’ body. I felt its warm delight in response and its eagerness made me giggle as it attempted to lick my cheek with its tongue.

    That warmth disappeared faster than it had appeared as Tropius suddenly drew its head back and whirled around, standing in front of me as if to protect me. I saw a Claydol floating in the air, facing us, channeling its psychic powers, probably to use an attack. More Pokémon attacking without being provoked?

    Suddenly, a red figured barreled into the building, slamming into Claydol, which went flying back from the force of the attack and disappearing into the darkness.

    “You should be careful—the Pokémon here are vicious.”

    The man with the Charizard dismounted his Pokémon as he faced me. He pressed one hand to his necklace, which was riddled with beads shaped and colored like pokeballs, and his Charizard was sucked into one of the beads, just as if they worked like normal pokeballs.

    “Who are you?” I asked curiously as I patted one hand on Tropius’ head, indicating for it to relax. Whoever this guy was, he didn’t seem to mean any harm to me.

    “I’m just a traveler, just like you. My name is Francois. I’d come to roost on this tower a while ago from flying for so long when I was attacked by the Pokémon in this tower. It took some time to catch a break, then I see you flying in this direction with those Skarmory on your tail.”

    “Oh...well, thank you for saving me.”

    “It’s not a problem. By the way, you never told me your name.”

    “Solana.” I frowned as I looked around. This place was looking more and more dangerous with every moment we stayed here. It looked so…breakable. “Um…did you do this?”

    “What? You mean the damage to this tower? Hah! No way. This was years of wear and tear—I couldn’t manage something like this even if I wanted to.”

    “Then what exactly is—”

    Before I could finish my sentence, a loud crack of thunder suddenly echoed through the tower from outside and the entire structure shook suddenly. This tower was so precarious that it could be threatened by a strike of lightning?

    The floor beneath us gave away beneath our weight and we were soon free falling toward the ground among the rubble of the ceiling. There was another floor beneath us, and I knew that if we hit the ground, we’d be flattened by the massive slabs from the cieling that had given away that was falling with us.

    “Tropius!” I called as I held my hand out. I grabbed onto Tropius’ side as it flapped its leafy wings and slowed its fall, allowing me to climb on. I looked around for Francois and was relieved to see he had summoned an Arcanine and was hopping from one rock slab to the next, heading toward the nearest window they could reach. If he had used his Charizard again in this situation, the Pokémon would have been surprised by the sudden situation and been caught underneath therubble. This guy showed excellent judgment.

    Tropius shot through the nearest window we passed, gliding out into the rain. We’d fallen so far that we’d descended below the rain clouds. What I hadn’t been expecting was how heavy the rainfall was. Tropius wailed as its wings were pelted and I shut my eyes against the heavy rainfall to shield them against the hail-like water. I could feel us losing altitude fast. Tropius couldn’t stay aloft in this weather.

    “Shelgon, headbutt!”

    I felt Tropius jerk suddenly as something knocked into it from below and our fall was abruptly halted before we fell again, but only for another few feet, landing on a solid, albeit wet, floor. I groaned as I pushed myself up and realized that we had landed on the deck of some sort of large sea vessel. I raised my hand to one of the small pokeballs within the cloth wrapped around my custom bonnet and returned my Tropius for safekeeping.

    “Are you alright, missy?”

    Francois was nearby on his Arcanine, looking slightly shaken, but not entirely freaked out, like I had been. I nodded as I stood up, shivering slightly as I felt the chilly rain continue to soak my body thoroughly. A heavy looking raincoat was offered to me by a tall man in a sailor’s hat and dark cloak. My eyes widened as I recognized his face—no one who lived in Hoenn would mistake his face.

    “Elite Four Drake!” I gasped in awe. He tipped his hat to me in greeting.

    “Hello, lassie. But it’s simply Captain Drake, now. I’m no longer a member of the Elite Four.”

    “Good thing you were here, or else we would have been fighting against the sea for our lives.” Francois grinned toward Captain Drake gratefully. “But can your ship handle this weather? It’s pretty fierce.”

    “Don’t you worry about a thing—the Piercing Dragon won’t fall to any weather, no matter how fierce.” Captain Drake assured us as he raised his pipe to his mouth. The rain had put out the flame long ago, so I assumed that he simply did it out of habit. “Why don’t you tell me your names?”

    “I’m Solana.” I hastily bowed my head. “I’m really thankful that you saved us. I hadn’t expected to be attacked on my way here, so your help is definitely appreciated.”

    “I’m Francois, gym leader of Cinnabar.” Francois replied grimly. He’d covered his Arcanine in a rain coat, but the Pokémon’s fur was still sopping wet.

    “A gym leader?” Drake raised his eyebrows as I stared at this man. He’d never mentioned that before! “So you’re from Kanto? What brings you here to Hoenn, then?”

    “I had gotten a request from the gym leader of Lavaridge to visit Mt. Chimney, which is just north of the town. Something about charcoal. I was going to get the details once I arrived.”

    “Well I’m sorry to keep you from your destination for even longer, but we’ve got business to take care of. So can you two sit back and relax until we can drop you off on the mainland?”

    “Eh?!” I blinked in surprised. “But I’m already late!”

    “I don’t mind.” Francois sat on the nearest crate and rested his hands on the back of his head as he leaned back. He regarded my disappointed expression with a frown. “Come on now, missy; these people were kind enough to pick us up eventhough they were already busy. The least we can do is wait a little bit.”

    I wanted to object, but he was right. I didn’t have the right to insist these people prioritize me over their objective.

    So I simply sighed and nodded my consent reluctantly.

    “Excellent.”Captain Drake grinned at me briefly before turning his attention to the dark skies above. “Don’t worry too much about it. If our timing is right, then you’ll get to see a spectacular sight.”

    He then looked toward the main deck of the ship and called out.

    “Do you see it yet?! None of our eyes can match yours through this rain—has it appeared?!”

    “Yes!” A voice called back. I narrowed my eyes to see through the sheet of rain to see a short old man standing by the side of the boat. The winds were tossing his white cloak around as he raised his hands up as he cheered hysterically, apparently excited. “I see it! It has finally appeared!”

    “Excellent, me boy! Our wait is finally over!”

    “Wait for what?” Francois asked as he sat straight a little, curiosity apparent in his eyes. I was curious as well. What were they looking for, so deep out at sea?

    “The wait to find an island.” Drake tossed a Pokéball out and a Vibrava appeared, sitting gently atop his Shelgon’s back. “Vibrava is known as the vibration Pokémon. Thanks to its ability, we’ll be able to smoke it out. Supersonic.”

    I watched as Vibrava lifted into the air to hover slightly and its wings began to flutter so quickly that it appeared invisible. I expected it to release some high pitched sound, but when it didn’t, I realized that it must have been such a high frequency that we couldn’t hear it. Drake remained silent, patiently waiting until Vibrava made some reaction. The Pokémon eventually did. It turned in the same direction the old man aboard the ship was looking and the Pokémon made a small grunt as it nodded.

    “You may want to brace yourself for this one kids—sonic boom.”

    The entire boat shook violently as Vibrava’s wings suddenly became visible as it abruptly stopped flapping them, and a powerful invisible force went through the air, vibrating every bone in my body as it passed through.

    “Whoa!” I gasped as my legs gave away. I felt Francois’ arms grab me before I hit the floor and I smiled at him gratefully before another shockwave went through the boat and shook us again. Vibrava was repeating this process over and over, and as I focused, I could see a ripple in the air with every shockwave, as if a near invisible sonar was being emitted through the air.

    “There it is!” The old man said suddenly yelled, pointing directly to our port side. I looked up to see what he was talking about and my eyes widened in shock. Hidden through the current of rain was a hazy figure, surrounded in ominous mist. wasn’t quite sure, but...was it an island?

    Before I could try to focus and get a better look, it was gone. It defied all logic. One moment, I’m seeing the silhouettes of trees and land, and the next second there is only the expansive ocean before us. I jumped slightly as the sound of pounding rain returned to my ears. Had the sonic booms made me go temporarily deaf from shock?

    “So we only got here in time to see it for a brief few seconds, eh?” Captain Drake sighed as he pocketed his hands.

    “What the heck was that?” Francois asked in aweas he continued to stare at the spot where the island had been. “Wait—stupid question. I really mean, where the heck did it go?”

    “It didn’t necessarily go anywhere.” Captain Drake corrected calmly as he turned to face us. His eyes were sparkling with an adventurous sort of excitement that was lost on me. “What you saw was the Mirage Island. It’s a slab of distorted land that exists in its own time plane, so to speak. An hour here can be a week on that island, as well as vice-versa. It’s completely erratic and random. However, when the time on the island and the time here is in sync, one can get on and off of it as if it were a normal island. But if you are on it when the clocks are once again out of sync, you’ll be stranded until the phenomena we just saw occurs again. Just catching a glimpse of such a legendary myth is rare—only my old friend over there has ever seen it more than once, thanks to his good vision.”

    “So this is your first time seeing this, too?” Francois gave a low whistle under his breath. “No wonder you wanted to come here. Any idea when the next time it appears will be?”

    “Not a clue. But I’m hoping I’ll get to set foot on that island next time it appears. Until then, I’m gonna be sailing near Pacifilog. But that aside, I hope you two enjoyed the sight. I’ll sail you straight to Slateport, since you were so patient.”

    “Is that a good idea?” I frowned. “I heard there are rapids between here and Slateport.”

    “The Piercing Dragon can sail through any waters, kiddo! Some rapids won’t stop us. Full steam ahead!”

    I watched the grey skies as the ship turned around through the storm, heading west. I couldn’t shake this feeling in my gut…this strange feeling of nostalgia. Where did it come from?
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