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    ⋆ Introduction ⋆
    The 4th Gen. Section is my Pearl, Platinum, and Soul Silver!

    My Fc's for Each Game are:
    Pearl: 3095-8367-9696
    Platinum: 2326-7863-5944
    Soul Silver: 5114-9168-9079

    ⋆ Pearl's Pokemon ⋆
    Please tell me what box the Pokemon is in.

    Box 1 Legends and Events (These are Cloned; don't ask for original)
    Darkrai Lv. 40 Bold 2x
    Giratina Lv. 70 Modest 6x
    Regigigas Lv. 70 Rash 4x
    Registeel Lv. 40 Naive 3x
    Regice Lv. 40 Timid 2x
    Regirock Lv. 41 Docile 2x
    Cresselia Lv. 50 Jolly 2x
    Rayquaza Lv. 50 Lax
    Shaymin Lv. 30 Brave
    Kyogre Lv. 50 Timid w/ Pokerus Cured

    Box 2 Legends & Events Cont. (These are Cloned; don't ask for original)
    Palkia Lv 50 Naughty w/ Lustrous Orb 17x
    Mesprit Lv. 50 Careful 12x

    Box 3 Pokemon Ranch Box
    Gyarados Lv. 21 Impish
    Crobat Lv. 45 Docile
    Caterpie Lv. 36 Serious
    Staravia Lv. 32 Sassy w/ Exp. Share
    Luxray Lv. 35 Relaxed
    Shieldon Lv. 20 Bold w/ Rock Incense
    Dratini Lv. 1 Modest, Brave, and Lonely
    Pachirisu Lv. 60 Careful 4x
    Ponyta Lv. 32 Bashful
    Togepi Lv. 1 Brave
    Whismur Lv. 1 Quirky
    Meowth Lv. 1 Careful
    Happiny Lv. 10 Naughty
    Smoochum Lv. 1 Brave
    Quagsire Lv. 25 Bold
    Stantler Lv. 15 Mild
    Ninjask Lv. 50 Brave
    Tentacruel Lv. 43 Quiet w/ Pokerus Cured x5
    Mystery Eggs (I don't know what's inside; Sorry, got em' through trades)

    ⋆ Platinum's Pokemon ⋆
    Please tell me what box the Pokemon is in.

    Box 1 Lv.1 - Lv.50
    Chatot Lv. 30 Brave
    Shellos Lv. 11 Adamant
    Clefairy Lv. 17 Impish w/ Moon Stone
    Shinx Lv. 12 Serious w/ Zap Plate
    Shieldon Lv. 23 Serious
    Munchlax Lv. 30 Hasty
    Bonsly Lv. 22 Doctile
    Bronzong Lv. 33 Jolly
    Kazza The Kadabra Lv. 17 Quiet w/ Soothe Bell
    Togepi Lv. 3 Brave
    Pineco Lv. 34 Sassy
    Dodrio Lv. 30 Relaxed
    Machoke Lv. 26 Jolly
    Staravia Lv. 30 Sassy
    Duskull Lv. 24 Serious
    Houndour Lv. 24 Lonely
    Rotom Lv. 20 Docile w/ Grip Claw
    Gligar Lv. 24 Naive
    Heracross Lv. 25 Docile
    Chansey Lv. 19 Calm
    Stunky Lv. 26 Mild
    Leafeon Lv. 21 Lonely w/ Quick Claw
    Rampardos Lv. 30 Naive

    Box 2 Lv. 51-100
    Electivire Lv. 90 Jolly
    Claydol Lv. 53 Serious
    Dragonite Lv. 90 Hasty
    Snorlax Lv. 52 Bashful

    Box 3 Legends and Events
    Mesprit Lv. 50 Careful
    Shaymin Lv. 30 Brave
    Heatran Lv. 70 Docile
    ALAMOS Darkrai Lv. 50 Timid w/ Enigma Berry
    Dialga Lv. 54 Impish
    Palkia Lv. 50 Naughty w/ Lustrous Orb
    SPR2010 Pichu Lv. 30 Jolly w/ Everstone
    Darkrai Lv. 40 Bold
    Cresselia Lv. 50 Jolly
    Giratina Lv. 71 Modest
    Entei Lv. 40 Rash
    Groudon Lv. 45 Lax
    Mewtwo Lv. 70 Naughty w/ Miracle Seed
    Lugia Lv. 45 Quiet w/ Leftovers
    Moltres Lv. 50 Timid w/ Hard Stone
    Zapdos Lv. 50 Adamant

    Box 4 My Team (I will breed these for you, but you'll have to provide the Ditto)
    Drapion Lv. 40 Hardy
    Lucario Lv. 32 Docile
    Torterra Lv. 41 Careful
    Empoleon Lv. 41 Rash w/ Exp. Share
    Sneasel Lv. 40 Relaxed
    Gardevoir Lv. 33 Careful

    Box 5 Starters (Read above)
    Meganium Lv. 53 Rash
    Sceptile Lv. 59 Naive
    Blaziken Lv. 90 Timid
    Squirtle Lv. 8 Hasty

    Box 6 Shinies (Still Collecting)
    Gyarados Lv. 43 Mild

    ⋆ Soul Silver's Pokemon ⋆
    Please tell me what box the Pokemon is in.

    Box 1 Events and Shiny Events
    Japanese GBA Event Electabuzz Lv. 10 Jolly 3x
    Shiny GBA Event (VGC09) Milotic Lv.50 Timid 2x w/ Flame Orb
    Japanese Goon's Scizor Lv. 50 Adamant w/ Starf Berry
    Shaymin Lv. 30 Brave
    Darkrai Lv. 40 Bold
    SPR2010 or PRI2010 Pichu Lv. 30 Jolly

    Box 2 In-game Gifts
    Shuckie The Shuckle Lv. 20 Relaxed
    Togepi Lv. 1 Adamant
    Eevee Lv. 5 Rash
    Dratini Lv. 15 Hardy (Has Extreme Speed)

    Box 3 Legends
    Cresselia Lv. 50 Jolly
    Phione Lv. 1 Naughty
    Rayquaza Lv. 50 Modest

    Box 4 Shinies
    Treecko Lv. 1 Lax
    Squirtle Lv. 1 Serious
    Caterpie Lv. 1 Hardy
    Eevee Lv. 5 Naive
    Whiskers The Raticate Lv. 20 Timid
    Gyarados Lv. 30 Naive
    Wynaut Lv. 1 Timid
    Giratina Lv. 70 Serious
    Dratini Lv. 27 Impish
    Crobat Lv. 64 Naughty
    Suicune Lv. 30 Relaxed
    Entei Lv. 34 Adamant

    Box 5 Regulars
    Sudowoodo Lv. 20 Adamant
    Vulplix Lv. 14 Relaxed
    Unknown Lv. 5 Naughty

    Box 6 Egg Moved
    Charmander Lv. 1 Sassy Moves: Cut l Growl l Flamethrower l Scratch

    Trophy Case!
    Shiny Gyarados
    Adamant / Intimidate / Female
    Level: 100
    IVs: 31 / 31 / 31 / 23 / 31 / 31
    EVs: HP 370 / Atk. 343 / Def. 219 / Sp. Atk. 133 / Sp. Def. 236 / Spd. 235
    Moves: Dragon Dance, Waterfall, Earthquake, Bounce
    Ribbons: 36

    This is Bozo's shiny Gyarados, TRUTH, who was hatched in the days before the RNG was cracked. If you receive her in a trade, you may trade her to other people under the conditions that:

    1. Her nickname TRUTH is unaltered - this pokemon is TRUTH - if you want a flawless shiny Gyarados without a nickname, you will need to get it from somewhere else; and
    2. This whole description is copied into your thread (if you are offering it there).
    3. If you receive her in a trade, please post in Bozo's thread to say you have her (even if you don't plan on trading her to anyone).