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    (404d0 isn't in the method. It says "404d1." typo?)
    Yeah, you want to change that to x6AD9D. My bad, was looking at older versions of the code when doing that.

    So by that you mean I change the x1E9F68 in the asm to something like xFFFDF0 for example?(This is where I'll put the method)
    Is the "pointer used by the jump" the 0x081E9F69 just above the x1E9F68? It looks like it is since it is 9 instead of 8 and you said +1 to it. Then I would replace the 0x081E9F69 with 0x08FFFDF1?
    ...and then I would go to the the offsets 0x38936, 0x67d68 and 0x1E9F68(which is now 0xFFFDF0) in the compiled .bin file and copy whatever data is there, go to those offsets in the ROM and overwrite them with the data from each offset in the .bin?
    This looks pretty much correct, although if you didn't fix the x404d1 -> x6ad9d I would expect the game to crash.

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