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    Trainer Signup Form:

    Name: Mikey Legend

    Age: 16

    Gender: male

    Appearance: He has blue eyes and brown spiked up hair. He wears a black tanktop and over it he wears a yellow unbuttoned jacket with white designs. He wears a red strap with two small yellow bags for carrying miscellaneous items. He wears black puffy shorts. He has yellow and black boots that go up to his shins. He also wears yellow with black gloves.

    Personality: Mikey is a very social person. He enjoys company from others and he takes on a role of leadership. He is a very confident boy. He takes any type of defeat too seriously and he will always challenge himself to do his best. He likes to help the weak and he would risk his own life to save somone else.

    History: He comes from a family of greatness. His father and grandfather both have a huge recognition as powerful trainers. His mom was also successful as a Pokemon Ranger. Because of the unique combination of parents he has; Mikey has had plenty of interaction with very elite Pokemon. He has always had a sense of adventure since a little boy. He would run off and explore the nearby forest.

    Starter: Bagon

    Other: He is weak around girls his age or older.

    RPG Sample:
    Vs. Tauros

    It was very late and Mikey had just come home from training with his father.
    Mikey was exhausted from watching a preparation match between his father's Nidoking and Tauros.
    He was in his bed thinking about the batttle when he drifted off to sleep.
    That night Mikey had the most engaging dream he ever had...

    Mikey was out in the woods walking when he heard a noise from behind.
    He quickly turned and saw an angry Tauros.

    The Tauros was blowing hard from his nose as in a rage.
    There was a powerful look in its eyes.
    It looked as if getting ready to ram Mikey.

    Mikey was not about to let this happen...

    "Nidoking I choose you!" He shouted while throwing out his Pokeball in the air.

    A bulky Nidoking came out and it right away locked eyes with the threatening Taruos.

    The moment was intense although there was no battling yet.
    "Nidoking! Wait for Tauros to charge!"

    At that command the Tauros charged Nidoking with a great force.

    "Now!!! Grab it from the horns" Yelled out Mikey seconds before the Tauros hit Nidoking.

    Nidoking was successful and it had the Tauros from the horns. The Tauros was straining trying to break off the hold but Nidoking held on tight.

    "Good job Nidoking, now use horn attack!!!"

    The Nidoking then threw its head back and with great potency ramed the Tauros with its horn. Tauros took the hit and went flying back.

    "Quickly Nidoking! Use tharsh!" Yelled out Mikey with a serious look of concentration.

    Nidoking then went on a rampage and charged at the Tauros which had just gotten up from the previous blow.

    Tauros countered the attack with take down.

    Both Pokemon charged each other with great force.

    At the moment of the collision both Pokemon fell back some feet. The hit had damaged Nidoking but the recoil damage had hurt Tauros more.
    "Nidoking! Are you ok?!" yelled Nidoking with a look of concern on his face over his Pokemon.

    Nidoking turned and only nodded at Mikey.
    The Tauros then went on a rage and again charged at Nidoking.

    "Nidoking! grab it from the horns once more!" Screamed out Mikey in desperation.

    Nidoking tried its best to prevent the hit but the Tauros hit.
    Nidoking was criticaly hit.

    Tauros was growing angrier and stronger because of the effect of the rage attack. Nidoking bearly got up and Tauros charged and hit again. Mikey was getting really desperate so he went to desperate measures...

    "Nidoking can you give it one last attack?!" He yelled out.

    Nidoking was determined to win depite the pain it was in.
    Again the brave Nidoking nodded.

    "Ok then! Use Hyperbeam!" Yelled out Mikey from the top of his lungs.

    Nidoking accumulated energy and blasted the Tauros with a powerful beam. Tauros took the hit and was sent back dragging across the ground. Taruos was out.

    Nidoking fell also right after it used Hyper beam. Mikey was glad the battle was over.
    He was more concerned with his Nidoking's health than happy over winning the battle.

    "Return Nidoking, you did an outstanding job" He said while returning the Pokemon to his Pokeball.

    Then Mikey felt the ground was shaking. At that point he woke up and realized his dad was waking him up.
    It had all been a dream...