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    have you ever wanted to sue your pokecomunity friends? then this is the game for you!
    here you will sue your friends for any random reason for any random amount of pokedollars or any other thing (you won't really get anything)
    you will post why you are suing them here, and they will post their defense, this may go back and forth 3 times, once both people have posted 3 times (accusing post is included), agreed for it to be time for a judge or 2 days have passed it is time for a judge to come post. you may also counter sue someone so long as it is somewhat related to the current case, they will both be treated as the same case.
    le rules:

    1. when you sue someone, you must send them a VM somewhat like this:

    dear Dawn

    I am suing you for 10 million pokedollars because you were late to go find the red gyarados.
    You may come and plead your case here: *thread goes here*

    Sincerly, Barry

    2. no judging your own case.

    3. if 2 days have passed with no response from the defendant, they automatically lose.

    4. please be a good judge and be logical.

    5. do not ask your friends or anyone else to judge for you and make you win. anyone caught doing so will lose the case.

    6. if you can't/don't want to post your defense, it would be appreciated if you would tell us so we can move on to the next case

    7. since each case can take up to 2 days, if you have recently gone, wait at least a few hours and give someone else a turn.

    i'll start this off by suing thefattestsnorlax for... uh... eating my sandwich!

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