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Playing your hack

Playing Game Boy and Game Boy Advance ROM hacks

For Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance Pokémon fangames, we recommend:
  • mGBA (Windows, macOS, the 3DS, Wii, Switch and PS Vita) for Pokémon hacks of every Game Boy platform.
  • Using a flash cart of your choice on your Game Boy, Game Boy Advance or Nintendo DS. (Certain ROM hacks have not been tested on actual hardware and may not be compatible with this option.)
  • BGB (Windows only) for Game Boy/Game Boy Color games.
  • New Super Ultimate Injector for 3DS for the 3DS, for GBA games. (Some GB/GBC games may not work.)
  • Pizza Boy GBA Pro (free version) (Android) for GBA games, and My OldBoy! for GB/GBC games.
  • Delta (iPhone/iPad) for all Game Boy games.
Older emulators such as VisualBoyAdvance (and the latest version of VBA-M) are obsolete and should not be used.

If your game doesn’t load (you might receive a white screen), read the next post.

Playing Nintendo DS games

The best emulators for playing Pokémon games on Windows, macOS and Linux are DeSmuME or MelonDS.

For Android users, the most compatible with Pokémon hacks is DraStic. This is a paid app. For iOS users, Delta (iPhone/iPad) supports Nintendo DS games as well as GBA games.

DS fangames can also be played on a Nintendo DS, DSi or 3DS with a flash cart.