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Chapter 12: One of Tracy's Fears Arises and Ashley Apologizes

Normal POV

The daily routine around the Shiba House has changed a lot in the past three days. Antonio has moved in. Ji told him and Jayden that they would be sharing a room. It allowed them to catch up, so the boys didn't mind the new sleeping arrangements. Tracy still refuses to talk to Ashley about the situation with Antonio and their feelings towards him. Dr. Santiago made a house call and was amazed by how quickly Luna recovered and told Tracy that Luna was clear to start training tomorrow.

Tracy and Antonio are in the dojo. Tracy is lying flat on the floor. Tracy lifts both of her legs toward the ceiling and goes through the five ballet positions. She slowly brings her legs back down and goes into a rollback to get back on her feet, then walks over to Antonio.

"I know how important it is for me to be ready to fight when Master Xandred finally shows up. I shouldn't be wasting time stretching," Tracy says.

"You don't have to apologize. I don't want to see you get hurt again. Now, let's get to work. I hope that I can teach you how to become a good fighter like me," Antonio says.

Antonio takes hold of her wrist. He leads her to the middle of the room. Tracy slowly slides her hand out of Antonio's grasp and starts to blush when their fingers brush against each other. She places her hand over her heart and feels it beating so fast that Tracy is scared it will pop out of her chest. Antonio looks over at her and asks, "Are you okay?"

Tracy takes a deep breath and looks over her shoulder, "Yeah I'm good,"

Antonio chuckles as he steps closer to her and starts to show her some of the moves he learned from Jayden. After Antonio feels she has mastered them, they are standing in the middle of the room. Tracy is facing him. Her back is towards the wall where the swords are setting on a stand. He cups his hands and tells Tracy to place her right foot on top of his hands. Tracy lets out a quiet gasp of fear before starting to walk backward. She is moving so fast that she trips over her own feet and groans as she lands on the floor.

"Tracy, are you alright? You didn't hurt your ankle, did you?" Antonio asks, dashing over to her and carefully helping her to her feet.

"I'm fine Antonio, but we can't do that flip," Tracy says in a shaky tone.

"Why not?" Antonio asks as he sees a few tears start to build up in Tracy's eyes.

"Because I've never tried to do that flip since what happened the day my ballet teacher had me try it two years ago," Tracy says through the tears, "I'm scared the same thing will happen again, so can we do something different please?" Tracy continues.

Antonio moves his right hand and gently wipes away Tracy's tears with his fingers. He thinks his heart will split in half hearing the fear in Tracy's voice and seeing her crying.

"Tracy, I never meant to scare you like that. I want to help you, but if you don't feel like talking about it now, I can move onto something different," Antonio says.

Tracy takes a deep breath to calm herself down. Then she dries the rest of her tears.

"No, Antonio, I should have told you about this before we started training," Tracy says, "I'm okay with talking about it now."

Antonio walks her into the living room. They sit down on the chairs. A few moments later Jayden and Ji come into the room.

"Antonio, why aren't the two of you training?" Ji asks.

Antonio explains what just happened in the dojo. The three of them sit down. Tracy says it is okay for them to hear her story too, even though Ashley already knew about it since she was there that day also. Antonio moves in closer and puts his hand on Tracy's shoulder.

"It happened two years ago in my acro class. My teacher just paired me up with one of the boys in the class. We were working on a routine for the competition coming up at the end of the month. It was the first day we were practicing the trick." Tracy sighs, "After my teacher tells us how we are supposed to do it, I was getting myself into position when my partner flipped me up so high I didn't have much time to react. My right foot slipped on the mat when I tried to land, and the next thing I knew I was waking up and I couldn't breathe for a few seconds."

"It sounds to me like your partner was too impatient," Ji says.

"Yes, but you shouldn't be worried about that happening again with Antonio as your partner," Jayden says.

Tracy looks over at Antonio. He slowly moves his right hand and uses his fingers to wipe the tears from her eyes - again.

"Tracy, as I said earlier, I don't want to see you get hurt again. Plus, I'd never forgiven myself if I was the one responsible for your injuries." Antonio says, "When you feel like you're ready to conquer this fear, I'll be right by your side to help you."

Tracy reaches over and hugs him. Antonio embraces her back. When they break apart the duo freezes when their eyes meet Ji brings them back to reality by loudly clearing his throat.

"I have nothing against the fact you two having feelings for each other and may start dating, but training needs to come first. we don't know how much time we have left before Master Xandred or his mooger army start appearing in our world," JI says

The duo turns their heads towards Ji and say, "Yes, Ji,"

Ashley's POV

I go outside to talk with Tracy to ask why she refuses to speak to me. Tracy is working on her symbol powers. She finishes painting the blizzard symbol. Tracy quickly moves out of the way when it activates a bunch of ice. Snow flies towards me. Tracy turns around and takes out her morpher. She draws a new symbol. This one manages to control the blizzard, so everything only hits my shoulder and freezes it.

"Thanks for saving me,"

Tracy rolls her eyes and turns back around. She starts to paint a different symbol. I walk over to her.

"Tracy, how much longer are you going to be giving me the silent treatment?"

Tracy stops painting and turns the easel, so it is facing the sun. She picks up the brush and gets back to work.

"What did I do to get you so upset?"

This time Tracy finishes the symbol, and a massive block of ice surrounds her once it activates. I sigh in defeat and head back inside to see if Jayden can help me get to the bottom of why Tracy froze my shoulders and suddenly decided to shut me out. I walk down the hallway to Jayden and Antonio's room and knock on the door.

"Come in," Jayden says.

I open the door and walk in. Jayden is sitting at the desk. He is working on his symbol power. When I get to him, he sets down his brush and turns around to face me. I see his eyes widen in shock seeing my shoulder encased in ice.

"Ashley, what happened?" he asks.

"I go outside to talk to Tracy about why she stopped talking to me. She was working on her blizzard symbol, and it was heading toward me. Tracy drew a different symbol to control it, and this is the result."

"Using her symbol power on you is wrong, but the bright side is that it looks like Tracy has mastered the blizzard symbol," Jayden says.

"I guess so," I say, rolling my eyes.

Jayden picks up his morpher and draws two small fire kanji. He activates them, and I sigh in relief when the ice melts. I roll my shoulders and go over to the bed and sit down, placing my elbows on my knees then rest my chin on my hands.

"So, why did you come here to talk to me?" Jayden asks.

"I was hoping that you know why Tracy has stopped talking to me."

"Yes, I do. Tracy introduced Antonio to you, and a few seconds later you started to flirt with him." Jayden says.

"But why would that cause Tracy to give me the silent treatment?"

"Ji and I have noticed that Tracy is developing feelings for Antonio," Jayden says.

"Wait, you're saying Tracy was afraid that I would ask him out?"

"Maybe, but Tracy started to be jealous that you were flirting with Antonio," Jayden says.

"I can't believe that I didn't pick up on Tracy's cues that she likes him," I say, standing up then pecking Jayden on the cheek, "I need to go back outside and apologize,"

I chuckle softly seeing Jayden blushing once he realizes that I just kissed him. I leave and go back outside to try to apologize to Tracy.

Tracy's POV

I walk back outside to work on some of my fighting moves after putting away the easel. I'm about to step onto the platform when I hear the front door open. I do an aerial to pick my morpher up off of the bench. When I see Ashley walking over towards me, I draw the glacier symbol and activate it. A thin wall of ice appears between us, and I turn around, so my back is facing Ashley.

"Tracy, I just talked to Jayden. I found out why you are mad at me." Ashley says.

I quickly turn around and see tears starting to form in Ashley's eyes. Ashley's voice begins to crack when she says, "I'm sorry for being so dense about not noticing that you like Antonio."

"You're right you should have," I snap, "We've been friends for so long, and you also didn't realize how your actions hurt me."

"I'm sorry about that too," Ashley says through her tears.

"How can I be sure that you're just not crying to make your apology seem sincere?" I snap again.

"Tracy, I never act like that, you know me better than that," Ashley says, still crying.

"True, but you should have figured this out sooner," I shout.

My throat starts to hurt from all the shouting I'm doing. I begin to cough and go back over to the bench. I pick up a glass of water and drink some of it. Once I stopped, I turn around and see Ashley drying her tears and drawing a symbol to summon her sword. She cuts through the ice and walks closer to me.

"Tracy, I want you to ask Antonio out," Ashley says.

"Why? Don't you like him?"

"I thought Antonio and I had something in common, but we aren't as compatible as I thought. He likes fishing, and I can't stand the smell of fish." Ashley says, "While I was trying to get to know him, he did mention you a lot. Can we start over and forget this ever happened?"

I make a fist with my right hand and hold it out in front of me. Ashley smiles and makes a fist too. We do the special handshake that we made up in first grade.

"So does this mean we are friends again?" Ashley asks.

"Yes, since you found out that you and Antonio aren't compatible. So, you have a crush on Jayden?"

"Yes, and I think he might like me back," Ashley says.

"Really, how did you come to that conclusion?"

"When I kiss him on the cheek he starts to blush," Ashley answers, "So, are you ever going to tell Antonio how you feel?"

"I'm not sure if Antonio and I are even compatible since I don't know him that well," I say, "Once I learn that, I'll find the courage to tell him how I feel,"