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    I'm sure to be stuck on CBC for awhile. Though, I never knew the server has ever exceeded 10 People before. I come there a lot, and usually 1 or 2 people will be there. I don't even think they pay any attention at all. Though, I hope the server will be busier, it's 1 of 2 places I will be an ol' regular at. (Rom Hacking)
    What where you saying? Lala and Anti were on at midnight, and Lala was actually on today. I'm glad some people came back to the server, but it is still pretty hopeless, all we can do is try to lure users to join CBC :P. Oh, and you can add Shadowtriad to the "The only people online" list, she's also on a lot-in the mornings.

    Battle between new user and Regular started
    Regular won against new user
    New User: Dang, you're tough, I got smashed. Any tips?
    Regular: I think you should probably take Charizard out of your team in favor of a stronger fire type like Volcarona, after that you could post an RMT and maybe get some more insight on how to improve your team.
    New User: Ok Thanks! :)

    Well... That actually happened to me today. There was a beginner named Danger/turtwigfan001 and I smashed him 5-0. I helped him on his mons, and he improved 3-0. I know I have a mentor, but and apprentice having another apprentice? Weird isn't it?