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Originally Posted by mysteryme View Post
How can i find an exact trainer in advance trainer?
For example: I am planning to make a harder version of fire red, but i do i find a specific trainer that i have already located in advancemap, but not in advancetrainer?

Sorry for my terrible english btw..
Each trainer overworld in Advance Map has a script attached to them which determines what they say before and after battle, as well as which trainers you are actually battling. To find out which trainer has been assigned to the overworld, you're going to have to open their script in an editor such as XSE. Look for the scripting command 'trainerbattle' which should look something like this when decompiled (This is from the first girl you meet in Mt Moon):

trainerbattle 0x0 0x79 0x0 0x8172972 0x81729A4
The second byte after the command (highlighted in red) is what determines which trainer you will be battling. Remove the '0x' and place it in the small number box underneath the main list of trainers - You will automatically move to that position. From there on, just edit them as you see fit :)