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Even with the subtlety we all know the college comment was me =P

But yeah, in all honestly I've just lost interest in battling. It's not that I don't want to be active and don't want to contribute, but it's hard to put in the effort for something when you really don't have the passion behind it. At some point somethings or someone will light a fire under my butt and I'll probably kick right back up again, but yeah =(

But I honestly do agree with Anti on the matter of activity, this is really a common occurrence every year: Activity dies right before school/college/whatever starts back up due to people preparing, then once everyone gets settled and has their schedules set and time managed people find the time to come back onto the forums/server and battle/talk/make RMTs/etc. again. I think it's more of a waiting game at this point and not an actual total loss of activity. We really have stepped in the total right direction (Minus tutoring, but I really don't have a place to talk on that when I haven't contributed/even been around during the classes), and we just have to keep doing so.