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To the above poster: if you love him now, you'll love him even more for what he asks you to do later on.

Well, last night I reached Opelucid City in preparation for battle with the final Gym leader. Its prior to this and just after the 7th Gym that the story begins to kick off properly so i won't spoil it for anyone, but I'm really enjoying this game so far. Haven't had any problems with Gym leaders or training or whatever.

I did however run into my first Shiny of Generation 5: a female Tranquil, who is now an Unfezant. I decided not to use her though as I had another Unfezant in my team already, but I'm really happy that I came across one in my third day of playing Gen V when I never came across one in five years of the fourth gen.

Unfezant Lv. 45
Cinccino Lv. 45
Ferrothorn Lv. 45
Zebstrika Lv. 50
Samurott Lv. 50
Mienfoo Lv. 39

Currently grinding them all to level 50 before I face the final gym.

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