Seen 7 Hours Ago
Posted June 27th, 2019
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140 Days

After Cole said his goodbye to Larry and the other sailors, he went back to the PokeCenter were he had been staying for the past week. He looked at the clock on the wall and realized he still had a few hours of time to kill before the auction, the main reason he came to Gateon Port. Because of Orres lack of wild pokemon many people bought and imported pokemon over from other regions, the act of buying and selling pokemon was frowned upon in many regions, but in Orre you had to play the hand you are dealt or you don't play at all. However, Pokemon are very expensive, which is the main reason many trainers from Orre don't have a full team of six Pokemon, and the rarer they are, the prettier the price tag. The process,however, was pretty simple, you order the pokemon from a catalog that had a list of available Pokemon the dealer had for sale, you pay a non-refundable deposit for shipping fees and 20% of the Pokemon's price and additional fees were added if you wanted the Pokemon to have a certain moveset or ability. For example, if you bought a Growlithe for 20,000 pokedollars, you'd pay 4,000 up front along with a 1,000 pokedollar fee for shipping, the dealer would come by ship once a month and set up a vendor table at Gateon Port to collect the remaining balance and give the trainer their Pokemon. He or She would stay a week giving trainers plenty of time to pick up their Pokemon, but more often than you'd think, people will realize after they put the deposit down that they couldn't really afford the price and they won't show up, when this happens, the dealer waits until the 7 day dead line is over and he will auction off the unclaimed Pokemon with a starting bid of the remaining balance. It was a way to get a Pokemon at a discounted price if no one bid against you, but Cole had heard of one instance where a Gible was up for auction and two rich trainers bid against each other to the point that the Gible was sold for over 200K, when the starting bid was 36K. Cole had stayed in Gateon Port for the whole week just to see if he would get a chance to get an unclaimed Pokemon, he knew he didn't have enough money to bid much more than the starting price, but he hoped he would get lucky and perhaps pick up a commonly found Pokemon for cheap that no one else would bid on, he didn't get his hopes up though, because the two pokemon that were left unclaimed were a Marill and a Scyther, he thought he would a have a good chance of walking away with the Marill because he figured the richer trainers would focus their bidding on the Scyther. But this morning, the dealer decided he was going to do things a little different today. A passing rich tycoon offered to buy the 2 unclaimed Pokemon at full price and then offered them as prizes to any trainer who could defeat his nephew in a Pokemon battle, he knew how much the people in Gateon Port liked fun gambling, and he knew he'd walk away with more money than he bought the pokemon for. So it was a chance to get Pokemon without spending any money. Cole was unsure though, Grovyle and Rockruff had grown alot stronger in such a short time, but he had heard this nephew of the tycoon was pretty skilled for being so young and inexperienced. The last week of constant battling helped hone his technique some, but he was still only a trainer with 2 weeks experience. He thought about taking the time he had left to train some more, but he wanted give Grovyle and Rockruff some rest before the battle so they wouldn't be so tired when the time came.

But this wasn't the only reason he came to the Port, because today was also the day his cousin and best friend Max, was returning from Kanto. Not long after Max became a trainer, his dad was offered a job at Silph CO., and Max went with him to challenge the Kanto League, but from what Uncle Scott said at the lab he really wasn't trying as hard as he could, and was taking his time. When Scott got called back Orre to work with Krane, Max stayed behind, but once he heard Cole was free from his grandparents he booked a ship and headed back to Orre. Cole was looking forward to seeing him again, it had only been six months, but six months with the Brady's felt like two years.

Cole decided he do some reading in the PokeCenter lobby while he waited, he was going through some of the books in the bookshelves they had, but none of the books caught his attention but a book titled "Legends of the Colosseum." It was book with a collection of short bios of some of Orre's most successful trainers, it had pictures of the trainers along with the teams they used, and descriptions of some the battles that made them memorable enough to be put in the book.It was a revised edition so trainers like Wes and Ricardo both had pages in the book. He read a few of the newer entries, then he flipped the pages back towards the beginning with some of the older entries and found a picture of a young man, not much older than Cole, with a huge smile on his face, sitting on the back of his Arcanine, who had a smile just as big, while the boy was waving his hat. The name at the top, was Martin 'Marty' Thornton, Cole's grandfather, he perked up when he saw it, it was first time he'd seen a photo of his grandfather this young. It was a picture taken in front of the old Goethite Colosseum, which hasn't been used in decades, but back in the day it was the most active Colosseum. He read some of the bio that detailed the battle between Marty and Eagun, who was also in the picture in the background, where the two were down to their last Pokemon, Arcanine and Pikachu respectively, and Marty took the win when Arcanine's Flare Blitz slightly overpowered Pikachu's Volt Tackle. Marty's reputation skyrocketed that day because at this point in time Eagun had already made a name for himself as Orre's strongest trainer, and from that day onward the Colosseums would be packed and overflowing with people whenever Eagun and Marty would battle. Today, Marty's name isn't known by many trainers, especially the younger ones, but both he and Eagun were goal posts for many trainers when they were in their prime. Cole couldn't help but smile as he was reading, he heard people in Agate talk about him, but he was a man Cole had really wanted to meet, he thought of how different his life would've been if he were raised by his father's parents instead of his mother's, sadly though, both Marty and his wife passed away a few years before Cole was born so it really wasn't an option.

Cole thought to himself, that if Marty was in this book, then maybe he was too. He flipped through about a dozen pages and sure enough, he found it. A picture of a teenage boy in front of the same Colosseum, with a Lucario by his side, read Thomas Thornton, Cole's father. It was a stark contrast to Marty's picture as Thomas was stone faced, barely looking at the direction of the camera while lucario stood there with it's eyes closed and arms crossed. This time the bio detailed how Thomas had a fondness for Steel types as all six members of his team had steel typing in them. The battle which got him in this book, was his battle against his Father in front of a packed Colosseum. It went on to tell how Thomas defeated Marty in the first battle where Marty used his full power against his son. It was victory no one saw coming due to the fact Thomas favored Steel types while Marty had favored Fire and Ground types, but Thomas won despite the type disadvantages. When asked why he chose to focus on raising Steel types, Thomas only said, "Because it was a type that was weak to dad's strongest Pokemon." The book also mentioned how he became a Gym Leader and Elite Four Member in Johto several years later but resigned after he got married, and it also mentions how no one has seen or heard from Thomas in nearly 13 years. Cole put the book the down, it was funny he thought, he learned more about the Thornton side of his family from two pages than his grandparents would let him know in 12 years. He always wondered why Allen and Carrie never wanted anything to do with the Thorntons, sure they were a little reckless and rowdy, but they were good people. The only reason they let uncle Scott and Max visit was probably because Scott was the only one out of Marty's 3 kids to choose a career over pokemon training. Which brought to mind that Cole had only seen his Aunt April once when he was baby, but he didn't remember it. When he asked about her, Scott just said she went out to look for Thomas and Anne, unlike Thomas though, she gives Scott a call every now and then just to let him know she's okay.

Cole had often wondered what happened to his parents, but he never dwelt on it, but after reading the book and thinking about it some more, he decided that his quest to become a powerful trainer would now have another purpose, He was going to find out what happened to his family.