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    Originally Posted by w1f1pa55w0rd View Post
    Your team looks pretty damn good, but I think I know where you might be struggling. Butterfree isn't realy the best bug-flying. U should go fro Scyther imo. The Persian seems okay, but its not the best normal type. Tuaros is really good in this game. But if this is ur team of preference, then go ahead and have fun :) Also about the legendaries, did you knock them out?

    Cuz if u did, they may be gone 4ever
    Yes, i will look at those 2 sometime, and yes i fainted moltres and zapdos, because no matter how much poke-balls i waste, they will not get into it and they might faint my whole team, so i needed to sacrifice my only master ball that i got from the old man in silph co., i will only use to capture mewtwo, for articuno i might want to buy ultra balls or great balls.
    And i might use scyther and tauros for a rematch.
    Because i am not really sure if they can take out the whole elite four.
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