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Chapter 16: News About Chris
Ballade's POV

After I finished cleaning up the dishes from Tracy and Antonio's breakfast, I wake up my husband and the triplets and take them out to a nice restaurant in the city. We sit down at the booth and order our drinks. When the hostess leaves, it takes the triplets two seconds to start asking questions.

"Mom, did we do something wrong?" Aaron asks.

"No, sweetie, no one is in trouble,"

"Why are you here?" Amelia asks.

"We are going to have a family meeting once we get home,"

"Are you going to have a baby, mom?" Angela asks.

"No, Angel, our family isn't going to get any bigger,"

"Why did you think your mom was going to have a baby, Angelia?" Fiacre asks.

"Tracy and Chris told me the last family meeting you had was when you told them we were going to be born," Angela says.

"Your father and I have something to tell all of you about your brother, that's all,"

The waitress walks up, and we order our food. After we finished, I thought the triplets would ask about him, but instead, they start coloring the picture on their menus.

Tracy's POV

As we leave the park, I let Antonio walk Luna because my arm was starting to get tired. Plus, I'm still distracted by the anxious thoughts rolling around in my mind. Not to mention that my stomach is still in knots. We walk inside the house, and Antonio unclips the leash from Luna's collar. She goes over to the bed in the corner of the living room near the window and lays down. I sit down on one of the chairs around the coffee table in the living room. Antonio sits down next to me. We wait for my family to show up. My heart leaps out of my chest when I hear the front door open. I start to fall. Antonio quickly stands up. He grabs my hand and pulls me towards him to keep me from hitting the hardwood floor. I thank him for the save, and we sit down again.

Ballade's POV

We walk to the living room; I see Tracy and Antonio sitting on one side of the coffee table. The triplets go over and sit down on the chairs across from Tracy and Antonio. My husband and I walk over and stand at the head of the table. I watch Antonio start to leave.

"Antonio, I want you to stay," Tracy says, quickly grabbing his wrist.

"Tracy, this is a personal conversation for your family. I don't want to intrude," Antonio says turning around to face her.

"Antonio, I want you to become a member of this family someday no matter what my dad says," Tracy says.

"Antonio, honey, I'm giving you my permission to stay,"

"Ballade, why are you doing this?" Fiarce asks.

"Firace, you need to put your stubbornness aside. Tracy wants him to stay, so Antonio is going to stay,"

Tracy lets go of Antonio's wrist, and he sits back down on his chair. I see my daughter's hands start to shake when she places them down on the table. Antonio puts his right hand on top of her left and gives it a comforting squeeze.

"Did Chris get an infection while he was in the coma?" Tracy asks.

"Chris didn't get sick," Firace says.

"Is he coming home from the hospital?" Amelia asks.

"He will in a few days,"

"Will we get to play with him when he gets home?" Aaron asks.

"Not for a while Aaron," Firace says.

"Why not?" The triplets ask.

"The doctors discovered Chris had a tumor on his brain,"

"Tumor, like what uncle Rudy had on his brain," Amelia says.

"Yes, Amelia, but the one on Chris's brain isn't cancer like Uncle Rudy's,"

"Did Chris do something wrong?" Aaron asks.

"No, sweetie, your brother isn't being punished,"

"Is Chris going to be okay mom?" Angela asks.

"Yes, Angel, Chris will be okay. He will have surgery on Friday to remove it. Your Uncle Derrial will be coming to help out while he is recovering,"

Tracy's POV

I take my hand out of Antonio's and quickly stand up. I move so fast I flip my chair. The clattering sound is enough to distract everyone so I can get out without anyone seeing me. I take out my Samurizer and draw the blizzard symbol. I activate it and then quickly run out of the room. As I run down the path in the forest behind the house, I switch between freezing the branches on the trees and breaking them off by slashing them with my spin sword.

How can this be happening? Why couldn't mom have just said that Chris is home? I'm happy that the tumor is benign, but I'll have to wait up to 12 weeks to see him again.

I make it to a clearing. I use my symbol power to create six big blocks of ice. I pick up my sword and start cutting away at the ice. After destroying the third block, I feel a sudden gust of wind. I turn around and wipe the tears from my eyes. Then I see a nighlok with a red, skull-like mask with many white parts of armor covering its body. I get into my ready stand and hold my sword in front of me to protect myself when it tries to attack me.

"What are you doing here Nighlok? Do you work for Master Xandred?" I ask.

"No, Silver Ranger, I don't work for Master Xandred." It says, "I'm just looking for a worthy opponent for the ultimate duel,"

My vision starts to get fuzzy as a dizzy spell hits me. I think I'm losing it. I'm able to make out the nighlok turning into a human. A man runs up and catches me. Exhaustion must have taken control since I'm fighting to stay awake.

Do you have a name?"

"Yes, it's Deker," the man says.

"Deker," I whisper.

I hear my sword make a clanking sound when I feel it slide out of my hand before everything fades to black.