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    Here you go people, Chapter Five! please comment :)

    Chapter Five - Xandra Changes Sides

    Iron Island, the island that specializes in Steel Types, located off the northwestern coast of the Sinnoh Region. The ship was slowing down as the Island was visible now, but Lucifer was still sound asleep, enjoying the bright sunlight, lying on the sun lounger with no worries at all.

    Just then the blue sky was starting to be covered by black, thick clouds above, blocking the sunlight from coming in, but it didn’t stop Lucifer from sleeping, not until a large raindrop dropped right into his right ear.

    “GAH!” Lucifer screamed, sitting up, his head tilting to one side as he waited for the water drop to roll out of his large ear. He looked up into the sky and quickly decided that it wasn’t the best day to have a sunbathe. Folding his sun lounger, he ran towards the sheltered areas of the ship deck and sat down once again. The whole trip was rather quiet, and Lucifer wasn’t used to it at all. Maybe because Wade wasn’t there with him this time. Maybe it was just Lucifer. Or maybe the old Lucifer liked being in loud places. He couldn’t tell.

    But Wade wasn’t on board, and that was certain. Trying to prove to himself, Lucifer wandered around the ship deck, peeking into the rooms inside to make sure he wasn’t in there, eating all day. Apparently he wasn’t on the ship - it was too quiet. The sound of the ship’s horn gave Lucifer a little shock, not knowing that he had arrived so quickly. Iron Island had old houses and factories on one side, and rocky hills and cliffs on the other, not to mention the entrance of the mine was there too.

    As the gangplank lowered, Lucifer rushed off the ship and left the pier quickly, desperate to look for Xandra. He looked at the two sides, deciding which way to go. Since there weren’t any reasonable answers why Xandra would live in these factory houses, Lucifer went to the other side, to the rocky hills and cliffs. He couldn’t think of any reasonable answers why Xandra would hide in the mines and the caves, but what the heck, he had to go one way, and he had no coins nor the time for ‘heads and tails’.

    The mine had been closed since there weren’t any more ore on the island, but the caves, where the mines were, were still a great training place for steel pokemon. But Lucifer wasn’t here because of that, he was here for Xandra, and he couldn’t really see her right now. Walking to the entrance of the dark caves, Lucifer halted and glanced around one last time before entering. But when he was about to enter, he saw a white-red Pokemon standing on the flat grounds right on top of the mine’s entrance, and the only way to climb up there was to climb up this rocky vertical wall in front of him.

    A loud thunder could be heard, and it started to rain. Lucifer’s fur was wet in four seconds, as the rain went heavier and heavier without warning, but that didn’t stop Lucifer from climbing. He had a feeling that it was his enemy, Zed the Zangoose up there, and he had to have a look. With one deep breath, Lucifer started to scale the slippery wall that was at least twenty five meters high up. The rain pouring onto him like needles, Lucifer had to close his eyes when he climbed, and when he did, he slipped, unable to grab a rock, and feel from ten meters high, back to where he started.

    Ignoring his would and scratches, Lucifer tried again, trying twice as hard as his energy was running out. Climbing a vertical wall wasn’t really easy for a Lucario, since their paws didn’t have suction cups or claws to aid them. Growling as he scaled the walls again, the rocks all wet and soggy, his feet pushing himself higher, he reached the top, a large flat ground of rock that looked like a battle ground in about five minutes. Panting, his eyes narrowed as he was right. It was his ol pal he met in Canalave - Zed. And he looked pretty happy, an evil grin on his face.

    “You’ve finally made it, I see.” Zed cackled, flexing his long black claws and tilted his head, looking at his wound with fake sympathy. When Zed made a ‘tst’ sound, shaking his head like he was sorry for him, Lucifer suddenly had an urge to punch him in the face, but he held himself back. Violence isn’t the answer.

    “W-Where’s Xandra?” Lucifer panted, catching his breath, his eyes staring in Zed’s. Fighting him was definitely not the solution, he was tired, and Zed had the advantage right now. Scanning the area around him, Lucifer blinked. Xandra wasn’t here, so where did Zed hide him.

    Smirking as Zed saw Lucifer really confused, he snickered, talking in a taunting manner, and shouting out loud so he could hear it clearly, “Who’s Xandra?”

    Enraged by his taunt, Lucifer’s right paw glowed and lunged towards the Zangoose, onto to be surprised as the Zangoose stepped aside, whacking his paw away with his claws when he was in a safe spot, and counter attacked, giving Lucifer a claw uppercut. The black Lucario stumbled back, blood seeping from his wounds on his face which started from his forehead, and ended before his neck. The claws were sharper than he thought.

    So much for ‘Violence isn’t the answer’, genius. Lucifer scowled at himself, regaining his focus. Zed laughed at his opponent, amused by his silly actions and jumped into the air, his claws high in the air and slashed downwards at his enemy. But Lucifer was quick enough to react, and flung a red Aura Sphere from his hands and sent it hurling upwards. Unable to change his direction mid-air, Zed was blasted by the aura ball and was sent flying to the other side of the ground.

    Thunder crashed, and lightning flashed right on top of them, lighting up the whole island for just one mere second, and it was pitch black again, only able to see Zed’s face clearly under the lightning flash. Lucifer smiled as the sky went even darker, now he had an advantage, as he could sense the Aura of the living things around him like a bat sensing for his prey in the darkness with ultrasound.

    Getting up as quick as he got fell onto the ground, Zed charged towards the Lucario once again, but now Lucifer wasn’t afraid anymore. Avoiding his attack as he bent down backwards, dodging his horizontal swipe like Matrix, he swept Zed’s legs with a low sweep, tripping him as he fell onto the ground with a loud thump. But when Lucifer was about to step on him, Zed scraped Lucifer’s legs with his claws, causing Lucifer to whimper, then when Lucifer’s guard was down, Zed kicked his enemy with his legs flying upwards, then bashed Lucifer with a shadow ball in his hands.

    Determined to win the battle, Lucifer’s wrist spikes turned into steel claws and as Zed was standing on top of him, his legs on either side of his body, Lucifer slashed his stomach with his own claws, leaving a three-slash wound on his white fur, blood seeping out that matched his red stripes on his fur. Then Lucifer placed his paw on his stomach, his paw glowing once again, and released a strong burst of energy, paralysing Zed with Force Palm.

    Unable to move, Zed struggled to move, but his body just didn’t respond to his orders. Pushing Zed onto the ground once again, Lucifer growled. He had the upper hand right now, and he could force the answers out of the Zangoose. Before he could say anything, however, he heard a familiar cry and he turned.

    “Lucifer!” Xandra appeared behind him, running towards them both...wait, not both. She was running towards Zed instead of Lucifer, and that made Lucifer’s jaws drop. Then Lucifer shook his head, calming himself down, she was probably running towards Zed because she wanted to kick and hit him too. But then she stopped when she was next to Zed and shook him gently, helping him up slowly with a little smile on her face.

    “Xandra...?” Lucifer asked, confused and worried, “Why are you helping him...?”

    Xandra laughed as if Lucifer asked a horribly stupid question, and stared at him with an annoyed expression on her face, “Is that wrong, Lucifer? Helping someone that needs my help? Is helping the needy against the law?!” then Xandra gave the Zangoose a little nuzzle, and Lucifer felt all weak and painful in the inside, his stomach giving him a really unpleasant feeling.

    Flabbergasted, Lucifer blinked, “B-But I thought you said we’re-we’re- and Wade said that we-” he stammered, not believe what he was seeing.

    “We WERE, Lucifer. Not anymore. You’ve lost your memory, so I might as well leave your side.” Xandra pointed out, rolling her eyes as she helped Zed up, canceling the paralysis just by touching the Zangoose with a little psychic ability she had. Then she stepped back, arms crossed and watched the show, with a little, but wide, smirk on her face.

    Suddenly Lucifer lost all the will to fight, and stood there, looking at the ground. All this searching for nothing? Xandra had changed sides, and was now siding with his enemy? He couldn’t believe all this, and couldn’t accept it right now. Not realising Zed walking closer to him, Lucifer took Zed’s all out attack without any defense, as Zed’s claws shimmered, then stabbed Lucifer in the stomach with his double black claws. Gasping as Zed pulled out his claws, his claws covered with Lucifer’s blood, the Lucario knelt on the ground, coughing up blood as he heard a heart-breaking laugh from Xandra.

    Seeing that his enemy didn’t have the will to fight, Zed kicked him with his leg, and Lucifer tumbled towards the edge of the ground, towards a cliff where the water rapids were horribly powerful twenty meters below. Lucifer was about to fall, but he manage to cling onto a sharp rock before he fell, and held onto his dear life. Lucifer growled weakly as Zed approached him, knowing that he was about to kick him off the cliff, but he didn’t. He looked at Xandra and smiled.

    “You decide his fate, my dear.” Zed smiled, and Lucifer’s eyes widened when Zed called her ‘my dear’. He didn’t know he she was really his mate before he had lost his memory, but he had a bad feeling inside of him, so Wade was probably right. She had meant a lot to him, and now she was siding with someone he hated the most. Lucifer looked at Xandra, and shot her a look that meant no, but Xandra ignored him and walked towards the Lucario. For a second there, Lucifer could see a tad of sympathy, real sympathy in her eyes, but then it was gone, and she yanked his paw off the rock, and sent him falling into the rapids below.

    Lucifer fell into the water with a loud splash, and was quickly pushed under the water by the rapids. At least there weren’t sharp, jagged rocks below, so he didn’t need to die immediately, but he would eventually. Lucario aren’t a water type Pokemon, and he doubt that no Pokemon was able to survive in the swirling vortex of water. Game over. Closing his eyes, giving himself up, Lucifer felt a little tug, and then a stronger tug.

    Wade? Lucifer looked at the little orange Buizel as he grabbed his arm, his feet and his double tail propelling himself upwards, towards the water surface. Since when was he here? He wasn’t on the ship...or was he? Pushing the question aside, he helped the Buizel by yanking himself upwards, finding it much easier to do so with another Pokemon’s help. He had a lot of questions in his head, but he would had to ask him when they were back on land.

    Once Lucifer reached the water surface, he took a deep breath, his feet still padding like a dog on two legs, preventing him from sinking downwards again. Wade was panting for breath as he tried saving him, risking his own life in the process. Wade smiled at Lucifer, and the smile made Lucifer a little guilty for making him this tired, and wet. With an arm around Wade’s shoulder, the two Pokemon swam towards the pier, the rain stopping as the arrived on the little beach, located right next to the pier.

    Climbing up the sandy beach, exhausted, Lucifer lied on the sand as the rain stopped, the clouds scattering in different directions. If Xandra really was helping Zed, then Wade was the only ally he had now. Lucifer sighed, looking into the sky.

    “What is it, Lucifer?” Wade asked him, climbing onto the beach after him, shaking the water off his fur, his tall still spinning like a propeller in order to get rid of the water.

    “I’ve gone this far just to find Xandra, and now she’s not even helping me anymore.” Lucifer sighed, depressed, “I might as well start a new life, be a stupid waiter in a class restaurant, and wear a tux that’s two sizes too small for me, with a hole in the middle in order for my chest spike to go through it. Then live on, just by eating tofu cup noodles!”

    Frustrated, Lucifer punched the sand with his fists, leaving a hole, “But why is there a voice inside of me, telling me to continue? To find what I have lost? To unravel the mysteries of my past? A part of me is missing, a part of my memory, and my brain looks hollow and empty in the inside, not to mention all gooey and purple on the outside. I can’t let my fifteen years of memories disappear just like that, never knowing what I did, or who I was!”

    “Well...what do you want to do now?”

    “When Xandra kicked me into the water, the impact when I crashed into the rapids triggered something in my noggin. I remember images...but just two of them...” Lucifer told Wade, gaining some confidence, “In the first image..I see a large diamond. Bigger than my paw, glowing in the dark.”

    “A diamond?!” Wade suddenly seemed very interested in what Lucifer was saying, and crawled towards him, “Tell me more. Where is it? How can we get it?”

    “I can just see the diamond, Wade, nothing else.” Lucifer rolled his eyes, then moved on to his other image, “I can see more in this one. I can see snow. Lots of snow. And a two-storey house that has a green roof, covered in snow, and has six windows, with green window frames.”

    “Snow?” Wade wondered for a moment, looking at the sand below, then looked at him, his eyes sparkling, “You mean Snowpoint?”


    “Well, Lucifer,” Wade smiled, hopping to his feet once again, as if his energy had suddenly returned to him, “At least we know where to go now. A diamond that big...we can be richer beyond our wildest dreams!”

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