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Some more poems of mine.

Breath of Fire (The Chess Piece)
This road leads nowhere
Still I wander on
Only to find myself
In a dead and wilted world
May this barren land
Decide my fate
The gray trees stand cold
As the dark night falls

This night gives me shelter
In return for precious life
The sky turns its cold eye
On me
Disease spreads through my mind
While night sucks away life
Warm me with your breath
Of fire

This road leads nowhere
Still I wander on
The chess piece falls

You know, I'm not sure how obvious this is for my readers, but a few of these poems, bleak as they may be, are actually love poems. The two Parting Gifts, Candlelight Breath, In Loving Memory, and now Breath of Fire are all despairing love notes. Actually, so is this next one..,

O Sweet Tormentor
O sweet Tormentor
Mock me once again
O dear friends of mine
Show me love the only way you can
O beloved one
Stab me in the back
O sweet Tormentor
Bring me pain every way you can

Show me love
And bring me pain
Friends of lies
And Tormentor

O cruel liberty
Imprison my soul again
O sweet Tormentor
Shield me from the lies I tell

Show me love
And bring me pain
Friends of lies
O Tormentor

O dark shadows' calm
Protect me from the world
O sweet bitterness
Take my soul for the life you give
Accursed blazing stars
Tear the night from me
O sour, mocking Sun
Torment my heart for all eternity

I've always been reluctant to post O Sweet Tormentor. I wrote it at the same time I wrote Eyes of the Ghost, and (since I do imagine my poems as people and individuals) O Sweet Tormentor has forever been Eyes of the Ghost's brother. However, I thought O Sweet was far too emotional and depressing to show anybody, so even though it is a love poem, I've never once shown it to anyone (especially not to the poem's subject. In fact I don't think that the poem's subject has ever read any of these).
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