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Chapter One


A woman was making breakfast downstairs, when she heard a familiar alarm go off. She braced herself, for the sound was usually accompanied by an even louder clatter - the sound of the poor alarm clock being flung down to the floor with utmost force.

However, to the womans surprise, the noise was never heard.

Upstairs, a mountain of blankets trembled once, twice, and suddenly flew away from the bed as though they had been caught in an explosion. Out of them jumped up a teenager in her pajamas.

She tapped the alarm clock, and her hand almost knocked down her graduation photo frame, which she caught before it hit the floor.

Putting the picture back, without bothering to make it stand upright, she slid over the floor. The socks complained on her feet, but she didnt have time to apologize.

She then opened and slammed her bathrooms door. She washed her face, inevitably getting some cold water into her smiling mouth. It was alright, since she would brush her teeth right after - if anything, it saved her time.

Brushing her coarse hair with tough strides, and putting on her favorite clothes, the ones she had avoided all summer so she could feel fresh wearing them that day, she ran out of her barely made-up room.

Good morning! the girl shouted, and her mother almost dropped the dishes.

My goodness, Brenda. You scared me.

Why mother? I always shout good morning in the mornings.

Yes, but never at 6AM. I didnt believe there was anything that could make you wake up this early.

The teenager giggled, scratching the side of her face.

Today is special, she laughed with widened eyes glittering in anticipation. Today, I become a pokemon master!

Her mother smiled at her daughter, who stretched both of her arms for emphasis.

You mean pokemon trainer, dear.

Pokemon master in the making, the girl stuck her tongue, and calmed enough to sit down to eat.

Only two eggs, mother? And two pieces of bread?

What are you saying. You are the one who complains when there is too much breakfast.

Yes mother, said Brenda with exaggerated desperation. But today is different. Pokemon trainers needs to eat a lot, because they exert themselves in training and battling.

She stood up, and showed her mother the punches and kicks she had been practicing for the occasion. Step, step, and jump kick!

Its your pokemon that will do the battling, dear, her mother grinned with a hand on her mouth.

They will battle, but if anyone messes with my pokemon, theyll know who Brenda Hunter is.

Dont send trainers to the hospital, please. We dont have the funds to pay the fees.

Brenda laughed. She loved her mothers sense of humor, as much as she loved her own.

Once she was done with breakfast, and packed her bag with three potions and a Unova region map. As the final touch, she grabbed her worn-out white cap with pink designs, and passed her high ponytail through its reel hole.

Then, she ran down the stairs, almost skipping all the steps, to say her final goodbyes to her mother.

You know you can come visit any time, her mother said, with a hint of melancholy.

I sure will, and will introduce you to my dear super-strong pokemon!

Thank you, and I will look forward to it.

With that, Brenda gave her mother a long hug and a kiss, and ran all the way to Professor Junipers laboratory.

When she was close enough to the lab, Brenda realized waking up at 6AM was not early enough to be the first one on board. There were already five or six boys and girls standing in front of the entrance.

Isnt that Brenda? Good morning, Brenda, greeted a girl who noticed her running.

Good morning, everyone! How did you guys make it this early?

We could ask you the same, said a boy wearing a navy blue shirt. You were never this early to Pokeschool, thats for sure.

Hush, Nick. Cant you see that this is totally different to Pokeschool? Brenda stuck her tongue to the boy.

She then looked around, but the individuals she was hoping to see were not there yet.

Just then, a familiar voice called her name. A girl wearing a fluffy lime green hat waved at her, and she made haste to meet her friend.

Bianca! Good morning, I thought you wouldnt make it on time, Brenda smiled, and extended her hands toward her friend, who grasped them tightly.

Youre just unusually early, that is all, Bianca said.

Whats up with everyone, Brenda rolled her eyes. First my mother, then these cheeky kids and now you. Is it so incredible that Im here ahead of time?

Yes, it is, replied four of the six kids in unison.

I didnt ask you. Rude.

Bianca just giggled inaudibly.

Ah look, theres Cheren running this way, Brenda pointed a finger at her friend. That guy is worse than me. Not even for this special occasion did he bother to wake up early.

Dont you see how much stuff hes carrying? He was probably awake until late, planning every step of our journey.

Our journey

There was something Brenda had to tell her friends. However, before she could break it to Bianca, her friend walked over to Cheren and helped him with some of his bags.

At that moment, the doors to the lab opened, and Professor Juniper showed up.

Good morning, young ladies and gentlemen. Are you ready to choose your pokemon, and start your journey?

The little audience of about fifteen youngsters replied with an energetic yes.

Then wait no more, the professor said. Come in, and get your supplies.

The children walked with fast strides, smiling and laughing among themselves.

What are you waiting for, Brenda? asked Bianca, when she saw that her friend was still standing, somewhat absent-minded.

Oh yes, sorry. Bianca, Cheren, you should go quickly and choose your starter before everyone else does.

You too, Brenda, Cheren said, pushing his glasses up his nose. Why are you being this slow, when you woke up early for this moment?

Dont mind about me. Go, go, go, its an order!

Brenda pushed her friends toward the entrance, and passed by Professor Juniper.

It doesnt surprise me that you brought so much luggage, Cheren, the lady smiled as they passed. However, are you confident you can walk around Unova with this much weight?

I planned this trip for so long, Cheren sighed. I guess I forgot to consider the ease of travel.

If you want, I can deliver the bags you dont need to your parents. Let me know when you have sorted your things.

Thank you, Professor.

Now, now, Cheren, move! Your pokemon await, Brenda shouted, but herself stopped right in front of the professor.

When her friends were gone, albeit sometimes looking back at her, she asked Professor Juniper for a minute of her time.

As the sun peeked over the mountains, the boys and girls ran out into the front garden of the lab, and opened their pokeballs to show off their new companions to their human friends. Some of them even challenged others to their first ever pokemon battles.

Where is Brenda? asked Cheren, when he and Bianca walked out with less bags and more pokeballs.

Im here, blind dunsparces, Brenda jumped out of nowhere, and startled them.

Where were you? Were just fifteen kids, and you disappeared all of a sudden.

No surprises. I was waiting out here, Brenda giggled.

What starter did you choose? I chose oshawott, the cute otter pokemon.

And I chose snivy, because he looks pretty intelligent, Cheren said, and sent his partner out.

Encouraged, Bianca also opened her pokeball to release her oshawott. Upon touching the ground, the oshawott brushed his feet on the grass, and then looked up at the three kids.

Im going to call him Chris, its owner said, lowering herself to pet him.

The oshawott looked at her with his round eyes, with a somewhat clueless face.

Am I right in guessing that Chris is short for Christoph? Brenda snickered, and Bianca colored her cheeks a little.

Its no secret that Im a huge fan.

Anyone whos been to Bianca's room would assume it upon entering, laughed Cheren.

What about you, Cheren. Arent you going to give your snivy a name?

Nah. I dont have enough creativity to come up with names.

No fair, Brenda pouted. Snivy sure wants to be different from all the other Snivys. What about calling him Green?

Both of her friends batted their eyes.

I guess naming them from their color is an easy alternative, Cheren commented.

No, silly. Im talking about Green, the character from Pokemon Adventures. Hes so cool, like Snivy is!

No way Im calling my pokemon that, Cheren curved his lips. I like Red more than Green.

Then call him Red, if you will. But I wont guarantee your Snivy will grow to be cool.

It will. Red will be much cooler than your

Then, Cheren and Bianca realized that they had yet to see Brendas starter.

What Brenda, arent you going to show us what starter you picked?

Did you choose Tepig? That would be a great coincidence, wouldnt it?

Brenda scratched the side of her face, and remained silent for a moment to heighten suspense, at least in her mind.

Actually, I havent chosen my starter yet.