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    Name:Sekuro Reiko



    Appearemce:Sekuro is 6'1" tall and weighs 155 pounds. Sekuro has teal hair with silver streaks in them. For some reason Sekuro has a leaf-shaped scar on his right ckeek close to his eye. It is unknown how it got there,but Sekuro knows it has some thing to do with his destiny. Sekuro often wears a black T-shirt with a white vest-jacket,the vest-jacket has an Eevee logo on the back of it. Sekuro also wears black fingerless gloves with white leaf designs on it. Sekuro wears white cargo shorts and white tennis shoes with black leaf designs on them. Sekuro also has bright green eyes.

    Personality:Sekuro is a happy-go-lucky indivual who aspires to be a champion and find out his destiny. Sekuro often seems to be somewhat dense but,in reality is quite intelligent. Sekuro is also a great repairman.

    History:Sekuro was born in Twinleaf Town where he learne basic trainer skills. When Sekuro turned 15 he left Sinnoh and headed for Kanto in hopes of being part of a team and it is believed that Sekuro's Destiny lies somewhere within Kanto. When Sekuro's Leaf scar lights up in a green aura,then that means it's a clue to finding his destiny. When Sekuro went to Kanto,he forgot that he didn't have any pokemon! He forgot to catch one in Sinnoh,now he had to get him a pokemon...


    Other:Sekuro's favorite food is Egg rolls any kind are fine with him. Sekuro also has a thing for attractive girls.

    RPG Sample(This is from Sekuro's dream when he was 9 when he first wanted to find his destiny.)

    "Wha..What am I doing here?" said Sekuro as he opened his eyes and found himself in a thick brush of leaves and twigs.

    Sekuro stood up and he realized he didn't have a shirt on. He just had on some black shorts and wooden sandals.

    Sekuro frantically clawed his way through the thick branches and leaves.

    Suddenly,he came across a strange rock which had the same leaf marking that was on his face.

    Suddenly,his scar glowed,so did the rock. "Go to Kanto 6 years from now!" There you will find out why you have that leaf scar."said the voice "Bu..But..wait!"
    yelled Sekuro "What do I do now?...What pokemon do I get?"

    "Don't worry."said the voice "You'll know just the one..."
    Then,Sekuro realized his full potential and began learning the basics on Pokemon.

    Sekuro noticed that after the strange rock stopped glowing,he felt a strange warm glowing feeling and then,while entangled in the vines and branches,he suddenly sees a Carnivine!

    The Carnivine lunged at Sekuro and all of a sudden,before Carnivine could land its bite attack,it's hit by a razor leaf attack. Then the pokemon looked at Sekuro with glowing Green eyes and left as quiclky as it came.

    "What was that?" said Sekuro He remembered what the pokemon looked like,it was tan,had tattered-like leafs for ears and on it's legs. Sekuro vowed to one day meet this pokemon outside of his dream.

    Later in his dream,Sekuro thought he was awake he found himself in the middle of the forest,snuggled next to him was that same pokemon that saved him before.

    "Good Mroning." said Sekuro to the pokemon. "Leaf..Leafeon!"said Leafeon "oh,so you're a Leafeon!"said Sekuro

    "Well,I am pretty hungry...I think-" all of a sudden Leafeon used Leaf Bladeon a tree and a medium pile or pecha berries fall from the tree. "Thank You."said Sekuro

    After breakfast Sekuro jumps up and then Leafeon runs off. "Wait...Leafeon!...come back!" said Sekuro as he frantically tried to keep up with Leafeon "Where are you going?"
    Leafeon then stopped...there,up ahead was a man with a raven-colored hood,shadowing his face.

    "Heheheh...what do you want Brat?" said the man "Who are you!"demanded Sekuro "My,you're the questioning-type aren't you?" said the man The man was covered by the cloak,which was the same color as his hood. Then he pulled out a pokeball and shouted,"Carnivine,I choose You!!..Come out!!" Then out came a Carnivine,which was the same Carnivine that attacked him. "Hey!'re the one that attacked me last night!"

    "Allow me to explain myself,"said the shady man "I'm not going to
    tell you everything,but I am a Pokemon hunter. I hunt rare pokemon and add them to my collection." "Just hand over the Leafeon and I'll let you go." "No!!"yelled Sekuro "Over my dead body!" "Let's battle!"

    Leafeon vs. Carnivine

    "Carnivine,use BITE attack!" Carnivine lunged at Sekuro

    "Leafeon use VINE WHIP" Leafeon grabs Carnivine and tosses it.

    "Carnivine,use BULLET SEED!" Carnivine shot seeds at Leafeon

    "Leafeon...use Solarbeam!" Leafeon charged up.

    "Carnivine,use WRAP!" as soon as Carnivine try to constrict Leafeon,it gets blasted by a powerful Solarbeam

    "Carnivine use bite!" Carnivine bit Leafeon

    "Leafeon,use Leaf Blade!" said Sekuro Leafeon slashes Carnivine

    "Carnivine use Sludge Bomb!" Carnivine fired a barrage of sludge bombs at Leafeon

    Leafeon got hit by a couple of sludge bombs. "Leafeon!" yelled Sekuro

    Then,Carnivine truned to Sekuro and fired a barrage of Sludge Bombs at him and then,Sekuro woke up and realized it was all a dream,but knew he had to go to Kanto in 6 years.

    "One day...I will fight alongside with you Leafeon."said Sekuro

    After looking in a Pokemon encyclopedia,he found out Leafeon's pre-evolved form is Eevee. Sekuro knows that in order to obtain a Leafeon,he must first get an Eevee.