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    I feel so stupid,
    so betrayed and abandoned,
    for a moment of stupidity,
    for a second of infatuation,
    you were all I had, all I wanted.

    Soon I realized how foolish I was,
    how stupid it was to think you were true,
    you're nothing real,
    just a false projection to those you say you love,
    all you do is lie and betray them,
    and leave them out in the cold.

    At first I chose to ignore all your lies and deceptions
    giving you a second chance to break my heart,
    a second chance to lie and ruin something good,
    I never expected you to turn out this way,
    to say what we had was true,
    only to take it back in an instant.

    I now know how stupid, how foolish I was,
    to have even stuck by you,
    wanting to be your support when all you did,
    was ignore me, toss me to the side,
    and run to your other so called friends,
    how stupid I was to even call you a friend...

    I only wish I had realized then,
    how much of a fool you were,
    and saved myself the heartache and sorrow,
    but now I can ease my mind,
    erase you from my world..

    You're nothin more now,
    than a liar,
    an imposter,
    a filthy traitor and deserter,
    I'd say I wish you the best,
    I'd say I want you to lead a happy life,
    but I don't, and I'd be lying if I said I did.

    Go on living your lies,
    drowning yourself amongst your friends,
    and pretending that you care,
    that you truly do,
    but don't be surprised,
    if the day you need me,
    I turn my back to you,
    and laugh until the days end.
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