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    Zerachiel - The Solar Dragon
    Chapter I - The Revelation of the Dragon Slayers

    Zera looked around himself, his arms as usual were shackled with long steel chains that ran to the stone walls around him. The room was cylinder in shape and could be considered to be a aqueduct, he supposed. The humans had tried to make his time as a prisoner as unpleasant as possible. They filled a portion of his room, the opposite portion of the dungeon-door, with water and had the chains pulling at his arms and neck. Any normal mortal would had died long ago.

    Zera had accumulated all his knowledge of the humans from his four hundred year observations. He felt that they were foolish, ignorant, and weak. He should personally take it upon himself to erase they're race from the face of Havenedge. If not for the few people that had impressed him over the centuries, he just might of done it.

    His lengthy ears caught the sounds of heeled soles clacking against the floor. He had a good guess of who it was; her steps were always a bit hasty. He lifted his head a bit as the slide to the dungeon door pulled open and her face peeked through it. His white, gleaming hair fell down pass his hair in straight strands.

    "Zerachiel." she whispered, her innocent violet eyes were wrinkled with worry, her brunette curls falling around them. "Are you awake?" she asked, her old-fashioned accent lulling in his ears.

    "You know I do not sleep, Queen Lynnette. Your family has surely spoken to you of this" Was his only response as a ray of sun radiated over his iridescent back.

    Lynnette sighed lightly before unlocking the door and entering. As usual she ran up and bowed out of respect. "They have," she said, pulling herself back up and smiling. "I just happen to forget. A new Queen cannot be expected to remember everything now can she?"

    "Only a fledgling would walk through life without the knowledge of flying." He lectured, his deep voice bouncing off the walls and echoing a beautiful melody to the ears of the mortal. Zera could see the felicity on her still face as she took it in.

    He waited for her to indulge herself in the echo of his voice. A second later she would lower herself to the floor, something that was unorthodox for most rulers. Zera looked dispassionate into her wide eyes. "It is not that I do not have it-" Lynnette said. "It just slips my mind at the moment."

    Then her face fell slightly, the hints of sorrow bending the corners of her lips down. "I come seeking advice, Lord Zerachiel. I was not sure if an infinite being was all knowing or not. . . but-" She sighed, pausing with that breathe.

    Zera was a patient being, he had had four hundred years to deal with the fragile feelings of a human being, too decipher them. "Speak Lynnette, don't let this weigh on you any longer. Lest you wish you plague me with worry." He told her smoothly. If he could he would have reached out to touch her face, the warmth of the sun in his body surely feeling like a rag of compassion.

    Lynnette seemed drawn in by his voice, almost stuck in its articulation. Her body inched a bit forwards and her face blushed a bit red before she had shook her head and regained her composure. "I wish not worry you." She said hastily. "So I will speak of my concerns." She rose off the floor gracefully and made her way to the door of the dungeon, again she looked through the bars to the outside and listening for any spying ears.

    After a moment or two she returned to the towering being. She intertwined her fingers together in front of her chest as if praying and closed her eyes. "My Kingdom is stuck between two conflicting forces Zerachiel, I know not what to do and I have little that can combat this." She distressed. "Dragons, have tormented us for so long. . ."

    Zera's ears twitched just a bit and her eyes lifted open.

    "But even more malicious is this new group called the Dragon Slayers. They take what they want and do what they please. Many of them do not care if our small Kingdom is trapped inbetween their battleground. They will roll us down without mercy to get their kill. To slay all Dragons is their mission and thier accomplishing it." Her lips curled back with disgust as she said kill.

    But so did Zerachiel's and his was much more terrifying than her's. With his head hung low, he shattered the thick links of steel with ease. A slight pull from his arms and they broke like twigs in a forest.

    "W-will you. . . " Lynnette continued, appall or maybe amazement hindering her normal speech.

    He waded through the water to the stone steps that would lead onto the cold stone of the dungeon floor. The chain clasped around his neck held firm for a second before shattering with his forging path. He stepped towards the stumbling back queen, her cheeks rosy and yet her face fearful.

    His long slender fingers touch her chin and moved her face upwards to look into his crimson slants. "Repeat yourself, queen of men."

    "Wi-Wi-" she started before she was quickly interrupted.

    "Not that. What did you call the group from earlier?" He asked her calmly, her face finally attempting to wrench itself from his gaze but having no luck.

    "You mean the Dragon Slayers?" She stammered fearfully.

    A instant of lost control and like that the queen's neck had been snapped backwards, her head facing the ceiling. He let the body fall back before letting the horror of his true form appear. The sun light coming from the ceiling wrapped around his body in a pure white sphere. It pulsed terribly, growing with each heartbeat until the dungeon could no longer constrain its size and crumbled.

    He could no long register his humanity, the desire that had once urged him to be human, too empathize with them. He had endured their torture for four centuries but he could not indulge their arrogance.

    The sphere shattered, releasing a massive cloud of steam and a vociferous roar in its wake. Zerachiel turned his spear-like head towards the sky and shook the very air with his voice. He tore through the castle with ease before rising into the air and flying off in anger.

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