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    Originally Posted by jrch5618 View Post
    But could you use two emulator programs to both connect to GTS at the same time to use online trades?

    I find it fascinating that Nintendo allows roms to connect to the servers...
    as for the first question about two emulators the answer is a big no as the emulation wifi feature of desmume wont allow that
    as for the the question if nintendo allows roms to connect to servers the answer is actually no. its only that the programmers of desmume was able to go about the security connection and mind you when i say wifi feature does not mean wireless at all. wifi features of the ds is simulated by desmume via wired connection only , the reason why it is wired is because its the only way for program to capture certain connection types. that is why you need winpcap in order to capture the connection of nintendo(soft ap). in addition, if you have read the documentation of desmume the main programmers themselves does not publicly declare the utility of the wifi features in desmume as they themselves does not support it

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