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    Ow my hot pocket burned me(seriously it hurt)! but anyways, here we go!

    Name: Cecil Vargas



    Dorm:Entei, because Cecil had more knowledge than he was physically fit, thus making the Entei dorms suitable for him.

    Appearance: (in avitar but here's a brief description) Cecil Vargas is around 5'11 and 105 lbs and he prefers gothic style clothing. Cecil has naturally white hair and icey blue eyes that make his irises look as if they were made of crystal.

    personality: Cecil is a quiet and shy character who is afraid to is afraid to speak out for himself to anyone other than his family and friends(pkmn were his only friends).Since his parents were famous for there career, Cecil was left at home by himself. He only had the wild Pokemon and himself to be with out in the mansion on the Jhoto country-side. since he was the only child out there with no other man or woman to speak with, it formed his horrible ability to communicate with other people because he knew no one other than his mother and father.

    In time he began to form a dream. A dream to travel the world on a journey to meet pokemon of all sorts of species and maybe even meet people who he can feel comfortable with.

    Cecil loves all sorts of pokemon, so he doesn't have any favorite type of pokemon. Cecil's favorite foods are tuna sandwiches and ramen. Cecil dislikes pessimistic people sour foods and very hot weather(unlesd heading to the beach)

    History: Mr and Mrs.Vargas were a team of famous paranormal investigators who lived out in a mansion on the Jhoto countryside. There first born son, Cecil Vargas, was always left at home and hardly ever spent time with his parents. He felt like an orphan, but with such a huge house, what more could you ask for? Cecil's routine was pretty much twentyfour hours spare time. He began to go outside and play with the wild pokemon around age seven, the same time his parents began to leave him at home. He had plenty of fun and gained a better understanding of pokemon's actions and connections with humans and other pokemon

    Around age ten Mr and Mrs. Vargas came back from one of their investigations(they came back every week or two to check up) and brought their son a pokemon. This pokemon's name was Haunter. Haunter became Cecil's best friend. They would do everything together all day, every day. It was this bond and Cecil's dream that three years later made Mr and Mrs. Vargas enroll Cecil Vargas at the Pokemon Trainer Academy in hopes of Cecil's dream coming true.

    Haunter (♂)(Lv.24)
    -shadow claw
    -shadow ball
    -dream eater


    Personality: Haunter is a quiet pokemon and likes to learn new things. Haunter is also playful around most pokemon and is good listening to others when they need to be heard. Haunter's likes and dislikes are the same as Cecil's.
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