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    Originally Posted by Brane View Post
    Sorry for the double post.
    Make sure that you reload your rom to see if the tile is working, sometimes the colours might be wrong and all you will see is a patch of a single colour, especially with trees. Make sure to completely change the colours just in case and then put them into the palette colours too make sure you have the right tile. If this doesn't work, go back to the tileset and completely erase everything except for the main points of it. (The outline and text inside the sign) Then recolour it. Post here if you have any problems.

    • Load the tileset and click save.
    • Reload the whole rom to make sure it fits.
    • Redo any tiles you did if it doesn't show up properly.(It would even be best if you made a guide for the tile. Paint it completely in different colours, red, green, orange, yellow and place a key to signify which colour is what colour on the palette.
    For instance.
    [] is [] on the palette.

    Again sorry for the double post :P.
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