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    Chapter 3 - Mammon - Underworld

    "I know you said I have to sacrifice a person Mammon, but wouldn't sacrificing him be acceptible as well?" He swings one of my lethal-looking swords a bit, and looks at Zane. I snort, waving off Raike's new option quite quickly.

    "I think it'll be quite hard to sacrifice somebody who is immortal, Raike~" I snicker, calming myself down and moving myself over to Zane. Before he can run, I sling an arm over his shoulder and lean on him harshly, yet playfully. "Besides~ I think Zane might haunt your nightmares~!" I giggle, and Zane gives me a displeased look. Zane was totally fine. I didn't hate him. He was just real annoying.... Just like a brother.

    Zane grins and leans back onto me. "Says greedy Mammon! I'm surprised you're not chomping on a cake right now~ Fat thighs." He snorts. I gape at him and push him away; snapping my fingers. Then, the coolest thing happens; a four by four vanilla cake appears above his head, and directly plops onto him. Among the icing and cake bits, I can see the blankness on his face. Suddenly, he's grinning and licking whatever has fallen onto his face. "Delicious. I've come to show you the fear of caaaakkkkeeee~" He hangs his arms out limpy as if he's a zombie, and he begins wobbling over to me. I cry out, a huge smile on my face, and I hide behind Raike. Zane stops and wipes off his eyelids. "Hurts my feelings that you wanna stab me. Ouch." He pokes Raike's nose, and leaves a bit of icing on the tip. I laugh at Raike's expression.
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