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I wrote a new poem today. Well, it's not a poem. More of a song, really. It went in a totally different direction than I had planned, but this ended up better. It'll be posted in parts, making it my longest continuous poem ever. This here is Part 1 - Realization. Never mind the sorta cheesy name.

Part 1 - Realization


Spiraling downwards
We scream as we fall
Not knowing what lies far beneath
Like statues of faces
Long frozen in fear
Our voices ache from longing

How do I know when I can stop?
Like giving in without the loss
How long wilI still have to scream?
How long will I not have to see
What darkness lies benath?

Eyes searching frantic
Suddenly I can't see
As faces fade from memory
My shadow is moving
As I stand so still
And now I see what I've become

When can this aching someday end?
Must I go on without a friend?
Like dying, blissful memories
In sorrow, I don't want to see
What darkness lies beneath

Do mirrors laugh at what they show?
Does shattered glass fall down like snow?
How do I know if I'm asleep?
Is hatered slowly changing me?
The darkness lives in me
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