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Originally Posted by Iloveeevee View Post
Updated the club! :)

I was meaning the general area for where you would like to live at. I guess to expand on the topic you could say what type of dwelling you would like to live in also if you want.

For me, a tree house would be what I would want. I would like it to be more of a part of the tree and nature though so it would blend in with it's surroundings. I would like the exact location of my home to be near a town but still be secluded and a quiet, serene place to live.
Soooo, it's not a dungeon?

Well, as I said, I'll choose a beach. I'd want it to be a quiet place so I can relax. I'd also want it to be near a city, so I can buy some stuff or just hang around there whenever I want to. Preferably, I'd live in a small cottage, just by the seashore, and it would be made out of pretty shells. Haha.

Originally Posted by rainerman3 View Post
Ok first things first... OMFG!!! They are releasing a new Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game on the 3DS!!! I'm so freaking pumped!!! For anyone who hasn't heard of it here's the link to the IGN article: and here's a link to a trailer: I'm so hyper excited!!! ^^''. I just hope that it won't be like those WiiWare games... But anyway share your thoughts on the new game. :3
Squeeee! I'm so pumped! Thanks for the info, btw. It seems like a great game, imo. Just hope it doesn't lag much.

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