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    Originally Posted by shengar View Post
    Yeah, Pokemon past experience with controversy in US make Nintendo take really conservative approach when handling this franchise. Just look at the needless redesign of Lenora.

    Also you can check my edited comment ;)
    Actually, the Lenora redesign made sense in my opinion - from what I read, they even recursively applied it to Japan too. She seemed like less of a racist stereotype and more of a positive character in the English version, and IMO it's one of the few good censorship changes they've made (along with Jynx).

    Being frozen alive being a "fate worse than death" is probably unintentional Fridge Horror rather than an honest attempt on their part to keep Ghetsis scary while censoring. They're probably trying to give the impression that Nate/Rosa are just frozen in the same (relatively minor) way that Pokemon are frozen during battles. >.<

    You know things are bad when the ANIME is the incarnation of the franchise that uses "kill" and "die" the most often.

    EDIT: And meanwhile, the game has this in it too... inconsistent standards anyone?
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