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    Dragons Summer

    A few rays of sun filtered through the blanket of clouds onto the quiet village of Dewford, which lay on a small island, just off the coast of Hoenn. The clouds slowly drifted away, and the few people who were awake stopped and watched the sun rise. The sun was always like this in the mornings, and the way the sun hit the water, one could make out an island in the distance with a large fortress on it.

    One of the many farmers already up noticed a little black dot on the horizon, a ship. Many more soon came into view as the sun rose higher. A loud whistle was heard, and everyone outside looked up, to see large rocks, burning brightly, hurling towards the village from the direction of the ships. The flag ship soon became close enough to see the details of the sail of the schooner. The Kantonian flag was sewn into the sail.

    "It's an attack!" one of the farmers shouted. More flaming rocks came down on the village, setting the buildings on fire if they hadn't been crushed. People were running in every direction. An old woman came out of her house just as a rock came towards her front entrance.
    The flagship had just docked at the coast and a horde of knights, soldiers and archers un-boarded the boat. The other ships soon did the same, and the soldiers went on a rampage, slaughtering everything that moved, pokemon, people. Women and children. They left nothing alive.
    Just before the Kantonian soldiers had broken through his battalion, the remaining guard gave a letter to a messenger Taillow, sending it to the mainland, to Slateport, the capitol city. The second the bird pokemon was let out the window, the soldiers broke in.

    "What do you want?" the guard asked, and without an answer, had an arrow through his chest.

    Ch.1 Hunting

    Andrew ran swiftly and silently through the woods, his bare feet padding against the soft forest floor. He stopped to catch his breath at the edge of the forest, where the unthinkably large amount of trees met an expanse of vast plains. He turned around when he heard a rustle in the trees, sensing his opponents were close, and found that it was only a Taillow. It stared at him silently for a moment, and then lunged at him, shimmering away and becoming a dragon.
    The pokemon had a blue and white body, his red eyes shone fiercely. Andrew just laughed and dove into the tall grass of the prairie.
    He crawled slowly through the undergrowth, so as not to disturb the grass so much as to reveal his position. When he finally looked up, he saw that he had made it about ten meters away from the blue dragon. He also saw another pokemon on the edge of the forest and the prairie. It was a slightly smaller version of the blue pokemon. The only major difference was that her feathers were red.
    Andrew quickly ducked as her gaze fell upon him. He had ducked under just in time too. She called out to the other pokemon.
    <Latios, you know you're never going to find him!>
    <Yes, I will!> came the reply.
    Andrew crawled a little further, and then poked his head up, he saw a patch of grass that was thickly covered and when he crawled under it, he found that it was almost impossible to see. The perfect spot for him to change his shape.
    Andrew found himself engulfed in a bright flash of white light, and when it faded, he crawled out of his hiding spot, in the form of a Linoone. He poked his head up, and then sprinted in the direction of the forest, which wasn't a good idea, because he nearly hit a tree, he was running so fast. When he finally stopped he found he was actually right next to the red dragon, Latias. She looked over at him, almost hungrily. And with that Andrew realized, she was hungry. Latias lunged at him and he reflexively changed back to a stronger form, this time an Aggron, and pushed her away.
    Latios, who had seen the flash, instantly flew over, and tackled Andrew. He fell onto his back, and laughed. He then changed back into his human body, and then tackled Latios.
    <Hey!> Latios protested. <That's my job!>
    "Well you did a good job. You tackled an Aggron." Andrew got up.
    Latias, who had finished brushing herself off asked: <what was that for?>
    Andrew gave her a look that clearly said: did you really just ask that? And then he said: "you tried to eat me!"
    <Hey, I was hungry, and how could I have known?> she wined.
    "There is no stopping a girl when she's hungry is there?" Latios laughed at this and agreed. Latias just huffed and flew off to find a real Linoone.
    <How hard is it to care about someone who tried to eat you?> Latios asked.
    "I felt like choking her when she asked why I pushed her away… does that answer your question."
    <quite well, actually. But you do know I would have to kill you if you did that?>
    "Well, besides that, I must say you did quite well."
    <At what?>
    "At failing at catching me." Andrew said and started to run away. Latios followed, and gave Andrew a head butt to the back, which felled him like a tree.
    <I must say you did quite well at failing at running away.> Latios said.
    "You jerk!" Andrew laughed and pushed the blue dragon away.
    Latias who had since come back with her meal, watched Andrew and Latios wrestle. <boys.> she sighed. <You try to eat them and then it's as if nothing ever happened ten minutes later.>

    Ch.2 Meetings

    Althalos was dreading his meeting with the high command of the army. He had never liked the Alakazam, but he was in charge of the pokemon section of the army. The only reason for this though, was because he was more advanced than other Alakazam, and could communicate through telepathy. The Typhlosion though held high rankings in the army too. This was due to his exoticness, and fighting skill. The Charizard and Venasaur looked at him enviously, whilst the Blastoise were putting thee fires out around the newly captured city of Dewford. When Althalos reached the tent, he was greeted by the whiskered commanders, one, the Alakazam, who went by Terowin, and the other, a human, a fat and ugly one at that, who answered to Henry.
    <You wanted to see me?> the Typhlosion grumbled.
    <Again please. This time with a little less attitude.> answered Terowin, his nasal accent making the fire type grimace.
    <You requested my presence?> Althalos repeated, this time with a fake smile.
    <that's better, and yes. We have a special mission for you.>
    <And that would be.> Althalos was used to getting these "special missions" whether it be fetching the two commanders tea, or burying dead bodies. Not exactly work that he had been expecting since he had received the promotion. As a matter of fact, he hadn't been expecting to join the army, any army, much less the Kantonian. He remembered when he had first been captured; the Kantonian army had invaded Johto on one of its failed "military expeditions." They had captured many of the wild pokemon, changing their names, and turning many of them into work slaves for the military. Althalos himself had fought for his freedom, killing two Blastoise, as well as a human knight. Henry had been there and after Althalos had been knocked out, brought him to a medic, where he had woken to find Terowin looking at him. The fire type had immediately lashed out, but found he was bound to the ground, and that he couldn't flare his back. He was soon threatened with the death of his family, who had been captured if he didn't cooperate. Even now he had hope of someday breaking free and finding his family.
    Althalos was startled out of his day dream by Terowins' spoon. The psychic type had hit his helmet and the sound reverberated through his body. <Stop your day dreaming and pay attention!>
    <Yes sir, Sorry. You were saying?> came the reply.
    <Of course you are. Now, we have received word of the location of a very important person to the Hoennian military. Now the Pidgeot scouts say he is only a boy, but, that is understandable. This is supposedly the same child whom we helped fight the dark army. You should know about that. You were there weren't you?>
    <no, sir. I don't recall.> although he did very well. He had been one of the first on scene when the boy, a Rayquaza at the time had been wounded. He had seen him change shape, back into a boy, and had followed when the blue dragon pokemon had helped him to what used to be the church tent.
    <fine then, well, afterwards, the boy left, and came back here, to Hoenn. He has been spotted in the field near the Fortree settlement in the north. Your job is to find and kill him. The king might be displeased that the statue in his throne room will crumble and that the boy was killed, but I will take the blame.>
    <So I just find and kill him?>
    <Not exactly, you need to gain his trust, and kill him and his companions, preferably while they're asleep, or alone.>
    <Of course.> the job sounded simple enough. <Is there anything that might help me gain his trust?>
    <Actually, he has a soft spot for your kind. The kings new advisor, Lucas, I think it was told me.>
    - - - - - - - - - - -
    "Hurry Nicholas!" Jack wheezed. The fires from what used to be Petalburg licked the sky behind the boy and his brother.
    "I'm tired. Cant we rest?" Nicholas wined.
    "No, not now. The army might still be close." The 18 year old replied. He looked at his little brother. He was so young, only seven. Jack ran over and picked his brother up, and ran deeper into the woods, towards Fortree. The Lord there, his Uncle would help them. The man was kind, and cared deeply about his family. He would know what to do. The screams of the people behind him soon died off, either by distance, or because they had actually died, Jack couldn't tell, but he knew that the latter would come to the people left either way.

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