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    Dallas and Ayla walked through the mountain. They both had caught a pokemon. Dallas caught Vibrava and Ayla a Skorupi. By the time Dallas realized they were near the heart, he felt a tremble.

    "We must be close." Dallas said, putting his right hand on the cave wall to brace himself.

    Ayla followed. Once the trembling stopped, they continued. Dallas didn't care for being at the heart of the mountain when he was shaking, but he had to get that picture of Heatran.

    "Dalles, exactly why are you trying to get a picture of this pokemon? Is it out of love or a job?" Ayla asked.

    "My father challenged me to. He said if I could find a Heatran, then I could endure everything that is thrown at a trainer." Dallas said.

    "Haven't you proved yourself with that photo of Darkrai?" Ayla asked.

    "No, because I asked. My goal is to take a picture of Heatran without him knowing I am there." Dallas said.

    After a few minutes of walking, they came to cave. Ayla was first to enter, but Dallas sensed a change in the air. Like a fire attack was about to be unleashed. Dallas ran after Ayla. "Get down!" Dallas yelled.

    He jumped at Ayla and knocked her down to the ground and shielded her body with his. He could feel a powerful fire attack fly over his back. He was almost certain that his back had gotten burnt. Dallas rolled over and got to his feet and grabbed Ayla and ran to the cover of a rock. Right as another fire attack launched and flew by into the wall. Ayla was shocked.

    "Wh...what the?" She stuttered.

    "Shh. Something has upset Heatran." Dallas said covering up Ayla's mouth with his hand.
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