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A/N: 18-32 is the saga known as “Dimmed Glow”.

Chapter 18: Creeping Light

A tall Digimon — once an angel, now a devil — knelt in front of the dark Digimon. “What is it that you want, my lord?”

“... It is not what I want this time. It is what you want that interests me.”

“I want to strike fear into the heart of the Takaishi boy again,” the Digimon answered.

“... Is that all? A simple thing. ... Go then. You may do as you wish.”

The former angel turned to leave and reached the entrance way, before half facing his leader. “Sinduramon is waiting outside, sire. I’ll send him in?”

“... Yes, of course.”


I’m glad to be back in school, Jonathan reflected warmly as he went to his seat in the middle row. Even if it interferes with saving the Digital World, it’s good to be back to a semi-normal routine again. His classmates piled inside. A few smiled at him and asked questions for a few minutes. They were mostly about where he was, so he easily deflected them. As the bell rang, he stood up with the others and bowed. Sitting back down, he hoped he could keep up, considering how much he missed. The teacher, strangely, did not start the lesson. Instead, he turned toward the open door and gestured inside. A new student this late in the semester?

He gaped at the student walking inside. It was Relena, wearing the girl’s uniform as though she had been all her life. Her blonde hair was tied up in a ponytail. She smiled shyly and looked at the floor. Why the hell is she in my class?

“This is Relena Solidad. She’s transferred here from America.”

She bowed low. “Um... it’s nice to meet everyone. I’m just going to be here for a little while, but- but I hope we can get along.”

“Nice to meet you,” the class chorused.

“Hey,” one of his classmates asked. He thought it was Tanaka. “Why’d you move here from America so late?”

Relena gave another soft smile. “Well, Ferro-san’s family and mine are good friends. But my family’s going through a fair bit of trouble, so they paid to send me here while everything recovers.” Jonathan looked up the rows to see that very girl, Sanako, smiling at the one up front. “I’m staying with them for a while.”

Jonathan narrowed his eyes as she sat in the row behind him. Just what is she after?

He found her during break sitting against a tree. She looked up from the manga she was reading and smiled. “Hello Jonathan,” she greeted politely.

“Spare me,” he snapped. He remembered all too well what she had done to Gennai and all of her weird statements didn’t help put her in his good books either. “What are you doing here?”

“The same as you,” she replied calmly, shutting the paperback. “I need an education too.”

“You seemed to much better off outside of school.”

“This is a lot more normal in appearance. Besides, I need something to keep me occupied during the day.”

“What are you after?”

She scowled slightly, looking put out. “Why do your kind always assume there’s an ulterior motive?”

“Because you are after something.”

“Not for everything. I’m here to make sure I continue my education and also this area is where almost all the necessary Digi-Destined are. The few that aren’t are easy to locate.”

“How on Earth are you in my class? Last I checked, you’re younger than I am.”

“I study quite hard for someone my age. Not to mention,” she gave a sad laugh. “Age isn’t everything.” She looked over and waved. “Ah, Sanako-chan!” Jonathan turned to see the brunette running over.

“Hi Relena-chan!” the girl called.

Jonathan turned back and hissed. “You staying with her could put her in danger, you know that? She doesn’t know anything about the Digital World.”

Sanako had managed to hear that last bit as she walked up. “Jonathan, you know about the Digital World?”

Jonathan stared openly. “Wait, you do?” Sanako had always been a bit of a ditz so he figured she really didn't pay attention too much.

She nodded. “Mm. My siblings disappeared six years back because of it. I helped them out. I didn’t help as much as Kiri-chan, but I helped.”

Relena shook her head. “Sanako-chan did just as much as the rest of us did.”

“So you guys...” Jonathan felt the words die in his throat. This was a lot to take in.

“Hey,” a random voice called. “Is there a party going on around here?” A redhead was strolling over. Her hazel eyes glinted cheerily. “Mind if I join?” she asked merrily as she stopped next to him.

“Hi Melissa!” Relena smiled happily and Sanako quickly bowed.

“Who are you?” Jonathan asked, accidentally sounding rude. Melissa turned and grinned. The look seemed familiar.

“Well, that’s just how you ask a question,” she snickered. She looked him up and down. “Wait, I recognize you now!” Melissa pointed at him almost dramatically. “You’re that pain in the ass my brother was talking about! I knew your behaviour sounded familiar!”

Jonathan fell over. Is that really how she knows who I am? Wait, brother...

Relena gave him an apologetic look. “Sorry, Melissa does that to everyone. She calls all people a pain in the ass, among other things. I think that one’s supposed to be complimentary.”

Melissa waved her off. “Yeah, yeah I’m a street brat with no manners I know. I’m Melissa.” She grinned wider; a clown’s smile and Jonathan froze. “I believe you know my little brother, Sean?”

Relena giggled. “I think you guys broke him.”

Jack and Sorcerymon were watching the incident unfold from their position on a tree branch. The nineteen-year-old and his partner nodded at each other, before jumping down. “I think you lot should back off and leave Jonathan alone,” the elder member of Jonathan’s team stated.

Melissa turned and grinned again. “We aren’t doing anything,” she drawled lazily. “This little **** started it with Relena, didn’t she? Sanako-chan here just came to talk to Relena. If you wanna tell someone to piss off, tell him.”

Oh come on, Melissa,” Relena began nervously, switching languages. “Triesta did kind of go overboard the other day. It’s only natural he’d be suspicious.”

Yeah, and your point?” Melissa asked coolly, following her lead. “Honestly Relena, I know you don’t like this sort of thing, but really? From the way Sean was talking, this is their normal behaviour; jumping down people’s throats and accusing them of murdering their mothers. I usually don’t believe it when Sean says crap like that. Now, I’mma thinkin’ he may’ve been onto summat.”

Jonathan turned to Jack. “How’s Izzy going with Mina?” he asked. After their return to the real world, Mina — the Indian-born Digi-Destined — had been waiting for them; but more specifically, Izzy. Upon the teams dispersing, Mina had walked off with Izzy, letting her companions know that Izzy needed rest.

Jack shrugged. “I don’t know,” he answered quietly. Lowering his voice to a mere whisper, he added: “Every time I try to see if he’s alright, Kabuterimon appears in a threatening way.”

Jonathan sighed. “We’ll have to give him more time, I guess. But they could be attacked any minute. How can we keep an eye on them if he doesn’t come back?”

Sanako looked between the two conversations and whined: “Why can’t you guys pretend to get along?”

Melissa sighed dramatically and returned to speaking Japanese. “It’s the cultural differences! Alas! I am a poor girl from the slums and they are rich and well-off men! I am nothing but dirt under their shoes!” Relena giggled again, this time a bit helplessly. She was flicked on the nose. “Don’t look so innocent, you rich little princess! You are higher than us all, a woman among *****s!” This got Sanako cracking up.

“That’s terrible, Melissa!” Relena mumbled, cheeks turning red.

Melissa tsked. “Ah, but it’s true. You could rule the world if you chose.” She smiled slyly and spoke the last part for both boys to hear. “The Digital World that is. If you wanted, you could destroy it and rewrite it at will. You could delete partners for good, recreate the past. All data is yours to play with, princess among rats.”

“Sure, like we’d do that!” Jack snapped. “That’s exactly what Ken threatened to do when he was still the Digimon Emperor!”

“We aren’t like that, so why would you even think we’d consider doing that?!” Jonathan also cracked. “In case you don’t remember, Ken reformed and even sealed Daemon in the Dark Ocean! I don’t see any of you being Digi-Destined in the near future, let alone being able to fight off a Mega level Digimon!”

Melissa cocked her head. “Who said anything about you, morons? I was talking about Relena. If she really wanted, she could turn your Digimon to code where they stood and prevent them from ever returning.”

Sanako gave them a sad smile. “Who wants to be a Digi-Destined? I could’ve died without being one. My Nii-chan and Nee-chan are gone because of that. And I got off lucky with that.”

Relena gave them a look of pure hate, twisting her face cruelly. Melissa noticed. “Whoa girl, ease up. They don’t get it. Triesta, you stay out of it.”

But neither side heard. “How dare you?” Triesta snarled. “How dare you insult the one I personally chose?” Relena's body began to shine lightly, data rings glowing around her fingertips. “Because the Sovereigns and Guardians chose you and gave you Digimon, you think yourself better? Have you beaten a Mega level yet, brats?” She snarled the word.

“Triesta, leave it!” Melissa said pleadingly, looking alarmed. “Come on now, they’re stupid kids who don’t know everything yet! Relena’s tired, you know! Don’t wear her out any further.”

Triesta ignored her and raised Relena’s left hand. The ring floated away, wrapping itself around Sorcerymon’s chest. “Overwrite!” The ring burst and Sorcerymon screamed, his data beginning to dissolve.

The pair gaped in pure horror, watching as the Digimon began to fade away. “What did you just do?” Jack roared, recovering first and launching himself at her. Melissa caught him firmly by the arm and held him there.

“You idiot, don’t make it worse,” she hissed. “Triesta’s pissed off enough!”

“So what?” he snapped. “She hurt Sorcerymon!”

“And it was your own fault.” Sanako was observing the partner falling apart with a disturbing serenity. “You insulted Relena. Triesta doesn’t like it when people insult her. She hates those who are with Gennai as it is. You brought it upon yourself.”

“Who the hell are you talking about? Who is Triesta?” Jonathan asked.

Melissa groaned. “You mean you don’t know? Triesta’s one of the Higher Beings who’s supposed to choose you little idiots!”

“You mean there’s more than just The Entity?” Jack stopped his charge, watching with great concern as his partner continued to be deleted.

It clicked in Jonathan's mind, however. “Alright, Triesta. We’re sorry.”

Triesta scowled visibly. Relena mentally pulled her away and the glow seemed to die. The blonde looked close to tears. “Repair,” she whispered and the other ring wrapped around Sorcerymon and his data quickly repaired itself. Jack went to his partner’s side, examining him.

Looking up, he observed: “It’s like nothing even happened.”

Relena nodded, looking away. “I’m sorry... Triesta, she’s always, always like that. She hates you, you know. Anybody that has Gennai watching over them, she automatically can’t stand. You saw how she was in the Digital World. If Akira-nii hadn’t stopped her back then, I’m sure she would have used my power to kill him.”

Jack locked eyes with Jonathan and nodded ever so slightly, before walking away with Sorcerymon. The girls watched him disappear, before focusing their stares on Jonathan. “He’s still upset,” the sixteen-year-old explained. “Sorcerymon’s been his partner since he was eleven.”

Relena looked almost bitter. “At least he’s allowed to have one.” She stood up abruptly. "Come on, Sanako-chan, we’ll be late. Bye Melissa.”

Melissa waved as they left before giving Jonathan a cocky smirk. “Jeez man, Sean wasn’t kidding. You guys don’t know what you’re doing at all. What are you fighting for anyway?” She left before he could reply.


Mina’s Rookie level partner, Hawkmon, and Kabuterimon stood guard outside Mina’s family’s holiday home in Odaiba. Izzy had made it quite clear to his partner that he didn’t want anyone disturbing them. The Champion insectoid took the command to heart and patrolled relentlessly with Meramon’s lower form.

Tai was walking up to the door, Sora at his side. He frowned at the sight of a Hawkmon and Kabuterimon guarding it.

“Well, this is awkward. Wanna just barge in?” Tai asked.

“I have a feeling we won’t be able to do that,” she replied, walloping him over the head gently. “Why don’t we talk to the Digimon first?”

“Eh, couldn’t hurt.”

Tai was there because he had thought along the same lines as Jonathan; Izzy couldn’t be protected if he wasn’t part of the team. And Sora was there to support both Izzy and Mina.

“Izzy doesn’t want to be disturbed,” Kabuterimon rasped.

“We’re not here to disturb them, we came to support them.” Sora began, keeping her stance as submissive as she could.

The four-armed bug hesitated. He glanced at Tai, who was in the same position, before looking down at Hawkmon. “Should we?”

“Izzy and Mina said not to,” Hawkmon replied stubbornly. “If that’s what they want, then I’m doing just that.”

“B-But they could be attacked?” Tai sputtered.

Hawkmon wasn’t fazed. “Then we will protect them if they are. That’s all there is to it. Now get out of here.”

A dark-skinned head poked itself out of the window. “Hawkmon, wait,” the owner’s soft voice called. The bird Digimon turned to his partner. “They’ve said they’re here to support us, so you may let them in.”

The bird nodded and led them inside, Kabuterimon remaining firm outside. “Oh, Hawkmon?” Tai began.


“Don’t Digivolve past Champion if you can help it. People will see, you know?”

Hawkmon rolled his eyes. “I’m quite certain if I wasn’t noticed by now, I will be safe. But thank you for the advice.”

“I’m aware this isn’t just a social visit,” Mina said quietly. She walked over to Izzy and sat beside him on the sofa. “Is trouble looming? Is that the real reason why you’re here?”

“Well,” Tai replied slowly. He looked between them. “The enemy told us as he died before we left the Digital World that you two would be hunted next. We’re sure you guys can handle yourselves, but it’s better to be safe than sorry, now more than ever.”

“You don’t have much time left, either,” Agumon’s high-pitched voice piped up. “I have a feeling the enemy will strike in the next couple of days.”

“... I see.” Izzy looked up at them. “Thanks for telling us, you guys. We’ll have to start planning a strategy. I don’t think we’ll be able to run away.”

Sora hid a small smile. She was glad to see Izzy starting to be his old self again.

With their mission partially completed, Tai and Sora left Mina’s holiday home, hearing Mina not-so-quietly whisper to Izzy: "Why don’t we try out Warp DNA Digivolving?”


The chocolate brown-haired girl was giving Blair directions on how to get to Tamachii. Blair was going there in order to attempt to heal Ken from the control of the Dark Spore. “This bus crosses the river; Tamachii’s on the other side. It’s unit three hundred and three,” Kari explained.

“Thanks, Kari. When I return, Ken will be a part of the team again,” Blair answered.

“Good luck. Do your best.”


Jonathan was walking home from High School, with Yolei and Cody. The ten and thirteen-year-olds hurried on, Cody saying something about kendo and Yolei was already fantasizing over Ken — even though he wasn’t back in the team yet. So, by himself, with only Wormmon as company Jonathan walked. He was not expecting to run into another figure.

Relena smiled slowly, blue eyes almost shining in the afternoon light. “Hello again, Jonathan,” she greeted softly, inclining her head towards him and the other two in turn. “We seem to keep meeting up, don’t we?”

“Relena? What is it this time?” he asked cautiously. Wormmon was prepared to Digivolve at a moment’s notice, but Jonathan put one hand out, silently telling him to stand down and wait for further instructions.

She smiled again, blinking slowly. “I should say that to you. You began our conversation the first time and it ended in disaster due to your quick presumption and arrogance. But Triesta did something wrong, so I figured I owed you something.”

“And what would that be?” Wormmon’s voice had a bitter tone to it, as if watching the near deletion of Sorcerymon had been his own demise.

She tilted her head. “Something my friends and I aren’t supposed to give you: information. The facts, cold and simple.”

The Rookie insect looked up at his partner at the same time Jonathan stared down at him. They then glanced at the girl. “We’re listening,” they said in unison.

“And I’m waiting,” she answered coolly. “What do you want to know? I could tell you why you can’t Digivolve any further and how to do it, who Akira travelled with, the true power of the Catal Unit and where it resides, just who you’re up against. I could even tell you who that man is; who you would have nearly had to fight if he hadn’t died.” Relena twirled almost childishly where she stood. “I could tell you about the ones who came before you and how everything known about the Digital World is nothing but lies.” Relena paused, turning her head back to him. “So what’s your first question?”

“Why don’t you tell us the whole story then?” Jonathan stated, before looking around and noticing some wooden seats. “And why don’t we go sit over there?” he added, motioning to them.

She followed him to the seats, still smiling. “If I told you everything, we’d be dead before the week was up. The enemy is not that patient. I think that what should concern you the most though,” she pointed at his heart, “is your lack of power. You are the ones who are told to save the Digital World, yet Kiri, who cares for it merely for her brother’s sake, wields a strength you do not. The leader should not be the strongest, or the weakest. You are lucky you are neither, but you are unlucky you can do nothing.”

“Alright, let’s start with the Digivolution problem,” Jonathan conceded.

Relena’s grin turned bland. “It’s your own fault. Your heart... is uneasy. It cannot make up its mind. Your world falls from underneath your feet and you haven’t found a way to pick up the pieces. Or perhaps, you never had the pieces to begin with.” She gave him a shy, yet piercing stare. “What are you fighting for Jonathan? Why are you still here, fighting for the Digital World? Is there something tying you here, something besides the Digimon? Or do you just want to be a hero?”

“For the first part, is that because I’m unsure of Mimi’s intentions? As for the second part, why would I not fight for the Digital World? It deserves to be saved. I even risked my life for Kiri; not that she or the others thanked me for it... and no, I wasn’t going to make her follow me to death.” He growled the last bit; sure that Kiri would have told Relena the opposite.

Relena, to his surprise, giggled. “You sound like a little kid. You don’t know what Mimi wants from you and that’s what’s troubling you? If that’s all, then it shouldn’t be a problem. And to protect it because it deserves to be saved makes no sense. There’s nothing tying you to it; it would recover, all the worlds would if you gave them time.” She looked up at the sky. “Kiri told me she and the others didn’t thank you. She didn’t think she had to. If you’re on the same team, saving one another is expected, right? Besides, she didn’t need your help to do that. She could’ve killed it herself. I think you did more harm than good, stamping on her pride like that. She seemed more upset about you not trusting her strength, even that early on, than anything else.”

“Oh, so this is just a matter of pride, is it?!” Jonathan snapped. “Sealsdramon could have killed her; sure, Renamon’s powerful... but really, against a knife-wielding mess like Sealsdramon, would she have really stood a chance?! He was targeting her deliberately for whatever inane reason was in his head! Did she tell you that?!”

Wormmon had heard something, even over his partner’s rant. He used his thread to vault up into a tree where, when he looked down and further behind the two humans, he noticed Jack. Worriedly, he jumped back down and tugged at Jonathan’s shirt.

Relena glanced in that direction and still her smile burned. “Yes, she did. She is not so foolish and childishly insolent as you to colour her stories until after the telling. You do not know a word you speak.” Something blazed in her eyes. “When your friend Blair was cowering behind your legs all those years before, she took on a Bakemon by herself and won, with only a wooden blade as her tool. In that emotionless, empty state her heart and mind were in, I was surprised she knew to lift it, let alone attack. With Renamon at her side, she could have killed that Digimon. She would have fought Sealsdramon until she was dead because protecting her comrades, including you, is something she considers worth dying for. Death is nothing to truly fear, not when it haunts your every breath as it does her. When you find that resolve, maybe you’ll understand. Maybe you will grow and evolve.”

“What is it, Worm-” Jonathan began, looking down at his partner when he felt the tug. The Rookie was about to reply, when Jack burst out of the bushes.

“A bird,” Relena sang sweetly. “A little bird has been waiting, ready to sing a song of cold tidings to you, young leader.”

“The hell?” Jonathan said, before having to contend with Jack.


“That was Triesta, Jack. Triesta’s controlling-”


Relena sighed. “Somehow, I feel as though I have been complimented highly.”

Jonathan didn’t know what to make of Jack’s outburst, but turned to Relena and let out a snort of derision. “How do you see that? If it were me, I’d know I’d been insulted.”

Relena giggled. “Kiri, Sean, and I all agreed once that being called an enemy could be the least worst thing to say to somebody. Because enemies are your greatest teachers.”

Jonathan stared at Relena weirdly. This girl just makes no sense whatsoever. Not sure what to say, he simply picked up Wormmon, stood up and walked off towards his home.

Relena waved farewell, calling out: “Don’t forget what I said! If something is worth protecting, you gain strength from it!” She stood up and ran in the opposite direction. “Good luck, Jonathan! I think you’ll need it more than Blair!”


The bus had arrived in Tamachii. Blair got off it and walked up to the complex that housed the Ichijouji apartment. She took the elevator up to level three, where the Ichijoujis lived, with Wizardmon beside her. Exiting the lift, it didn’t take long before she was standing in front of unit three hundred and three.

“You know what to do, don’t you, Wizardmon?” the fourteen-year-old asked. The Digimon nodded.

Blair knocked on the front door. Mrs. Ichijouji opened it. “You’re a friend of Ken’s, aren’t you?” Her voice was soft, welcoming. “It’s a good thing that people continue to visit, despite everything that’s been going on. Would you like to come in?”

“Yes, please, Mrs. Ichijouji.” Blair answered. She entered the apartment, looking around in awe.

The woman saw the wandering gaze and smiled modestly. “It is nothing special. Ken’s room is at the end of this hallway.” She pointed carefully. “Would you like some snacks?”

“Yes, thank you,” the girl replied. Glancing down the hallway, she motioned for her partner to follow. Knocking softly on the door, she waited for a reply.

“Who’s there?” Ken’s quiet, tired voice floated through the door.

Blair and Wizardmon came through, with the teen introducing herself as they did so. “Blair Morgan’s the name. Ken, I’m here to get you back with the team.” She nodded at the elf, who inclined his head in understanding. “This might hurt, but try not to make any noise.”

Ken looked down at her. “You’re a new one then,” he observed quietly. Leafmon uncurled slightly from his arms. He sighed weakly. “What do you intend to do?”

“Freeing you from the control of the Dark Spore is the aim of the game,” Wizardmon responded. His hands began moving in mysterious gestures, reminiscent of the way he had freed Lillymon from Myotismon’s Nightmare Claw.

Ken smiled sadly. “Good luck, then. It’s trying to kill me. I doubt it’ll fall dormant again without a fight.” He felt the pain again, spreading from his neck through his body, full of a cleansing sort of agony. The blackness that pulsed through his veins began to die, even as he gasped for air. Leafmon bounced anxiously; nuzzling his partner’s twitching hand. The little Digimon felt energy beginning to fill his body again. It was warm.

Wizardmon placed his gloved hands together, before spreading them downwards and out. “Leave this boy’s body and be gone for good,” the Champion muttered in an ancient Digital language. He then raised his staff and placed a tip on the back of Ken’s neck, where the Spore had originally been, and then moved it to his throat.

Ken gritted his teeth. “I wouldn’t try that,” he rasped. “It’s fused into my body. You could kill me if you remove it. Sealing it would be more than enough.” He convulsed, feeling the craze inside him rage as it never had. It did not wish to lose, it wanted him gone. Too bad.

“Who said I was removing it?” Wizardmon lightly laughed. “I’m negating it altogether.” He passed the staff over the whole of Ken’s body, and then put the staff back down beside him.

Ken convulsed once more before his eyes slipped shut. For the first time in weeks, the boy looked almost peaceful. Leafmon looked at them kindly. “Thank you,” he squeaked. “You’ve saved us. Now, please let Ken rest. He needs all the energy he can get.”

Blair smiled and Wizardmon raised his hat slightly. “The pleasure’s ours,” they said in unison. Walking out of Ken’s room, Blair made a not-so-subtle hint to Mrs. Ichijouji.

“Sorry to leave so soon, Mrs. Ichijouji, but you might wanna leave those snacks for Ken.” Exiting the apartment, the girl and her partner burst into laughter. “I can just imagine Yolei fawning over Ken,” Blair giggled.


It had just become dusk, when Izzy and Mina exited the house and firmly nodded at their partners.

“Tentomon, Hawkmon, Warp DNA Digivolve to... Mirageburimon!”

The lights combined, and they exploded outward. When the bright flash faded, a new being was there, floating in the sky, giving off a heavenly aura that illuminated the whole street. The body was the size of a normal Mega, and it was easy to see that the new Digimon was a fusion of the Rookies’ Mega forms — HerculesKabuterimon and Magnadramon. The body was covered all over with gold-coloured fur, but it was more lithe and lean than the forms of the Ultimates.

A red bodysuit covered the body from the neck down to the waist, covering the being’s crotch. Pads of golden armour encircled the chest and hips, offering more protection to the body. Around the lean legs of the new Digimon were white holsters; in each holster was a dagger made of blazing gold. The lean, yet muscular arms of the being — which were not covered by the bodysuit, as it had no sleeves — were covered by golden gauntlets around the wrists; these gauntlets had a small slot to the front, obviously for some kind of attack.

Two pairs of wings extended from the back: the upper pair was large, feathery angel’s wings, ten-feet each in length. The lower pair was comprised small, five-feet wings, coated in a gold exoskeleton. The head of the new Digimon was covered by a silver helmet — with a cross-shaped visor — that prevented the entire face from being seen, save for pale blue eyes behind the visor. Two horns, very similar to Magnadramon’s, sprouted upwards from the head; the helmet, of course, had provided for this and there was space. Finally, the being spoke in a voice that sounded like Kabuterimon’s and Meramon’s mixed together.

“So... this is Warp DNA Digivolution?” Mina asked softly. “I’d heard it was possible, but I didn’t think our partners were ready for it. Apparently, I was wrong.”

“You bet you were wrong, Mina!” Mirageburimon crowed. “What a thrill!”

As the Master level Digimon de-Digivolved back to the Rookie level, Mina couldn’t help noticing Mr. Ishida standing in the shadows. I wonder what he’s doing there. She pondered, as she watched him walk away.

Hiroaki Ishida was mulling on his own thoughts as he walked off. Should we tell them Sinead’s team wasn’t the very first Digi-Destined group? Or I do wait and let them find out on their own? He groaned quietly when he realized he didn’t know what to do, in regards to telling the children the real truth.


Davis sighed as DemiVeemon snored loudly further down his bed. Man, my partner sure makes a lot of noise.

Groaning, Davis turned around and closed his eyes tightly, trying to ignore DemiVeemon’s loud snoring. After a few minutes, he finally managed to fall to sleep.

A pair of blue eyes — accompanied by a giant red reptilian body — glared at the boy from within Davis’ mind. Sitting within his own mind was a holographic-like figure — shaped like Davis, no less — glaring at the blue eyes.

Leviamon’s voice emanated from the blue eyes. “So... you are Courage and Friendship’s successor; your heart protects and houses the soul.”

The holographic figure — partially identified as Davis’ soul — glared at Leviamon defiantly. “If you’re planning on corrupting me, you’re going to have a hard time.”

Leviamon chuckled. “I know... you’re undoubtedly more powerful than I thought... that’s why I must weaken you first.”

Images were immediately flashed into Davis’ mind by Leviamon... and thus, they were seen by the soul.

A young, brown-haired boy — no more than five years old — tried to find someone at the school playground to play with. No one would... and the boy walked away the nearby benches, dejected and morose.

“Poor little Davis... always alone as a little boy, never finding anyone to play with. Your life was miserable; your parents were never around to comfort you, and your sister always played with HER friends instead of helping you! You were alone... and you grew up alone...”

“Stop lying!” yelled the holographic figure. “So what if I had a stinky childhood? My life is great now, and I have great friends! How the heck are you getting these images?”

“When I try to corrupt someone’s soul, I have access to their memories... and it’s a helpful tool. And I’m not lying... just continue to watch.”

Now, Davis’ soul was seeing T.K. This was different for a reason... wait, he knew now; it was the time when T.K. had first intruded into his life.

“You were having a fine time until HE came along. He became a wedge between you and your ‘best friend’ ...and you haven’t really gotten over that, have you?”

“Shut up. T.K. was Kari’s old friend, and she just wanted to spend some time with him... that’s all! So stop trying to corrupt me!”

“I’m just saying the truth... after all; remember what happened after the incident of the Dark World a year ago, do you not?”

Davis’ soul grumbled as he remembered the hug Kari and T.K. had shared in the school computer lab over twelve months ago. “So? It was a friendly hug...” With an air of finality, Davis put up a strong mental wall, so he wouldn’t have to hear anymore of Leviamon’s lies.

Leviamon was put off for a second, but chuckled. He declared that he would return when Davis least expected it. With that, he disappeared.
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