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    Originally Posted by Electivire View Post
    Edit: I'm going to start again. Go further down.
    OOC: Edited my first IC because i'm going to start again. I'll make everything so it makes sense with everyone elses posts.

    ~Wayne - Digglet cave~

    He could see the light at the end of the tunnel. It was getting closer and closer until... He was outside. The boy looked around at the bright blue sky and lush green grass; he was about 5" tall and fourteen years old. He wore a dark blue denim jacket and jeans with a pure white T-shirt and running shoes. The boy, known as Wayne Rowley stretched his arms and looked back at the long and dauting cave behind him; the Diglett cave which he had not long emerged from. His journey had bought him from the ferry 'S.S. Tidal' in Olivine City, Johto to Vermillion City, Kanto. Then his short cut through Diglett tunnel had bought him to the outskirts of rural Pewter City.

    He carried on walking through the countryside, for about an hour he walked until he came across a sign. 'Viridian City 1/4 Mile West'. The boy forced his way through a small woodland until he emerged in a giant industrial, yet rundown city. This was obviously now an abandoned area as apose to its old metropolis style of city. Crime was an issue around here, it was a big contrast to his old mountinous city of 'Blackthorn'. Where in the morning he would take refuge in the northen cave and at night he'd watch the Skarmory and Gligar fight for teritory.

    He past a rundown Gym which had a few buldozers surrounding, whether it's for renovations or to destroy the Gym, he didn't care he just carried on to the Pokemon Academy, still pretty rundown along with the rest of the city.

    "Wow, wish I was back in Blackthorn," he started "But my first Pokemon is awaiting!" he shouted as he ran inside. The room was empty except for a bunch of Kakauna and a woman taking notes.

    "Oh, hello, and you are?" asked the woman.

    "My name's Wayne, You wanted to see me?"

    "Yes, I'm Professor Willow, you're a bit early,"

    "Oh, sorry anyw-" he started. But something really heavy had come crashing down on his head. He was lying on the floor wriggling in pain. As he opened his eyes he observed the room and tried to located the source of pain. It was a giant blue Pinecone.

    "Oh, I'm sorry!" Willow shouted, helping Wayne up. "This's what I was studying, this Pineco lost its parents and it thinks it's a Kakuna."

    "Pineco?" Wayne asked as he pulled out his POKeGEAR to check the time. Suddenly the Pineco that had fell on top of him jumped up at him, in an attempt too hug Wayne. He caught Pineco in his arms and Pineco chirped excitedly, in its deep croaky voice.

    "Piine!" shouted the Pokemon.

    "Well, I see you two are aquantied., let's go outside,"

    She beckoned to another boy sitting in the corner, he had a black cap and shirt with a red 'R' on the front. She led the two young boys outside. Outside there were a few more young Trainers to be, waiting patiently.

    "...May I first say that this boy here is not in Team Rocket..." the woman commented as she closed the door behind her. She was holding a small black box with a Pokeball design on it.

    "I am sorry for my tardiness, as seen by one eager individual... I had to round up these two boys who were also eager. Anyways, I'm sure these two boys know it, but I am Professor Willow, as you may have guessed..."

    The Professor paused for a moment, letting the fivesome of future trainers gather around.

    "Now, my original plan was to explain a bit more about the new Indigo League first, but seeing your jubilant faces makes me consider otherwise. I know you're all excited about your first Pokemon, and I can't blame you for it. Now, of course, first I'd like you to meet Wayne Rowley, from Blackthorn City. Yes, we have people here from all over the place. Anyways, this here Pineco is his starting Pokemon."

    Willow patted the Pineco on the head and whispered to it.
    "Enjoy your new trainer, Pineco."

    Wayne got a Pineco from Professor Willow.