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    Originally Posted by retinaburn View Post
    @rebelxgirl: Thank you for your offer on the dream radar pokemon! I actually have those as well, but because I got them from radar, they must not have made it on my current list! I will have to go back and add them...

    Were you looking at anything in return for them? Perhaps I can still help out. Thanks!
    Oh ok, I wasn't sure. :)
    I'm not really going towards a national dex yet, just regional (Unova, Black 2). Considering I've been playing Pokemon for years & never made "catching them all" my main goal & actually completed a dex, thought I'd give it a try. For my Black 2, I've got a couple left - Latias & Braviary, the rest I should be able to catch in game or evolve from others I've gotten in trade. And a Mew, it was a fave from Gen 1. As far as things to offer, I don't have a whole lot that you probably don't have.