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    "Corpse Collector huh? I find that much more befitting than the other titles I've heard." She says as she stretches her body, almost like a cat across her bed, and seemed like she was about to ask me a question when the room began to vibrate violently as if someone had picked up this room, and started shaking it around thinking there was loose change in it. I fell on my arse, leaning on my two arms while she simply hovered in the air for a few seconds, before dropping back onto her bed. The earthquake-like vibrations seemed to be coming from the room below, from which music sounding like heavy metal was blaring like there was no tomorrow. As I looked back at her I saw her mouth shapes as if she was yelling and she stamped the floor with her foot, of course I couldn't hear because my own ears were bleeding.

    When she was done saying whatever she had been, the music lowered considerably until it sounded nothing more like some huge party happening in the next district. Just as my ears began to heal and I thought the Ruckus was over, the door slams wide open to reveal some dog haired, leathery winged, cocky overly self confident crackhead. This was the kind of guy that really pissed me off, just like Ryuu and that other joke of a gamemaker Natruo. "Since when did you replace Luci-chan for a human boyfriend Ma'am?" said Zane, grinning mockingly at me and leaning back slightly. Mammon growled aggressively at him, speaking in a defencive tone."He's not my boyfriend! He's going to be my contractee! And quit calling my Ma'am! My name's Mammon you Douche!"

    I myself turned to the weapon wall behind me, inspecting it for a few seconds before selecting a hand-and-a-half sword from the rack and plucking it off. Swinging it once with ease, I turned to Zane, a deadly calm look in my eyes saying, "I know you said I have to sacrifice a person Mammon, but wouldn't sacrificing him be acceptible as well?" I was really itching to steal this guy, right in his jaw, but common sense told me not to. This didn't stop me from talkin trash though.
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