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    Divinity and Dissonance

    Rated PG-16 for blood, violence, language, and minor references


    Arceus, commonly referred to by historians as “The Original One”, is widely speculated to have created the entire Pokémon universe, with the assistance of many other legendary Pokémon. From sheer darkness, life came into existence. Humans and Pokémon alike were brought into being. Together, the two species flourished peacefully.

    As generations passed, the bond of companionship between humans and Pokémon grew stronger and stronger. Arceus supported this bond, and predicted that it would soon become unbreakable.

    However, he was unable to foresee what his (and the world’s) future would hold. On one fateful day, instability took the divine Pokémon over. Arceus became enraged, summoning numerous natural disasters to his world. Forests were destroyed, oceans flooded, and mountains were leveled.

    After the ordeal, the few humans and Pokémon that remained were terrified. Nevertheless, they were able to surge forward and expand their race. This day became known as the Divine Purge. The world had been brought to the brink of annihilation, by its own creator. Many questions arose, such as why Arceus, in his divine right, would do such a thing. Even the other legendary Pokémon were unsure. To this day, these questions remain unanswered.


    This year marks the two thousandth anniversary since the Divine Purge, and many average citizens are unaware of the disaster that took place two millennia prior. Scientists and meteorologists have recently been receiving reports of terrible natural disasters occurring in normally calm and temperate areas, in every region (Kanto, Johto, Sinnoh, and Unova), as well as other places. Mythologists and contemporary philosophers fear the worst. Arceus never shows itself to humans, unless every single legendary Pokémon is awakened. But no man has ever done so…

    You are a seasoned Pokémon Trainer, with a few years of experience under your belt. One day, you receive a message from a mysterious, nameless organization. The message details the natural disasters occurring, as well as the Arceus belief. It also includes a specific set of instructions at the bottom. You are unsure of whether or not to take it seriously at first, but you eventually decide to oblige. Your destination is Mistralton City, in the Unova region, where you will supposedly receive further instructions.

    It is up to you to quell the curse that is afflicting the world and solve the mystery of the Divine Purge. The fate and welfare of the Pokémon world is now in your hands…


    READ ‘EM.

    - This roleplay is rated PG-16, which means that swearing is permitted, but don’t overdo it. Romance and minor suggestive themes are fine, but let’s keep it to kissing and intimate touching (in appropriate areas). I encourage romance. :D

    - No godmodding, bunnying, and all that jazz. No one is all-powerful.

    - Be nice to each other, okay? I don’t want anyone quitting because they feel “uncomfortable”.

    - This roleplay takes place in every region (excluding Orre), starting in Unova.

    - Be active. I mean it. Post at a minimum of once every two days.

    - I will play all the significant figures in this roleplay, but you’re free to make up minor, one-off appearance characters (such as passerby Trainers), as long as I approve them first.

    - Your Pokémon will begin the roleplay at level 30, and will gain a level after every battle. Sometimes I may allow one of your Pokemon to gain two levels if the battle is plot-important and if it performed exceedingly well.

    - Thou shall begin the roleplay with two Pokémon. No more, no less.

    - Remember your mission, but it’s perfectly okay to stop and smell the roses once in a while. This means that every now and again we’ll take a break, sightsee, do a few easy battles, etc.

    - If you encounter a wild Pokémon, you’re free to choose which one appears, but please make the level and species reasonable (for example, you can’t find a level 60 Dragonite on Route 3).

    - I will decided if you catch the Pokémon or not. Leave the ball shaking at the end of your post.

    - The same applies to items, TMs, and learning new moves.

    - Each time we encounter a legendary Pokémon, it will assign us a task to prove ourselves. This does not always mean a battle. We may be assigned to do something different to satisfy its needs. You may not battle or catch it immediately. Yes, in this roleplay, the legendary Pokémon can speak the human language. However, normal Pokémon do not.

    - Please use proper punctuation and word usage. Seriously. If there’s one thing that bothers me the most, it’s laziness in sentence mechanics.

    - Have fun. :D

    Sign-Up Template

    Name: (first and last)
    Gender: (male or female)
    Age: (preferably 16-19)
    Appearance: (describe in words or use an image)
    Personality: (one paragraph, describe both strengths and weaknesses)
    History: (one paragraph, describe anything and everything)


    Pokemon 1 –
    Species: (any non-legendary)
    Nickname: (optional)
    Background: (couple sentences, explain how you found/captured it, etc.)
    Personality: (couple sentences, self-explanatory)
    Moveset (up to 6): (self-explanatory, one TM and one egg move allowed)

    Same applies to Pokémon 2.

    RP Sample: (describe your decision to leave your hometown behind and join this expedition. I prefer experienced roleplayers, but if I see any “potential” in you, I may reconsider.)

    Sample Sign-Up

    Name: Brayden Norwood
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    Appearance: Refer to my avatar.
    Personality: Brayden is generally a relaxed and composed individual. He cares deeply for his allies, and will do anything we can to aid them, however difficult the circumstance may be. He can be somewhat of a romantic as well. In battle, he strategizes every move to ensure the best possible outcome. He likes to taunt his opponents and enemies, but not enough to upset or irk them. Regardless of the match’s outcome, he congratulates his opponents on a valiant effort (most of the time). However, his drawbacks come whenever he loses a match. Although he commends his opponents, he is visibly distraught for hours afterward, and prefers to be alone during that period of time. This is because he is rarely defeated in battle.
    History: Brayden was born and raised in Hearthome City, in the Sinnoh region. As a young boy, he idolized his parents for being top-notch Pokémon Trainers. Although their battling days were over as far as they were concerned, they were confident that Brayden would be a powerful Trainer someday.

    One crucial point in Brayden’s life occurred at the age of seven. One day, his father decided to show him his favorite Pokémon – a Luxray, which won him many battles in the past. This ignited a flame in the young boy’s brain. He not only wanted to become a Trainer, but one of the best Trainers in the world (typical seven year old state of mind).

    At the age of thirteen, Brayden received his first Pokemon as a birthday gift – a Drifloon, which his father decided to catch for him when it was hovering near his house. Brayden was then compelled to leave his family and hometown behind and embark on a journey as a full-fledged Pokémon Trainer. His parents gave him their blessing, therefore beginning his adventure.


    Pokemon 1 –
    Species: Drifblim
    Nickname: N/A
    Background: Brayden received Drifblim in its pre-evolved form as a birthday gift from his father, likely to commemorate him becoming a teenager. At first, Drifloon was rather scared of Brayden, often hiding under his bed until he coaxed it out. However, the two gradually forged a powerful friendship through battling. Drifloon eventually evolved, changing into Drifblim.
    Personality: Drifblim and Brayden mirror each other’s personalities. Both are slightly reserved, but care deeply for their allies. Drifblim can occasionally be arrogant. In battle, Drifblim is a relentless competitor, fighting faithfully even if it’s mere seconds away from fainting.
    Moveset (up to 6): Shadow Ball, Hypnosis, Payback, Gust, Focus Energy, Minimize

    Pokémon 2 –
    Species: Floatzel
    Nickname: N/A
    Background: Brayden caught Floatzel as a Buizel when he was exploring around Floaroma Town. The Pokémon began following Brayden around, everywhere he went. After dismissing it a couple times (and failing to do so), Brayden decided to catch it. Through battling, the two developed a powerful friendship. Buizel showed his compassion for Brayden by evolving after a difficult battle one day.
    Personality: Unlike Drifblim, Floatzel is outgoing, mischievous, and somewhat impulsive. Its bright mood is a cheerful sight to behold, but sometimes it can get carried away. Despite its shortcomings, Floatzel is a valuable ally, especially in battle, where, like Drifblim, will not rest until a winner is decided.
    Moveset (up to 6): Water Pulse, Ice Fang, Slash, Crunch, Agility, Quick Attack

    RP Sample:

    Brayden was currently at peace with himself, at least for the time being. He always liked airplane flights, especially during the evening hours. The sky was clear, with not a cloud in sight. Below was the vast ocean, illuminated by the moon’s soft, radiant glow. Brayden loved these picturesque nights, which, unfortunately, were uncommon.

    He had been whisked away from Sinnoh in a huff, in response to a strange message put out by a currently unidentifiable person. The message detailed the current climatic conditions in various parts of the world, not just limited to Sinnoh. However, they seemed more abundant within Brayden’s destination, the Unova region. It went on to detail some information about the legendary Pokémon Arceus.

    Brayden never liked mythology (or “fairy tales”, as he called it), but even he was intrigued by the circumstance.

    Stretching, he began to think about his Pokémon and how they would fare in the journey ahead.

    I wonder if this was a good idea. I didn’t exactly tell Drifblim and Floatzel that we were going to a new region…

    Brayden rubbed his eyes slightly, dismissing the thought. He had nothing to worry about. He would be meeting new people, new Trainers, maybe even new allies. The idea was firmly affixed to his mind like superglue.

    As he casually glanced out the window, the plane’s intercom gave a small beep, indicating that an announcement was about to be made.

    “Ladies and gentlemen, we are now approaching our destination. Please prepare for landing.”

    Sighing deeply, Brayden felt the plane begin its descent. Mistralton City was mere minutes away.

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