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    Time for the first of two Sabrina episodes, widely considered among the creepiest!
    Pokemon Episode 22 "Abra And The Psychic Showdown"
    *** WOW, this opening scene was so creepy! The girl saying "It's time to play" in her creepy voice... 3spooky5me!
    And her creepy laughing, pure horror!
    * Classic Team Rocket disguise fun, I like how they're the millionth visitor, reminds me of weird internet popups.
    * Ash's reaction to Team Rocket kissing him.
    This episode is SUPREMELY creepy stuff, and I love it
    * Pikachu's reaction to Ash bending the spoon.
    The guy looks a lot like Gary.
    Turns out Sabrina isn't the girl, it's actually a doll? Wow! Great twist.
    ** Great fight scene!
    * Pikachu dancing!
    ** Brock eating the rock cake
    *** Another fantastically creepy fight scene!
    * AND ANOTHER great telekenetic fight!
    Closing Thoughts:
    A great episode- one of the best!
    I LOVED the creepy atmosphere of the episode. The plot COULD have been an ordinary "gym battle" episode, but it ain't! The gym battle is against a scary little girl named Sabrina, who from her creepy laughing to her voice to her dialogue creates an incredibly spooky villain very unexpected for a show like this. And then things take a spookier turn when it reveals "Sabrina" is actually a doll, and then after losing the gym battle Ash and his friends are shrunk down and stuck inside the dollhouse (The scene where Ash sees a woman in the bathtub and it's a doll, MORE creepiness) and there's some great battling near the end. It's so creepy and weird and Twilight-Zone-y and I love it!
    The action scenes were great too, lots of creepy battling going on in the ep, the scene where Ash fights the creepy man's telekenesis was great!
    Unfortunately the humor was uncharacteristically poor. There were some good laughs, but a large amount of lame jokes, like Ash's pants falling down or Team Rocket's lame puns.
    But still, a nice one. 8.5/10.
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