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    Originally Posted by AugustaNekochan View Post
    Anyways, please don't steal my drawings! I worked really hard on these, and they're my babies. PM me if you want to use these for anything. As far as requests go, I might take them in the future, but right now I'm too busy with schoolwork (18 credit hours at the university level is tough!). I'll edit this post when I'm open for requests. But I assure you, it won't be until after the new year.

    Comments/Criticisms welcome!
    Plagarism isn't tolerated on these forums just so you know, so if someone steals your drawings and tries to pass them off as his or her own don't be afraid to report them. But, I have to say, I like your art...A LOT! Especially the one of Mewtwo, even makes a creature who I always took to be a megalomaniac look like he has a nice side to him.

    I don't normally critique artworks (I spend a lot of my time in the fanfiction forum), but these I like. Keep it up, AugustaNekochan!
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