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    > Check on Vesta see if she's okay and feed her a splintery plank and try to regather as much of your cocoon as you can. Than leave the ticket office, you can't cook here and it's unstable try warming up that old coffee by holding it against Vesta's Jar and drink the coffee. After you leave the building look for a building you can loot for shoes.

    Vesta, as ever, is fine. You give her a plank, replenish your supply of them with bits of ticket office and warm up the half-cup of coffee. It looks and tastes unimaginably foul, as you probably should have expected of something that's been sitting there for several years.

    Well done, Othodox.

    The cocoon is entirely undamaged – it is adamantine, after all – and you fold it up and stuff it back into your Bag.

    You would go and look for buildings to loot, but you're kind of stranded on a lump of wood in the middle of the ocean. There isn't even a cupboard here, let alone a shoe shop.

    > Anyways, I agree. We need to feed Vesta as it has been some time since we last did that. I suggest using the Adamantine Spider Silk to make a crude pair of shoes, you can't walk on the splintery death trap that is the pier without a pair. After all, the gloves seem to have held up nicely so far, so why not try shoes?
    Also, yes, try the heating up the coffee and drinking a bit of it to warm your hypothermia-addled self up.
    I'd suggest looting, but that Quilava is still on the shore, correct? We need to do something about that.

    You attempt to make shoes out of the Adamantine Spider Silk, but you need something to hold everything together with; your feet don't have as many handy lumps to tie the silk to as your hands. You take a tentative step, fall over and decide that perhaps you'll go barefoot for now.

    You climb over to the door, travelling on all fours to keep your balance, and peep out the window. The Quilava has moved; it's down on the beach now, its teeth cracking loudly through crabshells as it feeds. Judging by the sheer quantity of bodies around it, it seems its hunger hasn't grown any less insatiable over the past couple of days; it looks like it's been eating all night. It must, you think, require a lot of energy to maintain its raging fires. You wonder idly if there's a way to exploit that, but nothing immediately comes to mind. Even if you somehow drain its energy reserves, it's mostly bone now; you're not sure it has any blood left for you to spill.

    who that? asks Vesta curiously. big fire...

    “That's...” You pause. What to tell her? Mother? Wild beast? Nemesis? “That's our enemy,” you say eventually. “It wants to kill me.”

    why it want kill othodox?

    You open your mouth to reply, then realise that you don't actually have any idea.

    “I don't know,” you say slowly. “I really don't know...”

    Simple question, but it's a good one. Why is it after you? So far, you've just accepted its murderous nature without question, but really – why is it so determined to kill you, of all the living creatures in Johto? It's followed you across the entire country. If it just wanted an easy meal, it would have given up in Cherrygrove.

    What exactly drives the Eldritch Quilava? It is your 'starter', but what does that mean, exactly?

    You gaze across the choppy sea towards the beach, and the monster feasting on the blood-streaked sands.

    A good question indeed.

    > How about that raft? Look around the ticket office and the area immediately surrounding it for supplies to make a raft, or just supplies in general. Also, remember to be paranoid; remember, while Quilava hates water, crabs tend have a fondness for it. (In other words, keep your guard up.)

    Raft. Yeah. You are so totally ready to get out of Olivine. You have had more than enough of giant enemy crabs and flaming death weasels, and you want to go south right away.

    The ticket office is, regrettably, bereft of supplies, and the only thing you find on the dock outside is a black, withered lump of something that might be leather, pinned to the deck with a weathered fang.

    Othodox found one Weird Shrivelled Thing! Othodox put the Weird Shrivelled Thing in the Key Items Pocket.

    Hm. It's not exactly going to carry you across to Cianwood, is it?

    The only thing you've really got to work with here is the dock itself. You are standing on half a forest's worth of wood, though how much of it is seaworthy is definitely open to debate.

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