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    I watched the video...

    A couple things... Some of the graphics don't go with what's happening on screen, using the PC's, the screens are off, Waving as you leave the house, he's still facing the door and there is no wave animation, but the latter isn't a problem, the Pokéball and Dex, doesn't quite fit on the table, the first ball you see that rolls around, is just blocking the way, maybe move it to the side somewhere and move it left to right.

    Grammer errors all over...

    One part where you choose what Eevee you want, you clicked, the "isn't there more" option, but let's say we click that, but didn't want any, there is no way to go to the last page, try using an Essentials choice menu, that would fit better for your game.

    I don't quite understand the beginning with explaining the stones and such, but I guess we wouldn't have to read through all that if we didnt want to, right?

    I see you changed the way Eevee evolves by using moon and sun stones instead?!

    It's a good start to be honest, not too complicated, I was a little confused with the picking the PokéBall up in your house, then your mom saying take it later on, when you already have it... Or was it just the ball, I couldn't quite keep up with the text haha but I did notice a grammer error straight away though haha.
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