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    Here comes chapter six, people :)

    Chapter Six - Snowpoint

    To Lucifer’s surprise, there was a ship going from Iron Island to Snowpoint two hours after the battle, and he didn’t know if that was only a coincidence or not. This time Lucifer was a hundred percent sure that Wade’s on the ship, since he could hear constant blabbering and laughs coming from the kitchen.

    After suffering from his screams and wails, the ship being quiet, actually didn’t sound like a bad idea. Lucifer was once again having a nice sun bathe on the ship deck, and since the black clouds were gone again, the rain wasn’t going to come back again in the next few hours. With Wade’s constant wailing inside the kitchen, which was unfortunately next to Lucifer, the black Lucario couldn’t even sleep.

    Every time Wade screamed, Lucifer’s frowned, and the screams just happened to get louder and louder. Something snapped inside of Lucifer, and he decided to check things out. Pushing the sun lounger back to where it belonged he rushed towards the metal kitchen door. The laughing was much louder here, and he could hear some metal clashing inside. Pushing the door opened, Lucifer realised that he was in kitchen Hell.

    Wade was jumping on the preparation tables, hopping from one bowl to another joyfully, as a Cincinno with a large white toque on her head chased the little devil on the table, screaming in another french-like language with a heavy accent. Wade hadn’t noticed Lucifer yet, and he continued to laugh, kicking the saucepans backwards, and onto the Cincinno’s face with a loud ‘twang’. Pushing the pan aside, the Cincinno continued to chase the Buizel, jumping from shelve to shelve, nearly slipping due to the slippery plates, resembling something that looked like a kitchen fight from Tom and Jerry.

    “Wade what are you DOING?!” Lucifer wailed, his paws up in the air, waving them to get his attention. No reply. Not until Wade accidentally tripped on a rolling pin and fell down, face first onto a pot of meat sauce.

    “Eating!” Wade answered, looking at him, his face covered with a red meaty substance. Lapping them all up Wade smiled, his teeth turned red and continued to run around the kitchen, trying everything he saw. He jumped over the sink that was full of water, and did a cartwheel before sweeping down, placing his paw on a cake covered with icing when he was upside down, and licked the icing off his paws as he got back onto his feet after the cartwheel, leaving a paw mark on top of the cake.

    “They’re gonna kick us off the ship so cut that out!” Lucifer growled, starting at him with his red eyes, trying to snap him out of this...this nonsense. Now regretting what he said about ‘It was too quiet’ earlier when he was going to Iron Island, Lucifer ran forward and grabbed one of his tails, pulling him back. A small whimper came from the Buizel, but his other tail spun and slapped Lucifer as if it was an orange whip, leaving a red mark on the Lucario’s face.

    With a helpless expression on Lucifer’s face, he held back a little growl and formed a little ball of Aura in his paws, Hadoken style, then released it, throwing it towards the Buizel. If pulling him, or asking him to stop wouldn’t work, then he had to do it by force. Wade was taken by surprise, and the ball carried him further as he pushed him, sending him flying towards the wall before exploding right before his stomach, the knives and chopping boards in the wall falling down like rain.

    For one second Lucifer thought that he had gone too far, maybe that attack was too much for the little guy. But as the smoke cleared he saw Wade unharmed, a pot on his head like a hat. Wade’s cocky smile never disappeared from his face, and that made Lucifer even more annoyed. So that aura sphere didn’t do anything at all? Or was he just lucky?

    Knowing that it was impossible to stop the little orange fur ball of destruction, Lucifer stormed out of the kitchen, now in a horrible mood. He shouldn’t had brought the little guy with him, but he seemed so excited when he heard about the diamond, so Lucifer decided to take Wade with him. What a large mistake he had made.

    Finally the snowy city came into view, and Lucifer was so eager to get off the ship before Wade could do anything stupid, and people had to blame Lucifer instead. When the ship slowed down and started to park itself against the pier, Lucifer heard a giant explosion from behind, and sparks flew everywhere like fireworks. Then he heard a high pitch scream.

    “YOU’LL NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE!” Lucifer heard Wade’s cackle and gave himself the largest face palm ever, “My buddy Lucifer brought me here go blame HIM!”

    Lucifer blinked and gulped, sweat rolling down his face nervously as he heard his name. People couldn’t get rid of they were going to get rid of...with that thought in his mind, Lucifer jumped off the ship when it was near the pier and just swam towards the land before the Chefs charged towards him, holding pitchforks like angry folk.

    The image appeared in his head again, this time, a little more clearly. The house had a pointy green roof, with green rectangular windows, four on the first floor, and two on the second. A little green circular window was located on the third floor, under the triangular roof that looked like an attic. The walls were made of white wood, and there was a little chimney on the right. The diamond picture, however, remained the same. The same blue sparkle, and the background had nothing special in it, just total blackness, making the diamond look even more precious.

    When Lucifer climbed onto the snowy ground, he shivered. It was like -10 degrees Celsius there, hence all the snow, and he had just gotten out of the icy water. His teeth started to shake uncontrollably, his shoulders shivering in the coldness. The Lucario race isn’t really used to this kind of coldness. Brushing the water off his body, preventing ice from forming, he stepped onto the snowy path and scanned the town, looking for a house that matched his image. Every time he breathed, a white cloud of mist formed before his mouth, and Lucifer had never experienced something like that before, so he tilted his head and tried to blow it away like a naive child. He had never seen something like it...or had he?

    Gusts of cold icy winds brushed against his fur, giving him a little numbness as the snowflakes landed on his black, oddly coloured fur, but that didn’t stop him from continuing. Compared to the other things that had happened, the coldness wasn’t that bad. Being kicked off a cliff and was heavily injured, now THAT’s much, much worse. Despite that, Lucifer was trying to forget what had happened, since it’ll affect his mood. Shaking his body and head like a dog, he flung all the water drops off his body, and when he was dry once again he looked at his wound. There was a little scar, but it wasn’t a tad obvious, and it was healing wonderfully thanks to Wade’s Aqua Ring and the potion he gave him.

    The ship was still parking against the pier, so Lucifer had some time. Deciding not to wait for the little devil, Lucifer headed towards the rows of houses, built neatly in a line that were located near the red-roofed town center. The roofs of the houses were covered with a thick layer of white fluffy snow, but the colour was still visible if Lucifer looked hard enough. Fortunately, the colours of the roofs were different. Some were violet, some were black, some were as white as the snow above, and there was one that had an emerald green colou-

    Lucifer paused. Emerald green, it matched the house in the image. His heart beating abnormally fast, he walked towards the house with white wooden walls and counted the windows as he stood before the main door. Lucifer took a deep breath and smiled as it had six windows, and a little circular one on top. With one final scan to see if other houses had the same traits, he stopped right before the door. He was about to knock on it, but then the door was flung open from the inside.

    “Lucifer? What are you doing here?” A Gardevoir, with her dress-like body floating in the air magically, looked at him with a warm smile on her face, welcoming him, “Come in, come in.”

    Lucifer was shocked as she mentioned his name. Did they know each other before? She was smiling at him as she pulled the confused Lucario into the warm cosy house, with a burning fireplace located at the corner. The floor was covered with a red carpet, and the places that weren’t covered were made of brown wooden planks. There were a lot of paintings on the wall, and before the fireplace was a nice-looking sofa and a little tea table.

    Looking around cautiously, Lucifer wasn’t sure if he should trust this Gardevoir, but he didn’t have a choice to say yes as the Gardevoir told him to sit down. The Gardevoir still had a friendly smile on her face when Lucifer moved towards the sofa before the fireplace, which was still burning lively. Slowly, he sat on the sofa nervously and waited. The fireplace gave him warmth and the heat soothed him, but Lucifer didn’t let his guards down.

    “Good to have you back, Lucifer.” the Gardevoir started as she danced around the room, her eyes still on the Lucario as she twirled around the table in front of him joyfully, “Where have you been?”

    There, she said my name again. Lucifer started to panic, but he pretended that he was calm and steady, and grinned at her rather foolishly. He didn’t know what to say, and how much to say. She knew his name, so they’ve met before, that’s for sure, but he had no idea if she was good or not. Looks could be deceiving, Lucifer remind himself, he didn’t even know if she knew about the amnesia. His mouth like a big O, speechless, he cleared his throat.

    “Nothing special...Jubilife, Canalave...Iron Island...” Lucifer started, then stopped at once when he mentioned Iron Island. Xandra’s kick, Xandra’s evil expression....Xandra changing sides...the scene flooded his mind, and he couldn’t think for a few seconds.

    “We WERE, Lucifer. Not anymore. You’ve lost your memory, so I might as well leave your side.” Xandra pointed out, rolling her eyes as she helped Zed up, canceling the paralysis just by touching the Zangoose with a little psychic ability she had.

    She had meant a lot to him, and now she was siding with someone he hated the most. Lucifer looked at Xandra, and shot her a look that meant no, but Xandra ignored him and walked towards the Lucario. For a second there, Lucifer could see a tad of sympathy, real sympathy in her eyes, but then it was gone, and she yanked his paw off the rock, and sent him falling into the rapids below----

    Why, Xandra, Why?

    “Lucifer? Lucifer!” the Lucario shook his head and snapped back into reality, stopping his flashback temporarily. Before him he saw a large Gardevoir hand, waving right before his eyes, “Snap out of it, Lucifer. Where’s Xandra, by the way?”

    Lucifer blinked as he was brought back to reality, confused. Why, Xandra, Why? Why did she suddenly change sides? Why did she have to kick him off a cliff? If Wade didn’t save him in time he would be dead by now. When the Gardevoir asked about Xandra Lucifer’s looked up and stared at her. So she knows Xandra too. When Lucifer looked at her, she stared at him as if he was a lunatic or something, which made Lucifer look away, embarrassed.

    “She’s still on Iron Island, I think...” Lucifer sighed and shook his head, recalling the scene where he fell, heartbroken, “And I’m sorry....I think i’ve lost my memory...”

    “Oh dear, you have amnesia? That explains everything.” the Gardevoir placed her hand on her mouth and made a small gasp, “Then you’ve probably forgot all about me. I’m Sophia. Well, your name’s Lucifer Black, and Xandra’s your girlfriend-”

    “Not anymore, Sophia.” Lucifer interrupted, looking at her with sad eyes. Sophia tilted her head, confused as she sat next to him, “She’s dumped me and she kicked me off a cliff on Iron Island.”

    Sophia blinked, then looked at him, awestruck. If a Gardevoir that knew about Xandra’s this surprised, then it was normal for Lucifer to feel depressed. She got up and hovered around the room, her feet always a few centimeters above the floor, with a frown on her face. Lucifer swore that he heard her murmur that can’t be right, and Lucifer agreed with her.

    “Then I see two images, and that’s all I can really remember. There’s a diamond, and it looks awfully familiar...I don’t know why.” Lucifer told her, then described the two images as detailed as he could, especially the diamond image, since the first one, the house, was already solved and found. Like Wade, she was really drawn in when she heard about the diamond, and for a few seconds Lucifer doubted that if she was trustworthy or not.

    “Of course it looks familiar, Lucifer,” Sophia smiled and looked at him, her smile like a smile of a mother’s, “Because it’s here, in this house, and you’ve been here many times.”

    Only now did Sophia and Lucifer notice a little orange Buizel starting at them from outside the window, which was right next to them. It was Wade, and Lucifer shot him a glance that meant Go away, but the Buizel stuck out his tongue and ignored him. Then Sophia saw him and her eyes widened, as if she saw a ghost or something.

    “Who’s that?” Sophia asked, her voice trembling a little as she frowned, pointing at Wade, “How long has he been eavesdropping on us?”

    “He’s a friend of mine...and I-I’m not sure.” Lucifer answered, looking at the Buizel.

    “You have to leave now, it’s unsafe here.” Sophia suddenly said and stood up, pushing Lucifer towards the door in a hurry, “Stay in a hotel, but stay away from here, just don’t come near, and you don’t have to worry about me.”

    Sophia’s voice was trembling, and someone Lucifer knew that when he said Wade’s his friend, Sophia wasn’t so sure about that. What’s wrong with Wade?

    “L-Last question: Why do I come here often? And why do you know about Xandra? Who are you exactly?” Lucifer looked at her as she opened the door and she hesitated, but then she gave him a warm smile. Although she smiled at him, Lucifer could see some fearfulness inside her Gardevoir eyes.

    “I’m Xandra’s mother. Now go!” She informed him, and before Lucifer could say anything else she pushed him with her psychic abilities and sent him out the door, then slammed the door shut behind him. Lucifer lost balance as she pushed him without warning and he landed onto a pile of snow outside, head first.

    “Lucifer!” Wade called, running towards him, and yanked him out of the snow. Wade giggled when he saw Lucifer’s face, covered with a thin layer of snow, and washed the ice away with a little water pulse, placing his paw on Lucifer’s face. Lucifer looked at Wade, frowning, since Sophia looked so nervous when Wade arrived, but he couldn’t see what’s wrong with this little friendly Buizel. He saved him once, after all.

    “We’re staying in a motel for the night.” Lucifer told him, still starting at him with those red glowing eyes of his, “By the way, what did you hear when you were eavesdropping on us?”

    “Nothing, Lucifer. The glass was too thick. I was just searching the houses to see if you’re inside, and eureka!” Wade told him, smiling, still as energetic as yesterday, “Nothing at all.”

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