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    They battled through the ages
    But still neither force would yield

    Geddy Lee of Rush, "Hemispheres"
    Time for Pikachu vs Raichu!
    Pokemon Episode 14 "Electric Shock Showdown"
    Man what happened in the episode that I missed.
    ** 15 Rattatas appeared in the last month. Art imitates life.
    * Pikachu's talking was both funny and adorable!
    It's Raichu! It's Pikachu but bigger, fater, and just as cute!
    ** Raichu wagging his finger was pretty funny
    Wait a second how did Raichu shake it's finger if it doesn't HAVE a finger
    *** Great high intensity battling sequence.
    ** Meowth getting knocked out was funny
    Man, poor Pikachu got slammed
    Disappointed Pikachu didn't evolve, honestly. Shake up the status quo! Though maybe not this early on.
    --- REALLY disappointed about Team Rocket's characterization in this episode! Don't cheer on Pikachu!
    *** Though their chant was hilarious! Especially Pikachu's reaction and Brock's "That was disturbing"
    * Raichu's dizzy face was funny
    ** Another great intense action scene, happy to see Pikachu win!
    * Meowth knocking Jessie and James.
    The ending scene with Pikachu and Ash was ADORABLE!
    Closing Thoughts:
    One of the best episodes!
    The plot was great. Ash fights a Raichu with his Pikachu and wins despite being underpowered. High intensity, filler free, and coherent.
    The action was very intense, both battles with Raichu were far from landslides and thrilling.
    And the humor was some of the best, one funny joke after another.
    However, It wasn't perfect. I didn't like Team Rocket's characterization. They were the villains, they shouldn't be cheering on Pikachu! And I also didn't like Surge's Raichu portrayal, i mean Raichu's so cute!
    Still, 8/10.
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