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    Okay I will just list the steps I have been taking and you point out what is wrong and what to do with them.

    1. I copy the ASM in the first post into a new notepad document.

    2. I changed the .EV_Table variable from 0x08F00000 to 0x08E42710 (so that is the location of the spreads.)

    3. I change the offsets in the method to what you put down. (0x115f6 -> x38936, 0x3dc70 -> x67d68, 0x3dc8b -> 0x67d83, x404d0 -> x6ad9c) (404d0 isn't in the method. It says "404d1." typo?)

    4. You replied with the following.
    What you need to do is go to those offsets in the .bin file, and copy what you see there into the ROM at the same offset you found it in the .bin. You also need to change x1E9F68 to be somewhere in free space before you compile- likewise you will need to change the pointer used by the jump to it to be (wherever you put the method) + 1.
    So by that you mean I change the x1E9F68 in the asm to something like xFFFDF0 for example?(This is where I'll put the method)
    Is the "pointer used by the jump" the 0x081E9F69 just above the x1E9F68? It looks like it is since it is 9 instead of 8 and you said +1 to it. Then I would replace the 0x081E9F69 with 0x08FFFDF1?
    ...and then I would go to the the offsets 0x38936, 0x67d68 and 0x1E9F68(which is now 0xFFFDF0) in the compiled .bin file and copy whatever data is there, go to those offsets in the ROM and overwrite them with the data from each offset in the .bin?

    I did all of this to test it out and the game restarts when initiating the battle with the first Roxanne rematch. It did not do that before.
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