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    Originally Posted by jrch5618 View Post

    Is it possible using a single computer and emulator to:
    *Trade between the five Gen-3 games?
    *Use Pal Park to transfer Pokemon from Gen-3 to Gen-4?
    *Trade between the five Gen-4 games?
    *Use whatever's necessary to transfer from Gen-4 to Gen-5?
    *Trade between Black and White?

    And what emulators should I be using? Apparently No$GBA isn't that good anymore - there's this Desmune I keep seeing...

    Also, do these emulators support the Action Replay codes? Only use I'd have for them is to open up the Pokemon that aren't normally accessible like Mew, Celebi, Deoxys, Jirachi, Arceus, etc...
    trade between gen 3 games arevery much possible, try to use VBA with link feature

    Palpark on Gen IV absolutely works on Desmume. Just use the internal firmaware of desmume instead of the external ones, and have proper format of the .sav file of the third gen game and place it on the battery folder of desmume, place the rom of the 3rd gen game in slot the gba slot menu on desmume and i am definitely sure it will work

    Trade for Gen IV and V games is only possible via GTS. and the only way you can access it id by using an svn of Desmume.

    AR codes is pretty much a standard feat of Desmume.

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