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Chapter 4: Flight to Panorama City
Tracy's POV

I look at my ticket, and it says we are flying on American Airlines. I decide to find out what time we'll arrive at Panorama City and discover that we'll get there at 11:32 pm.

Great, it will be dark when we get there.

We arrive at the airport parking lot. As we are unpacking the trunk, out of the corner of my eye, I see Ashley and her parents walk up. I pick up my suitcase and turn around to face them.

Okay stay focused on your training, Chris will come home.

"So, Ashley, I can't believe we are going to be Power Rangers,"

"Yes, this is going to be an amazing experience for both of us," Ashley says.

We get onto the shuttle, and it takes us to the terminal. After going through all the security checks and grabbing a few snacks for the flight, we arrive at our gate.

"Dad, how long are we going to be on the plane?" Angela asks.

"Seven hours and twelve minutes," Dad answers.

That's only the estimated time. It may take longer depending on the weather of the other states we have to fly over,

Mom says goodbye to the triplets and hugs them. She hugs me too and tells me not to worry about Chris. We board the plane. Ashley's parents had managed it so Ashley could sit by me. We sit down and listen to the flight attendant go over the preflight safety announcements. As I feel the plane start to take off, I look down and see my hands begin to shake.

I've been on a plane before. Why am I so nervous?

I look up and see my dad turn around. He reaches through the space between the seats and places his hand on top of mine. He gently squeezes it, reminding me that everything is going to be okay. Then he lets go and sits back down in his seat.

An hour into the flight I take my IPod out of my purse. I look at the screen and see that the battery is at 35%.

So much for using music to distract me. I'm worried about how the other Rangers will react when they find out that Chris is supposed to be the silver ranger.

I put it back into my purse. I see a TV on the headrest of the seat in front of me.

It looks like I have Uncle TV to distract me - that will work. I hope I can watch my favorite show.

I turn it on and scroll through the available show to watch till I find my favorite show -Static Shock. I put on the headphones and start watching the first episode of season 1. After the tenth one, I start to get tired and turn it off. I look to my left and see the flight attendant come up to me and ask if I'd like something to eat.

"No, thank you,"

The attendant nods and pushes the cart to the next aisle.


Jayden and I are putting away the dinner dishes. I hand him the plate I finished drying off, and he puts it on the shelf then closes the door.

"Do you know what time their flight will be in?" Jayden asks,

"Yes, we have six hours till we have to head to the airport to pick them up."

"I also got a call from the white ranger's father, Fiacre. He told me his daughter Ashley would come early as well to help Tracy train," I say, "So, we have something to do before we have to head to the airport,"

Jayden and I discover that we have enough rooms for all the rangers to have one. Since Tracy's family will be staying with us while she is training, we don't have enough now. The only solution to the problem is that Tracy and Ashley have to share a room.

"Do you think Tracy and Ashley will be okay with sharing?" Jayden asks as we put Ashley's bed down.

"Fiacre also told me that Ashley and Tracy are best friends. They have sleepovers a lot, so I think it's safe to assume that they'll be fine with this arrangement,"

Jayden and I go back out into the hall and move the dresser into the room. Once we move the last piece of furniture, Jayden and I head to the kitchen to take a break.

"When are you going to call the other rangers?" Jayden asks.

"Soon, Jayden, we should let the girls get used to the house first before we spring more guest on them,"

I look up at the clock over the sink and am surprised by how fast time seems to fly by while we were getting the room ready.

"Jayden we need to get to the airport. The plane will be landing in twenty minutes."

Jayden and I get to the airport with five minutes to spare. We race inside to the information desk to find what gate we need to be at to meet everyone. We sit down in the chairs and catch our breath.

"Flight 290 from Detriot Metro Airport now arriving at gate 20," plays over the intercom.

I get up and walk over to the gate when I see three five-year-olds and their father walk out.

"Hello, Fiacre it's nice to meet you. I'm Ji," I say holding out my hand.

Fiacre shakes my hand and introduces me to the triplets. I have a feeling that I'm going to have a tough time telling Angelia and Amelia apart. I see two young women walk out of the gate over to us. One looked like an older version of Angelia and Amelia. The other one must be Ashley.

"Hello, girls, I'm Ji,"

"Hi, Ji, I'm Tracy," Tracy says.

"I'm Ashley, Tracy's best friend," Ashley says.

We walk over to Jayden. He introduces himself to everyone. Then we go over baggage claim so they can get their bags.

Tracy's POV

Jayden and JI help us put our bags into the back of an SUV that has the Shiba family crest on it. I open the back door and count the seats.

"We have a problem. There aren't enough seats for all of us," I say, "So, that means Ashley and I will head to the Tengen gate,"

"Why do you need to go there?" Jayden asks.

"Dad told me I had to get a few things from the Guardians," Ashley answers,

"Sorry girls, you'll have to go tomorrow. A night hike through the forest isn't the best idea after an eight-hour flight," Dad says.

"I'm sure Jayden knows a Symbol that could teleport us there,"

"Tracy," Dad scolds.

"Fine, we'll go tomorrow, but how are we supposed to get to the Shiba house?"

Somehow on que, another SUV drives up and parks in the spot next to us.

Okay, that was creepy. I wonder if the Guardians know about the car accident and that I have to take Chris's place as the silver ranger.