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    OOC: All right, time for the adventure to REALLY start!

    ...However--and I don't intend to be mean--Phanima was the only one who seemed capable of following directions this time around. Our meeting place, as I said at the bottom of my last post, is in Viridian City, in front of the Pokemon Academy--not in Pallet Town or in her laboratory. Besides, I know I didn't say it, but Professor Willow's lab is not in Kanto... (*edits first post*) But don't worry about it--I admit to having occasionally overlooked RPG details myself...

    For now I will just assume that we're all in the appropriate meeting spot... Fortunately I believe in giving second chances. :)
    Far above Viridian City, a blimp that looked more like a giant Drifloon came into view from the clouds. This blimp had been flying above the clouds so as to avoid and rough weather. Rough weather would have been pretty common at some point on its trip, as this blimp came all the way from Sinnoh. Yet still, this blimp was intact and in good shape.

    The blimp had three occupants. The first two were a pair of identical-looking young men, each wearing T-shirts with a Drifloon on them, who shared the role of piloting the blimp. Seated in the compartment behind them was the future Pokemon trainer Ari.

    Before boarding this Drifloon blimp, Ari had said goodbye to her big brother Gon, and his team of five bug Pokemon. Ari was presently thinking of Gon and his Pokemon. Venomoth, which had been his first Pokemon... Combee, which had been male and thus was unable to evolve... Beautifly, which he caught on a trip to Hoenn... Yanma, an adamant little dragonfly that refused to evolve to Yanmega... and Mothim, who often felt left out in Gon's Pokemon team. Ari also remembered the nicknames Gon gave to these Pokemon of his... Dokuga, Honey-chan, Tomirei, Yan Yan, and Minomuchi, respectively. For a while she thought how neat it must be to nickname Pokemon--and thought she could do the same for whatever Pokemon she got.

    "All righty," one of the pilots finally announced. "We're comin' in for a landing!"

    "Viridian City," the other pilot added.

    Seconds later, Ari felt the thump of the blimp touching the ground. Then, without saying much other than a simple thank-you, she walked out into the city--and was rather surprised by the sights.

    Gee, Viridian City is a little more run-down than I expected it to be... Ari thought as she passed by an old, abandoned house.

    Indeed, in the recent past, Viridian City was the victim of both the turmoil over the evil genetic Pokemon, Mewtwo, and a war between Teams Magma and Aqua. That all showed in the present moment--the Pokemon Centre was nearly empty, hardly anyone was walking about the streets, and the gym was under construction (or repairs, rather). Even the formerly prestigious Pokemon Academy seemed a little shabby, at least from the outside. Yet it was here that she was to meet Professor Willow. One particular girl with blond hair and wearing a pink and black outfit was banging against the door, apparently upset because Professor Willow was nowhere to be seen. A girl with long brown hair and a red and black outfit was walking out of a bus that had stopped next to the academy. Two younger boys were battling the Pokemon they just received from Professor Oak just nearby.

    As Ari walked up to the Pokemon Academy, she narrowly missed being hit by a Vine Whip from one of the little boys's Bulbasaur. Then she reached the front of the academy, where the blond-haired girl was now grumbling at the door.

    "Ugh. She should be waiting for me. I shouldn't be waiting for her. It's me, Kat!"

    "Ah, I see you're excited about getting your first Pokemon," Ari said to the girl. "Well, let's not get too excited. Willow didn't say she'd be waiting for us--she just told us to..."

    Before Ari could finish her sentence, a woman in a long white coat emerged through the front door, followed by two boys that looked to be in their mid-teens. One had spiked brown hair and was holding a Pineco. The other, to much of the others' surprise, was wearing a black cap with a large red R on the front.

    "...May I first say that this boy here is not in Team Rocket..." the woman commented as she closed the door behind her. She was holding a small black box with a Pokeball design on it.

    "I am sorry for my tardiness, as seen by one eager individual... I had to round up these two boys who were also eager. Anyways, I'm sure these two boys know it, but I am Professor Willow, as you may have guessed..."

    The Professor paused for a moment, letting the fivesome of future trainers gather around.

    "Now, my original plan was to explain a bit more about the new Indigo League first, but seeing your jubilant faces makes me consider otherwise. I know you're all excited about your first Pokemon, and I can't blame you for it. Now, of course, first I'd like you to meet Wayne Rowley, from Blackthorn City. Yes, we have people here from all over the place. Anyways, this here Pineco is his starting Pokemon."

    Willow patted the Pineco on the head and whispered to it.
    "Enjoy your new trainer, Pineco."

    "All right, next we have another individual that was so eager as to threaten to break down the door of this building. Which I don't mind by the way, hehheh. Introducing Kat Tachikawa, the lovely Goldenrod City girl. Speaking of which, Kat, I think you'll find your first Pokemon interesting..."

    Willow then opened the box, and from within it she withdrew a Pokeball. This she handed to Kat. Also, she took out four empty Pokeballs. These she handed to both Kat and Wayne.
    "I'll explain these later," she whispered to both of them.

    "Next up, we have Chelsea. Well well, I reserved a special Pokemon for you. I can surmise that this is what happens when all that hard work in school pays off. Beware though; it can be pretty tough to tame and raise. I can only hope you'll get the hang of it."

    Professor Willow winked at Chelsea before handing her three Pokeballs.

    "Our fourth Pokemon Trainer is Ari Hakuremu. Ah, you're from Sinnoh--quite a ways away. Speaking of 'a ways away', I'm giving you a Pokemon all the way from Nazumi, the continent on which my laboratory is located. In fact, I can almost bet none of you have heard of this Pokemon before."

    Ari had a quizzical look on her face as she received three Pokeballs, one of which would contain her first Pokemon.

    "And finally, we have Cain Ritham, the young lad with an elite Pokemon trainer for a father and for some reason thinks he's in Team Rocket. Haha, that was a joke. Really. Sorry if I embarrassed you--maybe I can also say that Ari looks like she could be my evil twin? Heh, anyway, I kind of hate to give you this kind of Pokemon, as I would hate to copy Professor Elm--but it seems to fit you nicely. Besides, you might find this Pokemon rather easy to get along with."

    With that, Willow took out the final trio of Pokeballs and handed them to Cain. Then she continued her announcement.

    "Now, a note to those of you who are opening your Pokeballs already. Two of those Pokeballs you received are empty--you may use them to capture any other Pokemon you might encounter. If you need more of them, they're sold in every Pokemart in existence. But I'm sure a few of you know that already. Now, before you get too excited about interacting with your first Pokemon--and I see some of you have already started to--I have a few more announcements to make."

    A couple of voices in the group that were speaking to Pokemon diverted their attention. But before the professor spoke again, she took out the remaining contents of the box. They were small, square devices of some sort, with a white Pokeball design on front. But the devices themselves were all different colours: red, blue, green, pink, and gold. Willow started handing these devices out, giving the red one to Cain, the green one to Wayne, the pink one to Kat, the blue one to Ari, and the gold-coloured one to Chelsea.

    "Heh, I'm sorry if there's a colour bias..." Willow apologised. "I made them different colours so they don't all look the same, so they can be told apart... Now, I suppose you're all wondering what these devices are. I know some of you may think they're Pokedexes. If you thought that, you're correct, but not completely. These devices are simply called Pokevices. ...Didn't know what else to call them. Anyways, a Pokevice can identify any Pokemon you see, but it also contains special information on any Pokemon you catch, keeps a record of which badges you earn, has a map of the region, and can even be used to contact other people, like a telephone. But enough about the Pokevices. Now a word--or rather several--about the Indigo League. I have already explained the Pokemon Wars back on Pokemon Virtual, and how those battles work. I have also already mentioned that this is a group effort. Now, to get into this Pokemon league, in the past a single trainer would have had to earn eight badges from various Pokemon gyms in the region. But, in order to get into this one, each of you only has to earn three. However, as a group, you do have to earn all eight badges. So you can't just all get badges from the same three gyms and qualify that way. So you get to choose at which level of training your Pokemon skills will be tested--to a certain extent."

    "Well," Professor Willow concluded, "I don't want to drone on and on here. If you have questions at all about your Pokemon, the Pokevices, or the Indigo League, you all have me registered in the phone feature of your Pokevices. Or, you may ask me now. But one last thing: a hint. There is a Pokemon gym in Pewter City, which uses Rock and Water-type Pokemon."

    ~ ~ ~

    Pewter City? Ari thought. Where in the world is Pewter City?

    Ari reached for her deep blue Pokevice, remembering what Professor Willow had said about the map feature in it. But she had put ehr Pokevice in the same pocket as the only Pokeball of hers which was not empty--the one that contained her first Pokemon.

    Ohh, I guess I should find out what this Pokemon is first. Hmm, now this will be interesting. I have no clue what it could be. I just hope it's not a Machop. Or Rattata. Or Squirtle. Or Cranidos, Stunky, Zigzagoon, Wynaut, Munchlax... well, I can only hope it's a Pokemon I don't hate...

    With that, Ari casually tossed her Pokeball slightly upwards. The energy that came out of the Pokeball materialized into a small, chubby form that took shape in Ari's arms. Within seconds, the Pokemon materialized, revealing what at first reminded Ari of a Skitty, except with curly, pink and blue ears, and looking even more obnoxiously cute.

    "Puffwi! Puffwi!" the adorable little Pokemon greeted.

    What is this...?!? She gives me this cute little... thing?

    Ari looked around and saw the other trainers' Pokemon: Pineco, Meowth, Dratini, and Totodile. She couldn't help but feel a little jealous of Chelsea, who had received the Dratini, and Kat, who had received the Meowth. Ok, so Ari got this little soft pink chubby kitten thingy. Professor Willow was right about whatever it was: it was the only Pokemon in the group that Ari had never seen nor heard of. But what Ari did remember was Willow mentioning that the Pokevice doubles as a Pokedex. Knowing that, she looked up the little pink and white Pokemon with her Pokevice. Upon identiflying Puffly, the Pokevice popped open, revealing two screens, a smaller screen, and a set of buttons. Currently, only one of the screens was turned on, revealing a picture of the Pokemon. The smaller screen, which only had room for text, displayed the name "Puffly". Then, the Pokevice beeped, and a robotic voice spoke from it.

    "Puffly, the infatuation Pokemon. Puffly is a young, attention-seeking Pokemon that prefers to use attacks like Charm and Sweet Kiss in battle. It loves sweet and/or fluffy foods."

    "Puffly huh?" Ari said, not sounding too excited. "Well, I do admit you're cute, cutie... no doubt about it. You would make a great pillow. ...Or not. You know, I think I'll nickname you... Kawaine. How's that, Kawaine?"

    Ari couldn't help but blush at the cute little Puffly resting in her arms. While she was doing so, she pressed another button on her Pokevice, which caused the second screen to turn on. This displayed a set of information:

    Species: Puffly
    Gender: Female
    Type: Normal
    Level: 5
    Status: OK
    Ability: Cute Charm
    Attacks: Tackle, Charm, Tantrum"

    Tantrum? Ari thought. What sort of an attack is that? What in the world would happen if Puffly threw a tantrum in the middle of a battle?!?

    OOC: Now's the time to interact with your Pokemon, chat with the other group members, check out your Pokevice, something along those lines. If I were to have all of us start the journey now, my post would be WAY too long... So I'll wait. Oh, and though the first gym we'll come to is in Pewter City, Brock's parents will be running the gym, not Brock himself since he's currently traveling with Ash. Just a little forewarning--I will have more information in regards to that in a while...

    Oh, and don't worry too much about the Pokevice features--not every one of them has to function the same way as Ari's. Think of them as a Pokedex and Pokenav put together.

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