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Table of Contents:
Eyes of the Ghost - this post
This Me
Sunset Morning
The Face That Isn't There
In the Garden of the Burning Rose
Parting Gift
Parting Gift II
The Voiceless Eve
Candlelight Breath
The Willow Tree
A Phantom's Asylum
Castle of Ruins
In Loving Memory
With Wings of Lead
Breath of Fire (The Chess Piece)
O Sweet Tormentor
Part 1: Realization
Part 2: Angelic

Eyes of the Ghost
The rain ran down the glass
His eyes stared blankly ahead
Seeing nothing, saying nothing
He watches the one he loved
Yet she notices him not
Seeing no one, knowing no one

He screams at the stars above
Why can't she feel him there
They see no one, so they see nothing

He hides his face from the world
He hides the tears that he cries
He hides the scars that he wears
So they see nothing

He roles the die and hopes for good chance
While he knows that chance is never good
Still he waits, still he hopes for the time
When he can leave this ghostly life
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